Chapter 5257 Of The Amazing Son in Law

At this time, charlie couldn’t help but think of his third aunt who he didn’t know.

In charlie’s mind, he couldn’t help but rely on Duan Liye’s clues and his own imagination to outline the woman’s tragic life.

During her teenage years and youth, it is likely that she has been studying hard in order to change the fate of the whole family.

Her father may have experienced the tragedy of the dead, so he must have instilled in her the belief in studying hard to save the whole family when she was very young.

And she must have lived up to expectations. With her own efforts, she was admitted to a top university.

At this time, because of her excellent academic performance and excellent external conditions, the Li Qinghui gave her a difficult and important task, which was to prepare to get close to her uncle, Olin.

Li Yalin once told charlie how the little aunt and uncle got acquainted.

At that time, my uncle was in the second year of master’s degree at Harvard University, and my aunt had just been admitted to Harvard to study for a master’s degree. The two met because of an old-fashioned plot of a hero saving the beauty, and through contact with her, my uncle was pleasantly surprised to find that this woman no matter what she is inside Or externally, they all cater to all their requirements for the opposite s*x.

An’s family and Li Yalin also guessed that the little aunt was probably the enemy’s secret agent deliberately planting around the little uncle at that time.

But according to Li Yalin, after the death of the little aunt, this incident is just a speculation that cannot be verified.

However, now I can be sure that their speculation is 100% accurate.

Although my aunt was twenty-two or three years old when she met my uncle, it is very likely that she has been working hard to become the kind of woman my uncle would like or even be obsessed with since she was fifteen or sixteen.

After years of preparation, she performed “Love at First Sight” with her uncle at Harvard University.

The naive uncle thought he had found the one, but what he didn’t know was that all of this was nothing but a carefully prepared drama around him.

He has been with this woman for nearly twenty years. This woman gave birth to him two daughters. The family of four seems to have a deep relationship, but he never dreamed that this woman who has been with him for twenty years has never seen him. Since the day I was born, I have always had a denture filled with a highly toxic substance in my mouth.

The husband and two biological daughters who have been together for twenty years have not been able to stop the little aunt from working hard to break the Qing Dynasty.

On the day of Stefanie sun’s New York concert, this woman acted as an internal response, and cooperated with the dead men of the Qing Dynasty to destroy the entire An family.

However, charlie didn’t know whether this little aunt and her two daughters were on the killing list of the Qing Dynasty.

If it is there, then I don’t know that this little aunt is not clear in her heart.

However, judging from the fact that she resolutely gritted her fangs and chose to commit suicide at the last moment, even death in her heart did not escape the control of the Po Qinghui.

And her suicide was likely to protect her family members who were still under the control of the CCP.

This is also charlie’s opinion that the Poqing Society is the strongest.

Just when charlie was filled with emotion, someone knocked on the door and said respectfully outside the door, “Master Special Envoy, in half an hour, our ship will be docked.”

charlie sensed that this person was not a master of martial arts, so So he said to Duan Liye in a very low voice, “Send him away.”

Duan Liye nodded, and said, “Okay, I see, you go to work.”

“Of order!” The other party responded, turned and left this layer.

charlie asked Duan Liye, “Are all the people on board yours?”


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