Chapter 5254 Of The Amazing Son in Law

“No “Duan Liye explained, “The antidote is delivered randomly by the organization every time. Sometimes it is delivered the day before it is almost used up, but sometimes it is delivered suddenly one or two months in advance. It’s unpredictable, and there is no pattern, they just suddenly informed us that the antidote has been sent to a certain place, and let us get it ourselves, probably to prevent us from catching the pattern.”

After a pause, Duan Liye said again, “In addition, the quantity delivered is different each time, sometimes for one month, sometimes for three months, and these antidotes are delivered with a special After the safe is in our hands, we have to apply to the organization to open the safe every time before delivering medicine to the base, and we can only open the safe after the organization authorizes it.”

Charlie asked in surprise, “Is the safe connected to the Internet?

” That’s right.” Duan Liye nodded and said, “Not only is it connected to the Internet, but it also has a self-destruct device. Once we open a new safe, the previous safe will self-destruct. Once we encounter a violent crack, it will also trigger self-destruct. Therefore, only the organization authorizes Only then can we get the antidote from inside, and the safe has its own identification function, which can accurately record how many antidote we take out, and we can only take a fixed amount of antidote each time, one more is not enough, otherwise once When the organization realizes that things are out of control, it will immediately start to self-destruct.”

Duan Liye said, “Not only our safe, but also the safe in the hands of the Cyprus base Jiedushi. Although there is an emergency solution in his safe, Medicine storage, but you also need to apply for authorization from the organization to open it. Once something happens there, the organization will immediately stop the supply of antidote and destroy the antidote stored in the safe. Everyone will die.”

charlie asked with some doubts, “If such an important thing is moved to the Internet, if it is hacked, wouldn’t it be all over?”

“No.” Duan Liye shook his head and said, “The organization uses It’s not the Internet, it’s our own satellite communication network, and it’s not ordinary civilian communication, it’s a military communication satellite bought from senior Soviet officials through special channels when the Soviet Union disintegrated.”

“Military communication satellite?” charlie was shocked He asked endlessly, “Can this be bought?”

Duan Liye explained, “Normally, no matter how rich individuals and companies are, they couldn’t buy military satellites. But at that time, it was a special time period. The entire Soviet defense system was in chaos. The distribution of the Ukrainian government was also muddled, with a lot of bad debts. At that time, a large part of Ukraine’s heavy weapons were sold. Even the Tu-160 bomber and even the nuclear bomb were almost sold, let alone a large number of satellites in the sky. In that case, no one will notice that there are a few satellites missing, and as long as you do something a little bit, other people will not know that there are still a few satellites in the sky that belong to them.”

Duan Liye said again, “These satellites themselves are It has extremely high security, and the communication code has been reset, so even the person who designed it cannot crack the current communication content. The possibility of being cracked is almost non-existent, but it also has certain drawbacks, the biggest drawback That is, the satellite is a bit old, and it is still an old generation of narrow-band mobile communication satellites . The transmission rate is relatively slow, so it can only transmit text and byte commands, such as monitoring the status of safes in various places. Just send a command of a few bytes to the satellite. If there is an exception, the command is only a few bytes. The same is true for activating the self-destruct device. There is no problem with this small data transmission. , it can satisfy very few users to use this system for voice calls at critical moments, but it cannot satisfy video signal transmission.”

charlie nodded and said, “That is to say, even if the base in Cyprus may have monitoring equipment installed, the organization I can’t check it in real time, right?”

“Yes.” Duan Liye said, “The monitoring equipment in Cyprus is stored locally. Every time I come here, I will bring back a copy of the surveillance video of the past week, but this data will not Connect to the Internet and only keep it in Turkey. Every once in a while, all the data will be handed over to the Youjun Dudufu. As for whether the Youjun Dudufu will hand over these data to the British Lord, I don’t know. “

charlie couldn’t help laughing and said, “Seeing how old you are, I didn’t expect to know a lot about this.”

Duan Liye said respectfully, “These were all systematically trained when I was in Huben Camp.”

charlie asked him with great interest, “Then let me ask you, as far as you know, has your self-destruct device ever been activated?”

“It has been activated.” Duan Liye said without thinking, “About twenty years ago, a base The self-destruct device was activated by the organization because of a major failure, and that time the organization was very cruel. It was not until the day before the normal delivery of the medicine that the special envoy was notified temporarily that there was no need to deliver the medicine. There was some accident, let him wait for another half a day, if the special envoy has not arrived in the early morning of the next day, the organization will authorize him to open the safe and activate the stored antidote.”

“And then?” charlie asked with a frown, “The organization Use lies to drag them until they are about to die from poison, and then start self-destructing?”

“Yes!” Duan Liye nodded heavily, and said with a shocked expression, “The organization didn’t send anyone to deliver the medicine, and it destroyed the last one again.” The spare antidote, more than 5,000 people in that base, including Jiedushi, Xiaoqiwei, dead men and their families, all died of poisoning, and none of them survived.”

charlie asked him, “How do you know so clearly? “

Duan Liye explained, “This is the information that the organization declassified internally. The reason why it was declassified at that time was to warn all bases of the consequences of a major failure.”

charlie suddenly thought of something, and blurted out, “You just said, that major failure It was twenty years ago?!”

“Yes!” Duan Liye nodded and said, “It was twenty years ago, I remember it very clearly.”

charlie’s expression was filled with shock, his parents were killed in Jinling, exactly twenty years ago!

The timing is so coincident, it can’t be just a coincidence, right?

Is there any connection between the death of the parents and what Duan Liye said? !


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