Chapter 5252 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Every day when Wu Siqi was in the dead man’s station, he was trying to find a way to confirm the information from the outside world, or trying to find a way to record the time, and he was always thinking about how to escape.

Therefore, Wusiqi will be very sensitive to any disturbance in the surrounding environment.

But Duan Liye joined the Huben Camp completely voluntarily, and he had no idea of ​​escaping from birth at all. He even regretted that he could not stay in the Huben Camp for another ten years. Pays too much attention to the surroundings.

In desperation, charlie asked him again, “How many warriors like you are there in the entire Huben Camp?”

Duan Liye thought for a while, and said, “During the 20 years I was there, there were more than 30 people one after another. About twenty people at most.”

charlie frowned and asked, “That is to say, Huben Camp has trained at least dozens of dark realm masters.”

“Yes.” Duan Liye nodded, “There are at least forty or fifty.”

charlie was surprised at the organization’s strength . With a strong reserve, he asked in surprise, “Since there are so many masters in the dark realm, why did none of the people sent in these two missions reach the dark realm?”

Duan Liye explained, “Although the masters in the dark realm There are many, but at least half of the people have been incorporated into the Shenji Battalion. It is said that they will be arranged to serve at the core base of the organization. Some of the rest will be incorporated into the Jinyiwei, and some will be allocated to the Five Armies. In fact, there are only a few dark masters in each Dudu’s mansion, and each Dudu’s mansion will try to keep the dark masters by his side as personal bodyguards, and only designate one or two as special envoys. , go out to perform various tasks like me, so in general, the masters of the dark world are not enough.”

charlie was shocked when he heard this, knowing that this organization is very strong, but he didn’t expect it to be stronger than he imagined .

Immediately, he regained his composure and asked Duan Liye, “Then what is the establishment of the Jinyiwei?”

Duan Liye said, “Although the Jinyiwei does not serve by the Lord’s side, they are directly dispatched by the Lord. After they leave the Huben Camp, they will be arranged in other identities. ” to all over the world, but I don’t know more about it.”

Duan Liye said, “As for the time in New York, it was mainly because of the assassination.The target has a great influence in the United States, and that mission is to destroy the other party. Once successful, this matter will inevitably cause a huge sensation in the world. Therefore, in order to avoid exposure, the organization will When things attract global attention, they never send martial arts masters, but always send dead soldiers

; They have the actual combat ability no less than that of martial arts masters, so if they are allowed to go out, once things are done, they can easily interfere with the public’s sight and make the public spontaneously define the murderer as a killer, mercenary, or some extremists with weapons. In short, it will not be related to martial arts masters, so it will not expose the organization to risk. “

Speaking, Duan Liye said again, “As for the time in Northern Europe, it was indeed quite sudden. The information was obtained suddenly, and there was only a few hours of preparation time before departure. It happened that we had a plane in Cyprus at that time, so the organization sent The Xiaoqiguards there went there in disguise; “

“Moreover, the information obtained by the organization is also somewhat biased. The information was sent by a follower next to the target person. He said in the information that the most powerful of them is only the five-star warrior. Level, and there is only one person, the strength of the eight knights, even the eight five-star warriors cannot be their opponents, and the enemy is open and we are dark, it is impossible to fail, so I sent them there. Thinking of one death and seven disappearances…”

charlie thought of Lin Wan’er (Alani), and the ring Lin Wan’er (Alani) gave him, and asked Duan Liye, “How much do you know about the time in Northern Europe? What is the background of that Lin Wan’er (Alani), do you know? “

Duan Liye shook his head and said, “I don’t know what Lin Wan’er (Alani) is. As for the time in Northern Europe, I only know that it was the person whom the Lord Ying called for. This is the first time I have encountered it in the many years since I joined the organization. I don’t know…”


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