Chapter 5251 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Hearing charlie’s question, Duan Liye shook his head and said, “I don’t know where the Huben Camp is. When I went to the Huben Camp, I was taken there in a coma, and I was taken in a coma when I left.” Come out, moreover, the resident of the Huben camp is no different from the garrison of the dead. They are all underground buildings, and they can even be called an underground city. And we students of the Huben camp all live at the bottom of this underground city. I have been in camp for twenty years, and I have never seen the sun or the moon.”

charlie asked in a little horror, “I can understand that the dead have no choice for twenty years without seeing the sun. It was found that there was a dark life there, wouldn’t it be possible to resist or run away?”

“Why?” Duan Liye blurted out without thinking, “The 20 years in the Huben Camp, every minute and every second is almost a flick of a finger. During the twenty years there, I broke through from an eight-star warrior to the Great Perfection of the Bright Realm, and then from the Great Perfection of the Bright Realm to the First Heaven of the Dark Realm, followed by the Second Heaven and the Third Heaven. Fifteen years, the twenty years in Huben Camp are the most fulfilling twenty years of life!”

charlie never expected that Duan Liye looked only in his early sixties, but he was actually eighty-five years old.

However, Duan Liye is a master of the dark realm after all, and the natural lifespan of masters of the dark realm is more than 120 to 30 years old, so it is reasonable for him to look younger than his actual age.

At this time, Duan Liye mentioned the Huben Camp, and said with regret on his face, “I am still regretting that my cultivation speed in the Huben Camp did not meet the promotion standard of the Huben Camp. In a few years, if I can break through to the fourth level of darkness, then I can stay for another ten years, or even longer…”

charlie suddenly realized at this time.

Not everyone is as lucky as they are, able to quickly master the aura, and directly gain a stronger strength that surpasses warriors.

And the vast majority of warriors, in order to achieve the improvement of their cultivation base, have been practicing non-stop for decades.

For such people, the excellent training opportunity of Huben Camp is tailor-made for them. Not only can it provide them with various resources, but more importantly, it can allow them to practice without distraction for decades. Not even disturbed by day and night.

For those martial idiots whose minds are mostly on cultivation, to have such an opportunity, not only will they not hate and repel them, but it will not be exchanged for a thousand dollars.

Thinking of this, charlie suddenly remembered Li Yalin’s method of using earthquakes to locate the May 47 garrison, so he asked Duan Liye, “Have you experienced an earthquake or tsunami during the 20 years you were in Huben Camp?”

“Earthquake? Tsunami? “Duan Liye shook his head, “I have no impression… In Huben Camp, we spent most of our time practicing and paid little attention to the things around us, so we didn’t have any relevant memories.”

Hearing this, charlie couldn’t help but Somewhat disappointed.

He naturally knew that Duan Liye had been psychologically hinted by him, and there was absolutely no way he could hide anything.

But Duan Liye has no impression of the earthquake and tsunami. It may be that his place has never experienced an earthquake or tsunami, but it may also be that he has experienced it but he does not remember it.

After all, he is different from May Four Seven.


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