Chapter 5250 Of The Amazing Son in Law

“No.” Duan Liye shook his head and said, “For To be on the safe side, the Governor’s Mansion of the Right Army is rotated in various European countries, and the country is changed every three years, and now the Governor’s Mansion has been rotated to Italy.”

charlie asked again, “Do you know where it is in Italy?”

” I don’t know.” Duan Liye shook his head and said, “Although I am the special envoy of the Governor’s Office of the Right Army in Turkey, since I left the Huben Camp, I have been on standby in Turkey for so many years.”

charlie asked him, “What is the Huben Camp? “

Duan Liye explained, “The Huben Camp is a place within the organization that specializes in cultivating high-level warriors. Only warriors who have opened up all eight meridians have the opportunity to enter the Huben Camp for further studies.”

charlie nodded, and said lightly, “Give me an in-depth introduction to this Huben camp.”

Duan Liye said, “The Huben camp rates each person based on their strength and aptitude. There are four levels in total. If you can stay in Huben Camp for ten years at D level, you will have to leave Huben Camp after ten years to accept other appointments. If you can reach C level, you can stay in Huben camp for 20 years. If I stay for 30 years, if I can reach Grade A, I can stay for 40 years or even longer. At that time, I was designated as Grade A or C, and I stayed in Huben camp for a full 20 years.”

charlie asked, “Join Huben? What are the benefits to you?”

Duan Liye explained, “There are many benefits to joining the Huben Camp. The first is to join the Huben Camp. Even if you are a relatively core member of the organization, your status is considered to be above average. There are Huajing masters as the instructors to teach in person, you can get the complete martial arts skills, and the medicinal materials that can improve your cultivation and strengthen your body.”

“Although some people have opened up all eight meridians, they will never reach the Mingjing Dzogchen in their entire life. There is no chance to step into the dark realm, but as long as you join the Huben camp, even if you are only rated as a C-level, you can still achieve a breakthrough within ten years and become a master of the dark realm. I have stayed in the Huben camp for 20 years. , Breaking through from an eight-star warrior all the way to the third level of darkness, this is something I couldn’t imagine before, the reason why a warrior like me is willing to join the organization is because of this opportunity.”

charlie didn’t expect that this There are even experts in the realm of transformation within the organization, and he still doesn’t know how strong the masters of transformation are.

Surprised, he asked Duan Liye again, “Listen to you, did you join the Poqing Society halfway through?

” Talent is extraordinary, more than 30 years ago, my master offended a master of the Po Qing Society, the other party killed my master and Xingshi to question him, beheaded my master and all the brothers, and because of my better talent, I also I gave up resisting at the first time, so I was appreciated by the other party, so the other party recruited me into the Po Qinghui;”

charlie asked again, “Then what is the poison in your body?”

Duan Liye said, “Anyone who wants to join the Qing Dynasty must take the poison voluntarily. When I first joined, I took the same poison as the dead men and the knight guards. I had to take the antidote once a week. After twenty years, when I left Huben Camp, the organization gave me a new poison, which is more toxic, but the attack time is also extended to once every six months, which is relatively more free.”

charlie points Nodding his head, he asked, “As you said, Huben Camp is a training base for advanced warriors.”

Duan Liye said, “Yes, that’s right.”

charlie asked coldly, “Where is Camp Huben?”


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