Chapter 5249 Of The Amazing Son in Law

As the old man was given psychological hints by charlie, charlie went straight to the point and asked, “what is your surname, and what is your status in the organization?” Special envoy.”

“The Governor’s Mansion of the Right Army?” charlie frowned, and asked him, “What kind of institution is this Governor’s Mansion of the Right Army?”

Duan Liye replied respectfully, “The British Lord followed the system of the Ming Dynasty and established the Governor’s Mansion of the Five Armies. They are the Central Military Governor’s Mansion, the Left Military Governor’s Mansion, the Right Military Governor’s Mansion, the Former Military Governor’s Mansion and the Rear Military Governor’s Mansion. After hundreds of years of development, each of the current military governor’s mansions is responsible for the specific affairs organized in a continent. According to the traditional Chinese habit of sitting north to south, Asia is the center, Europe is on the right, America is on the left, Oceania is on the front, and Africa is also on the left, but because the strategic significance is not very important, it is listed as the last.”

charlie . He was shocked when he heard this, he had expected that this mysterious organization would be a powerful behemoth, but after listening to Duan Liye’s introduction, he realized that the power of this organization has truly covered the whole world .

Covering the whole world is a capability that is currently not available to all the top chaebols.

The Rothschild family has been cultivating for so many years, but they have only solidified their foundation in Europe and North America. As for the other continents, they have at most penetrated some capital, and it is difficult to expand their real influence to other continents.

As for the Saudi royal family, let alone, their power is basically concentrated in the Middle East, and they can’t even affect East Asia.

Anjia, which ranks third, has a relatively smaller sphere of influence, almost all of which are concentrated in the United States.

Thinking of this, he looked at Duan Liye and asked the question that had been in his mind for a long time, “What is the name of your organization?”

Duan Liye said, “The organization is called the Poqing Society.”

“The Poqing Society?” Chen couldn’t help frowning, “Is it similar to what Heaven and Earth will say in martial arts?”

“Yes.” Duan Liye nodded and said, “But the history of the Poqing Society is more than ten years earlier than the Tiandihui. The Poqinghui was established in 1644 when the Qing army entered the customs. The real Tiandihui was around 1660. It was established by the general Chen Yonghua of the Ming Dynasty under the instruction of Zheng Chenggong, and this Chen Yonghua was the prototype character of Chen Jinnan in the later martial arts.”

charlie asked curiously, “Since the Qing Dynasty was broken earlier than the Tiandihui, why did I never Have you ever heard of this name?”

Duan Liye explained, “That’s because the Qing Dynasty was just an inconspicuous non-governmental organization in the first 20 years of its establishment, and the Qing army was powerful back then. The Qinghui did not develop and grow, but was on the verge of collapse several times. After the Southern Ming Dynasty was destroyed by the Qing Dynasty, the members of the Poqinghui fled all the way to Southeast Asia to develop secretly. It took four hundred years of development to achieve its current scale. Ever since I went to Nanyang, I have never raised the banner of anti-Qing and restoring the Ming Dynasty.” As he

said, Duan Liye said, “It is said that even the previous British Lords felt that the name of the Qing Dynasty was not worthy of the name, so even the previous British Lords The Lord himself seldom mentions this name, and only some relatively core personnel know about this period of history in today’s Poqinghui.”

From May 47, charlie knew that this organization had at least two or three hundred years Now that he knows that this organization has been established for more than 400 years, he is not very surprised, so he asked, “Is the governor’s office of your right army located in Turkey?


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