Chapter 5245 Of The Amazing Son in Law

A few hours later, charlie and Trent  returned to the United States together.

The plane first landed in Providence, and after charlie got off the plane, it immediately took off again, carrying Trent , Don Albert, and Isaac Cameron to Silicon Valley.

The reason why Don Albert and Isaac Cameron were allowed to accompany Trent  was mainly to protect Trent ‘s personal safety. After all, it was to discuss a billion-dollar business, and it was not sure whether Soleil had other unknowns in the United States before. With the two of them as companions who are in love, charlie is relatively relieved.

charlie got off the plane alone, and drove back to the hotel where he and Claire were staying.

In the next few days, he asked Fei Kexin to help deliver a batch of medicinal materials, and while Claire was in class during the day, he refined a new batch of Sanxuejiuxin Pill.

Afterwards, he mixed one Peiyuan Pill and two Rejuvenating Pills into it, and mixed it with a lot of medicinal materials mainly for physical fitness, and fused thousands of pills that contained enough medicinal power and a little spiritual energy.

The medicinal effect of this kind of elixir is not as good as that of Sanxuejiuxin Pill, but it can easily dissolve the poison in the bodies of those dead soldiers and knight guards, and help them completely break the shackles passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

In addition to preparing the antidote, charlie also made two sets of action plans for himself.

The preferred solution is to look for opportunities at sea to sneak into the freighter carrying the antidote, seize the line of drug delivery, find a way to obtain a higher level of secrets about this organization, and then look for opportunities to drop the antidote;

alternative The best plan is to find a way to sneak into the copper mine, wait for the Jiedu Envoy to get the antidote, and then quietly attack the Jiedu Envoy.

The advantage of the former is not only the ability to get in touch with higher-level personnel, but also a step earlier in time. In this way, if this plan fails, the latter can also be used, but if the latter is the preferred plan , there are basically no suitable alternatives.

As for how to quietly board a moving freighter, charlie also thought of a feasible plan, and informed Abbas of his request in advance, so that he could prepare for himself in advance.

Four days later.

charlie said goodbye to Claire for the time-tested reason of “showing customers Feng Shui”. Carrying a black waterproof backpack, he took a Concorde airliner and took off directly from Providence to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

Beirut is located on the westernmost side of the Middle East and on the easternmost coast of the entire Mediterranean Sea.

The city faces Cyprus across the sea, and the shortest distance is only two hundred kilometers.

When charlie arrived in Beirut, it was already dark, and the Wan Po Army was already waiting here to welcome him.

The first time he saw charlie, he reported to charliehui, “Mr. Wade, those seven Xiao cavalry guards, as well as Wu Siqi, have already arranged to board the ship in advance. It just so happens that a freighter from Yisu Shipping just passed by.” The first destination of the Suez Canal is Cyprus, so I used a helicopter to send people on board at the Suez Canal in advance, and they will arrive at Limassol, the largest port in Cyprus later today.”

charlie nodded, Ask him, “Their copper mine is in Limassol, right?

” The wharf.” charlie asked again, “Have you found out

where the ship that transported the supplies departed from Turkey?”

It was sold to a copper smelter in Hatay Province, Turkey. On the surface, in order to reduce transportation costs, the copper smelter purchased an 8,000-ton freighter for transporting copper ore from Cyprus. Their The shipping route is also very fixed, that is, from Iskenderun Port in Hatay Province, Turkey, to Limassol Copper Mine’s own port, the whole journey is about 210 nautical miles, almost 390 kilometers.”

charlie asked him, “Have you mastered the movement of this ship?”


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