Chapter 5243 Of The Amazing Son in Law

“Acquisition of a company?”

Trent  was taken aback by charlie’s words, and said, “Mr. Wade, if you want to acquire a communication company with sufficient foundation, the cost will be at least one billion US dollars. Will the investment be too high ?” , I’m afraid it’s hard to make a profit…”

charlie shook his head and said, “Profit is not the most important thing, how to solve our immediate needs is the most important.”

Then, charlie said, “Our biggest pain point right now is time. Urgency, not to mention a year or a month, even a day or an hour, we must strive for it, time is far more important than money.”

charlie paused slightly, and continued, “I want to go faster than ordinary people. To develop, it is necessary to change the thinking mode that only solves the immediate needs. If there is no one, or if you can’t recruit people, if you still stay on how to solve the problem of recruiting people, it is basically difficult to achieve great things

; The pattern must be large enough. When those big companies face the same problem, they will not think about how to build a team from scratch, and then develop a product. buy our products.”

Then, charlie said, “Elon Musk will not waste his precious time and energy to create a Twitter by himself, and buy Twitter directly, which is the most economical for him. Yes, in fact, we are the same, if we still need to recruit employees one by one, then there are too many variables, even if you expect to solve the problem in two years, once there is a change in personnel, this time will become indefinitely. “

“First of all, the recruitment cycle must be longer than expected. It was originally planned to recruit enough people in three months, but it may actually take at least half a year or even longer;”

“Secondly, the lack of stability of personnel. It will take at least a few months for the team to be cultivated, but once the newcomers who have worked hard to cultivate suddenly want to leave, then these months may be wasted. There is no other way but to start the process all over again.”

“Also, it’s not enough for employees to be stable. The premise of stability is that they have enough ability to cope with their work. This also requires us to invest in unknown trial and error costs. If the wrong person is selected, everything will be lost. We have to start over.”

“In this way, even in three years, we may not be able to achieve the goal we want to achieve.”

“Besides, we always pay attention to doing things in one go. If we stumble and stumble at the beginning, we will not be able to achieve our ambition and confidence. The loss is beyond imagination, so it must be difficult to make it bigger and stronger.”

Speaking of this, charlie looked at Trent  and said seriously, “Brother, although you are high-spirited now, if you really encounter various difficulties in the early personnel stage After a year or two, you won’t have the strength you have now.”

Trent  pondered for a moment, nodded slightly, and sighed, “You are right, the energy and confidence are getting less and less. In the end, the whole person was depressed. I was like this before. I was resigned from my first job. I still thought it was nothing special. All my fighting spirit has been worn out…”

At this point, Trent  suddenly froze on the spot, muttering, “This is how I am, from an arrogant communication expert to one who is willing to go to Mexico to do a job. A famous coolie…”

charlie smiled slightly, and asked, “Brother, which company did you have the job with the highest salary?”

Trent  hurriedly said, “It’s an old American communication company.”

charlie asked again, “What is the current market value of the company?”


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