Chapter 5242 Of The Amazing Son in Law

But it doesn’t matter if you can’t control that Jiedushi, you can kill him quietly, and then distribute the antidote to all the dead soldiers and knight guards, and don’t care about the rest, let These dead warriors and knight guards play freely, and when thousands of people suddenly escape from control, it is definitely enough for this organization to drink a pot.

Moreover, charlie acted alone for both plans, so he was absolutely sure that he would not leave any clues, and no matter whether he succeeded or failed, he would not let that mysterious organization find him by following the clues.

Afterwards, charlie, Abbas and Li Yalin worked out a more detailed action plan.

After the plan was formulated, charlie planned to leave for the United States and use the remaining few days to prepare well.

However, before leaving, he specially asked Abbas to take him to meet the big brother Trent  who specializes in communications.

At present, Wanlongdian has prepared an independent two-story building for Trent , which is specially used for his research.

Although Trent  arrived in Syria only a few days ago, his overall state has undergone earth-shaking changes. Not only does his spirit, complexion, and mood look much better, but he also seems to be much younger.

Seeing charlie, Trent  was very pleasantly surprised, and said excitedly, “Mr. Wade, why did you come to Syria?”

charlie smiled and said, “I have something to do here, so come by the way to see you, brother, are you still used to being here recently?” “

Trent  said with a satisfied face, “Since I came here, I feel refreshed every day, but the only regret is that the work still needs to wait for the equipment to be in place, so I can’t start directly for a while.” As

he said, he Then he said, “I made a list of equipment for Master Wandian, and he arranged for the purchase without any discount. What I want are basically the world’s top civil communication related equipment. After these equipments arrive in Syria one after another ,I’m planning toFirst build an encrypted communication system that can cover the entire base. In the process, design a set of encryption algorithms, which can be synchronized after the satellite is launched. charlie asked curiously, “

Brother, when will our own satellite be able to go to the sky?” “

Trent  explained, “Recently, people under Wan Dianzhu are ordering communication satellites from several world-renowned communication companies through shell companies registered in offshore areas. However, the current satellites are not ready-made and need to be scheduled. After the satellite is off the production line, we will first ship it to Syria. I will make some modifications to the satellite, and then send it to a commercial launch company for launch. However, the research and development of the algorithm and the transformation of the satellite require a lot of work. It is very big, and it is estimated that it will take a year or two at the earliest. charlie asked him, “

Brother, it must be difficult for you to complete so many tasks by yourself. Why don’t you recruit more people to help you do things? If you can build a satellite communication team, the efficiency will definitely be greatly improved.” “

Trent  said helplessly, “I have thought about this too, but it is not easy to realize. I contacted some old colleagues and subordinates. Inside the base, I am also worried about the risk of leaks if outsiders come in.

charlie nodded and said, “We don’t lack money, what we lack is time, so in my opinion, it is better to establish or simply acquire a communication company with sufficient foundation in the United States, and then let this team operate in the United States. ” Do R&D work according to your requirements, brother, and you will coordinate as a whole. In addition, we can use the company in the United States as a reserve. During the operation of this team, if we find trustworthy talents, we can gradually absorb them. Come to Syria. “

Speaking of this, charlie paused slightly, and said, “Besides, brother, you don’t have to worry about these people not wanting to come to Syria, as long as you can give enough money, you will definitely be able to impress them!” “


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