Chapter 5241 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Originally, charlie’s attitude towards this mysterious organization was to keep restraint as much as possible, and only make precise sniper attacks on the global dispatch of its six aircraft.

However, after learning about the situation of the other party’s residence in Cyprus, charlie suddenly discovered that the management model of the dead man’s residence seemed to be unbreakable, but it actually left him a breakthrough point.

As long as I can quietly control the Jiedushi of Cyprus, and then detoxify all the dead soldiers and knight guards in Cyprus from the toxins that occur regularly in the body, I can directly destroy the mysterious organization without bloodshed or even alarming this mysterious organization. The entire slain garrison is in the bag.

Moreover, the whole thing is very feasible.

First of all, it is not difficult for him to make an antidote. If he wants to remove the severe poison in these people, he only needs a small amount of spiritual energy to achieve it. A batch of quick-acting pills can ensure that these dead men can break free from the shackles of the poison immediately after taking the medicine.

Secondly, it is not difficult to infiltrate the iron barrel-like copper mine, because this iron barrel has a gap, and that is the freighter that shuttles between it and Turkey.

As Xiao Qiwei said, in order to ensure that they will not be seen by the outside world, they have been ensuring the stable output of copper mines, and they have also set up a copper smelter in Turkey to digest the copper mines at fixed points. ore.

Copper mines have stable output and fixed sales channels. Whether it is goods or funds, the direction and route of flow are very clear. As a result, no abnormalities can be seen from the outside world.

In fact, if it is only to ensure the normal output of copper mines, it is not necessary for the organization to establish a copper smelter in Turkey alone.

After all, the copper ore produced by the copper mine itself does not contain any clues, and no matter who it is sold to, it has no effect in theory.

But the fundamental purpose of this organization supporting a copper smelter in Turkey is to ensure that the material needs within the copper mine can be fully met.

Since the number of people in this copper mine is only a few hundred people, but the number of people living inside it is as high as several thousand. If the living materials needed by thousands of people are directly purchased from Cyprus, it will be so huge The quantitative discrepancy will inevitably arouse local suspicion.

This is doomed, they must have a safe channel to carry out the silent supply of materials inside the copper mine.

At this time, the copper smelter in Turkey played a huge role.

On the surface, they used shipping to transport the copper ore produced by the copper mine to Turkey.

But in fact, the most important thing is that the ships that came to transport copper ore quietly carried a large amount of living materials to Cyprus, first quietly transported all the supplies to the inside of the copper mine, and then pretended to produce copper from the copper mine. The ore is shipped back to Turkey.

It just made use of the shipping channel for copper mine transportation, and at the same time, quietly replenished the interior of the copper mine.

It seems that the copper smelter imports the ore produced by the copper mine and generates income for the copper mine, but in fact, the core role of the copper smelter is just a deceptive supporting facility of the copper mine.

I have to say that this way of building the plank road in the open and keeping the warehouse in the dark is indeed very ingenious.

For charlie, as long as he can seize the opportunity and touch the cargo ship delivering supplies to Cyprus, he can infiltrate all the way until he meets the Jiedushi face to face.

And once he was given such an opportunity, he would be confident enough to control that Jiedushi.

However, charlie also has two plans.

If all goes well, the entire garrison will naturally be taken down without bloodshed.


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