Chapter 5239 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Hearing that charlie wanted to act on his own, Abbas quickly said, “Mr. Wade, there are still many uncertain factors in the other party’s situation, and they are numerous and heavily guarded, why don’t you ask your subordinates to choose a few elite soldiers to go with you?” Go!”

charlie waved his hand, and said seriously, “The success rate of this kind of thing is the highest when one person acts, and even if it fails, one person can retreat unscathed. Once there are more people, the chance of being exposed will increase greatly. Not only do I want to ensure that this matter is as successful as possible, but I also want to ensure that if this matter fails, there will be as few clues as possible.”

Li Yalin also agreed at this time and said, “I support Young Master Wade’s point of view. According to my years of experience as a police officer, most of the major cases that have never been solved in the true sense are cases involving a single suspect. As long as this person is professional enough and capable enough, he can take it easy Complete his goal without leaving any valuable clues for the police, and once this single-person action becomes a gang crime, the chances of leaving usable clues will increase exponentially.”

Speaking of this, Li Yalin said again “To use an inappropriate analogy, almost without exception, the murderer behind the double-digit serial killings of the victims is the same person.”

Hearing this, Abbas could only nod and said, “If that’s the case, then The subordinates are making preparations in Beirut. If Mr. Wade needs the Wanlong Temple any time, the subordinates must bring people there as soon as possible!”

charlie nodded and said with a smile, “I really have something that needs to be done in Beirut in advance. Get ready.”

As he said that, charlie said seriously, “Abbas, on the day of the operation, you bring Wusiqi and these seven knights to wait for me on the high seas. Once I succeed, you take them all to the copper mine , if you want those knight guards and dead soldiers to completely surrender, you need them to show up and speak.”

Abbas said without hesitation, “Okay, Mr. Wade, my subordinates have arranged a cruise ship in advance and will wait for your news on the high seas.”

charlie clicked He turned his head, looked at Wusiqi and the other seven Xiaoqi guards, and said, “When the time comes, I will have to work hard for you all. If this matter can be successful, I will need you to manage this station for me.”

All eight agreed without thinking.

charlie’s bold and radical plan made them all very excited. If the disappearance of the poison in their bodies broke the shackles that the organization had shrouded them for many years, then following charlie to take down the entire resident is the first step to launch a counterattack against the organization. step.

Afterwards, charlie asked several people, “Everyone, can you describe to me what the antidote that this organization usually takes for you looks like?”

Wu Siqi took the lead and said, “We are taking round pills with a diameter of about About one centimeter, the color is dark brown, and the surface has a certain luster.”

Several other Xiaoqi guards also nodded, and the leader said, “We take the same.”

charlie frowned, and took out a blood-scattering Jiuxin Pill came, and asked, “Does it look similar to this?”

Wu Siqi nodded, “Basically, it’s very similar, but the color of your pill seems to be better.”

charlie thoughtfully Said, “It seems that the antidote they gave you is also made using traditional Chinese medical techniques.”


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