Chapter 5237 Of The Amazing Son in Law

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charlie’s words stunned the seven Xiao cavalry guards and Wusiqi sitting on the other side!

They didn’t know why charlie would suddenly ask such a question, but the expressions of these eight people were a little excited at this time.

Wu Siqi was the first to speak, clenched his fists and said sharply, “Mr. Wade, if it is true as you said, we dead soldiers will definitely organize to break out of the tight encirclement! Even if we die, we will die under the sun!” Among the

Xiaoqi guards The person at the head also subconsciously said, “That’s right, Mr. Wade… If this happens, the Xiaoqiwei will definitely take the opportunity to fight to the death!”

Wu Siqi sighed, “For all dead soldiers, the shackles of the organization are mainly It is the poison in the body and his own family. Once the trouble of the poison is solved, the dead man will be able to use his own strength to desperately defend the safety of his relatives, and he will have the opportunity to lead his family to escape. The greatest dream of dozens of generations of dead warriors’ ancestors, once given the opportunity, every dead warrior will go all out for this dream!”

Wu Siqi’s words made several other Xiaoqi guards agree with them and empathize with them.

Like these dead men, they all longed for the day when they could completely break away from the control of this mysterious organization.

The reason why he never stood up against the organization was mainly because the poison in his body was powerless to resist.

It’s not like they didn’t have seniors who did this before, but whether they resisted or escaped, the maximum lifespan of each of them after escaping is only seven days.

Therefore, this kind of thing that has no chance of success at all, over time, no one is willing to do it.

But if the situation charlie said really happened, and the poison in the body was suddenly completely eliminated, they would stand up and resist to the end like dead soldiers.

Yechen nodded in satisfaction after seeing the attitudes of the few people, and asked, “Does the Jiedu envoy need to take antidote regularly?”

“I’ve never heard of it.” Being mysterious and keeping a low profile, we have no way of knowing whether he will also take antidote like us.”

Yechen asked again, “Then how is the antidote distributed to you and all the dead soldiers after it is delivered?”

The man explained, “Every time the antidote is delivered, Jiedushi personally and is responsible for transporting The postman of the antidote is docked. The antidote is packed in ten pieces, wrapped in waterproof wax paper, and then sealed with special wax and seal. Every time the antidote is delivered, the Jiedu envoy will personally check the authenticity of each antidote. Packaging situation, after confirming that there is no problem, give these antidotes to his bodyguards, and then his bodyguards will personally distribute them to us knight guards.”

He continued, “When the antidotes are distributed , we will line up according to the organizational system to receive the antidote, and after receiving the antidote, we must take the antidote immediately, and we must not take the antidote away quietly.”

“Wait until we take it under the supervision of Jiedushi’s personal guards After finishing the antidote, we have to work with them to distribute the antidote to the dead man and his family members. The overall process is basically the same. The dead man and his relatives must also take the medicine under our supervision. The whole process is over.”

Li Yalin on the side couldn’t help asking, “I have a question to ask, since you can only live for 7 days without the antidote, why do they still supervise you? Do you want to take the antidote? Is there anyone who deliberately refuses to take the antidote they gave you?”

The man smiled bitterly and said, “Whether it is us or the dead, we have always wanted to resist, although we know that I don’t have the ability to fight against the entire organization, but I still have some fluke mentality. Therefore, there have been many dead men who deliberately did not take the antidote, leaving the antidote for many people to one person, and then trying to help that person escape. When the situation happened in the station, I hoped to ask for help from the outside world and expose the inside story of the entire organization in exchange for help from the outside world, but all failed without exception. Someone supervises.”

Hearing this, charlie said, “That is to say, the antidote given to you has a special anti-counterfeiting method, but the specific method of anti-counterfeiting is only known by the Jiedu Envoy, so after the antidote is delivered , he will carry out the docking and verify the authenticity, and after confirming that there is no problem, it will be distributed to Xiaoqiwei first, followed by the dead and their families.”

“Yes.” The man nodded and said, “The whole process is actually very strict.”

charlie asked again, “In your impression, what are the anti-counterfeiting features of the antidote?”

“This brother…” The man hesitated for a moment, then spoke Said, “I’m not sure what anti-counterfeiting features are there. Although every medicine is opened in front of us and distributed to us, the sealing wax used to seal the wax paper is reheated every time. , you also know that once that kind of thing is heated, the original pattern printed on it will no longer exist, so I don’t know what the sealant looks like on the original medicine seal.”

charlie nodded lightly and said, ” In this way, it should be impossible for me to cheat the Jiedu envoy without showing any signs of ostentation. If I find a link in the middle to change the medicine, it will definitely destroy the original situation to a certain extent. The anti-counterfeit marks on the seal, when the Jiedu envoy gets the medicine, he will realize that there is a problem immediately.”


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