Chapter 5236 Of The Amazing Son in Law

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The humane said, “To tell you the truth, the dead men who were manipulated and enslaved alone have a traceable history of at least 300 years, so the time when the organization was founded is very likely. It was really during the Ming Dynasty, but these are just speculations, and I don’t know the specifics.”

Li Yalin couldn’t help but take a breath, then he collected himself and asked, “Then do you have the identity information of this Jiedushi? “

No.” The man shook his head and said, “The internal structure of the garrison is extremely strict. Although we knight guards have a higher status than the dead soldiers, we are still the objects of the organization’s slavery. We follow orders every day. I don’t know the specific identity of the Jiedushi.”

Li Yalin pursed his lips, and then asked, “If we divide according to strength, which group is the strongest among Jiedushi, Jiedushi’s personal guards, cavalry guards, and dead soldiers?”

The man thought for a while, and said, “We have never seen Jiedushi and his personal guards attack, but our strength is generally stronger than that of the dead, because we stand out from the dead.”

Li Yalin asked him “Do your cavalry guards often perform missions?”

the man replied, “The cavalry guards only perform emergency missions.”

As he said that, he further introduced, “Normal missions are usually carried out by dead men. We will select the dead men to perform the mission in advance, and then make them deeply unconscious before departure, and then hand them over to the postman to transport them to the place where the mission is to be carried out. However, this kind of preparation time is relatively long, and there is no time for emergencies, so once there is an emergency, we will be responsible for it.”

Li Yalin asked again, “Then please describe to me all the details of the mission you received this time. The

man thought for a while, and said in a straightforward manner, “We just received a temporary mission a few hours before departure. The Jiedushi gave the commander the pictures of the eight Nordics. The seven of us were selected based on personal characteristics, and after putting on make-up at the copper mine, he led the team and flew to Bergen.”

Li Yalin suddenly felt a little tricky.

He said to charlie, “Master Wade, the structure of this organization is strict, and the information isolation between each layer is very well done. Even Xiaoqiwei, all the inside information he knows is limited to their station and some of the station. The deceitful business, and almost nothing else, so if you look at it this way, if you want to know more in-depth information, you have to find the Jiedushi.”

charlie nodded, and said, “Jiedushi may not know much valuable information. Information.”

Li Yalin suddenly remembered something, and quickly asked charlie, “Master Wade, you just said that the poison in their bodies needs to be taken regularly to delay the onset, right?”

charlie nodded slightly, “That’s right.”

Li Yalin continued Ask Wu Siqi, “Wu Siqi, you dead men living near Sri Lanka also need to take medicine regularly, right?”

Wu Siqi nodded truthfully and said, “Yes, Inspector Li.”

Li Yalin then looked at the Xiao Qiwei asked him, “How do you get the medicine you take every week? Is there a large amount of it stored in the copper mine, or will someone come to deliver it every once in a while?”

The man hurriedly said, “The medicines are delivered at regular intervals, and they are all transported by freighters between us and Turkey. The large amount of supplies we need are also delivered through freighters.”

Li Yalin nodded and muttered He muttered, “That is to say, if there is a way to cut off the supply of antidote, then all the dead soldiers and all the knight guards in the entire garrison will not survive seven days, right?

” This is the case in theory, but you can’t do it!”

Li Yalin looked at him, and said lightly, “I just raised this possibility.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at charlie and said seriously, “Master Wade, if you want to solve Cutting off the garrison is definitely a good way to cut off the supply of the antidote. Moreover, once the supply of the antidote is successfully cut off, it will be able to enter a state of siege for reinforcements, just like a sniper on the battlefield. Instead, they use the wounded to attract rescuers from the other side, and then kill all the people who come to help them one by one.”

Hearing this, Abbas couldn’t help but excitedly said, “Surround the spot to help! Inspector Li’s method is great !”

After that, he quickly said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, if you use Detective Li’s method, while surrounding the points to fight for aid, while waiting for the seven-day deadline, after those seven days, this station may disappear by itself.”

Fear 547 He said endlessly, “Mr. Wade, think twice! Once you do this, thousands of dead men and their families may die without a place to bury them!

” Most of the dead men and warriors are forced to work for the organization, if their antidote supply is really cut off, none of them will survive, this… this is… too cruel for them…”

said After that, he looked at charlie and begged, “Sir, please see that we are all forced to do nothing, please give us, our relatives and friends a way to survive…”

charlie didn’t speak, and was alone in thought After a while, he opened his mouth and said, “Although the method of cutting off the antidote is useful, it is really not humane. Once it succeeds, thousands of lives will cease to exist.”

Speaking of this, charlie suddenly looked at Wusiqi and these Xiaoqiguards, and asked seriously, “If one day, you find that after you take the antidote given by the organization, the poison in your body is not delayed, but It was suddenly and completely cleared, how would you react?”


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