Chapter 5233 Of The Amazing Son in Law

hunter (Hamid )’s gratitude to charlie has long been like a torrent of river water, and it is like a flood of the Yellow River and it is out of control.

If it weren’t for charlie, he would have been taken away by Wanlongdian and the government army.

Not to mention that charlie also cured his leg that had been lame for decades, and gave him a lot of funds to strengthen his defense.

Now, with Wanlongdian mediating in the middle, it gave him a good opportunity for peaceful development.

But what he didn’t expect was that even so, charlie still treated him without asking for anything, and was still very generous.

With the current specifications of Wanlongdian’s underground fortifications, even if it is displayed on a small scale in its own base, it is difficult to implement without a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.

For hunter (Hamid ), this is something that he can’t even think about.

And charlie agreed to help him build it for free without even thinking about it. This generosity moved hunter (Hamid ) even more.

So, he held charlie’s hand, and said firmly, “brother wade, Allah is above, in the Middle East, if you need me to do anything, just say a word, I will risk my life. I must go all out!”

charlie nodded and smiled, and said, “With your words, my brother, our efforts are worth it.”

For charlie, hunter (Hamid ) is a friend, but also a comrade-in-arms.

As long as hunter (Hamid ) can firmly stand friendly with himself, he can continue to maintain the tripartite balance in Syria, which will be of great benefit to the stable development of the Dragon Palace.

Therefore, in order to prevent hunter (Hamid ) from stretching his hips too much in this three-party balanced situation, he needs to be given the assistance he needs, and the assistance he does not even dare to think about must be given.

Therefore, he said to Abbas, “Abbas, after the completion of the first phase of our project, we will first design an upgrade plan for Commander Harbin’s base, and then start the first phase of the project at Commander Harbin’s base. All costs will be borne by Wanlongdian.”

Abbas said without thinking, “Okay Mr. Wade, my subordinates understand.”

charlie nodded slightly, and said to hunter (Hamid ), “Brother, I can’t stay here for too long this time, and I will go back in a few hours. There are still many things to deal with here, so I won’t talk to you about the past, wait for me Next time we come over, let’s find time to meet again.”

hunter (Hamid ) said with some reluctance, “brother wade, you come all the way and stay for a few hours? Anyway, leave a day and go to my brother’s place for a walk. Look, inspect and inspect the work, our place has changed a lot now, thanks to you!”

charlie smiled and said, “I will definitely visit next time, and I really can’t spare extra time this time.”

Seeing this, hunter (Hamid ) , then nodded and said, “Okay, since you are in a hurry, then I won’t waste your time. You should be busy first, and we will get together next time.”

Then, he pointed to his work clothes and said, “I’ll go Change your clothes and go back first.”

“Okay.” charlie nodded, shook hands with him again, and said, “Then I won’t see you off!”

hunter (Hamid ) said very simply, “Okay, okay Yes, bro, go get busy and leave me alone.” The

two waved goodbye, and charlie and Abbas walked into the main building in the core area of ​​the base.

Walking into the building, charlie said to Abbas, “Abbas, arrange a conference room with the highest level of confidentiality, and call Inspector Li, Wusiqi, and the seven Xiaoqiguards you brought back. Bring them here together.”

“Okay Mr. Wade!” Abbas immediately took charlie to a windowless conference room, and then asked Li Yalin and Wu Siqi to be invited over first.

Li Yalin did not expect charlie to come to Syria, and asked in surprise, “Master wade, why did you come here in person?”

charlie smiled slightly and said, “Inspector Li, I just came from Northern Europe, and I got a few people from a mysterious organization.” Members come over, this time there are more people, and they are not dead men, they are one level higher than dead men.”

“Not dead men?” Li Yalin asked in surprise, “What level is that? What are you responsible for in the organization?”

charlie explained, “Their internal name is Xiaoqiwei, and they are responsible for guarding the dead.” After hearing this, Wu Siqi, who was

sitting in a wheelchair, said in surprise, “Xiaoqiguard? Is it the Xiaoqiguard who is in charge of guarding us?”

charlie shook his head and said, “According to Inspector Li’s analysis, your station should be near Sri Lanka, but these knight guards are stationed in Cyprus, thousands of kilometers away, and the Persian Gulf and the entire Middle East are separated in between.”

“Cyprus ?!” After hearing this, Li Yalin exclaimed, “Master wade, Cyprus is just to the west of Syria, and the closest coastline to Syria is less than 200 kilometers away.”

“Yes.” charlie nodded and said, “Theirs The resident is a copper mine located in the coastal area of ​​Cyprus. It is said that there is also a copper smelter in Turkey. The ore produced by the copper mine is basically exported to the copper smelter in Turkey. A closed loop is formed inside, and the outside world is even more It’s hard to get a glimpse of the secrets.” Abbas said excitedly, “Mr. Wade, since

we are so close, why not make a plan, and all the members of the Wanlong Palace will mobilize and wipe out their station!”


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