Chapter 5229 Of The Amazing Son in Law

At this moment, the man asked respectfully , “My lord, how credible do you think Lin Waner(Alani)’s words are?” She is resourceful and even wise, but she seldom engages in conspiracies and tricks, so I believe the eight words she wrote.”

Then, the Lord Ying said, “And Lin Waner (Alani) must be very clear in her heart that lying at this time is meaningless , even if I see these eight words, even if I believe that she is not lying, but before I find the ring, I can’t give up hunting her down. After all, even if the ring is not on her body, she must know the whereabouts of the ring , so she wrote these eight characters not to confuse me, but to irritate me!”

The man couldn’t help but said, “My lord! If Lin Waner (Alani) didn’t lie, does that mean that she has abandoned the ring in a certain place in Northern Europe?” Where is it?”

Lord Ying said, “Although the ring is of no use to her, it has far-reaching meanings, and she will never throw it away just to save her life.”

The man continued, “Could it be stored in a bank safe? If a ring is kept in a bank safe together with other things, it will generally not attract much attention. The security of the bank safe is extremely high, and the identity verification uses biometric evidence such as fingerprints and irises. Store the ring with a fake identity first, and then take it out whenever you need it.”

“It’s impossible.” The hero said flatly, “Lin Waner (Alani) is far more cunning and calculating than you can imagine. Generally, she has already thought about it. Bank safes seem to be hidden and inconspicuous, but they are actually not safe at all. If I want to, my Jinyiwei can open all the bank safes in Northern Europe overnight. After all, how could she take such a risk.”

The man said with some doubts, “My lord, if according to what you said, the ring is indeed not in her hands, but she didn’t throw it away at will, then there must be a very How to keep it properly, then where do you think this ring went? Or in other words, how was it kept by her remotely?”

The British Lord was silent for a few seconds, and said lightly, “I don’t know what you are talking about. The only thing I can be sure of at present is that although the ring is not in Lin Waner (Alani)’s possession, Lin Waner (Alani) is our only clue so far, so we must use all our strength to find it.” Go find her for me!” After that, he paused slightly, and continued, “This time, let Willie

come out of the mountain in person, and you send him to come to see me immediately!”

, is the first of the four earls.

The titles of each of these four earls were bestowed by the Lord of England, namely Uncle Mason, Uncle Nakul, Uncle Russell and Uncle Sean.

The four of them have followed the British Lord for many years, and have made great contributions to the development of the forces under the British Lord’s command.

Willie, in addition to ranking first among the four earls, is also the most powerful existence among the four earls, and he is the veritable number two figure in the entire organization.

And this man himself is the loyal and brave uncle who ranks last among the four earls.

Within this organization, his contribution is not as good as that of the top three earls, but because of his absolute loyalty to the lord, he was awarded the title of Uncle Loyal and Brave, and he is often sent by the lord.

In Uncle Sean’s view, ordering Uncle Mason to track down Lin Waner (Alani) really felt like killing a chicken with a butcher’s knife.

However, he dared not have any doubts about the Lord’s decision, so he said without hesitation, “My Lord, this subordinate will pass on Willie.” A

few minutes later.

A middle-aged man in a Taoist robe and a fairy-like character strode into the main hall with elegant steps.

As soon as he entered, he knelt on the ground on one knee, and after saluting the empty throne, he said respectfully, “My lord, Uncle Sean said, you have something to summon your subordinates, what orders do you have?”

The deep voice of the Lord Ying came, “Uncle Willie, I will give you five years to find Lin Waner (Alani)’s whereabouts. During these five years, I don’t care where you go or what method you use. I will give you whatever you want.” , You don’t need my consent to make any decisions, I just want you to bring Lin Waner (Alani) alive to see me within the five-year period, can you do it?!”

Willie was slightly taken aback, and immediately clasped his hands together, He said loudly, “Since the British Lord is willing to entrust this task to his subordinates, then the subordinates must go all out to bring Lin Waner (Alani) back as soon as possible!” The

British Lord hummed and said, “In the past five years, I will give you 500 million US dollars. As a fund, I will give you five Xiaopeiyuan Pills as a reward after the matter is completed!”

Hearing the words Xiaopeiyuandan, Willie said in a pleasant surprise, “Subordinate, thank you Lord!”

After saying that, he immediately leaned down and kowtowed heavily. Afterwards, he raised his head and asked respectfully , “My

lord, you know Lin Waner (Alani) best, so, regarding Lin Waner (Alani)’s whereabouts, do you have any clues or suggestions that you can give to my subordinates?”

I know her father, but they all did things that I didn’t expect. Maybe my understanding of them is too solid, so that I fell into a vicious circle of making mistakes again and again, so Mason Bo still don’t look for me I want to suggest, do it all by your own intuition, it may have a miraculous effect.”

“Okay!” Uncle Mason nodded heavily “Master, the subordinates know!”

The Lord asked curiously, “I wonder if Uncle Mason Already have plans?”

Willie cupped his hands and said, “Go back to the Lord, and I plan to go to China!”


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