Chapter 5227 Of The Amazing Son in Law

“You still want the Himalayas?”

The driver snorted coldly, and said contemptuously, “If you want to daydream, get out of the car and go home to do it.”

Lolita said angrily, “Obviously you promised me, Why go back on your word?”

The driver said angrily, “You are conditional, after you have completed the matter, and now the matter is gone, you don’t need to do it, understand?”

Lolita curled her lips and said coldly He said, “Then I don’t care, anyway, you must honor your promises, otherwise I will never end this matter with you!” The

driver was about to speak, when the car in front had already started the engine, slowly pulled out of the parking lot, and was about to enter the parking lot. Airport cargo area.

The driver knew in his heart that this was to quickly send the materials transported by these three trucks to the Boeing 777, so that it could be transported back to Nigeria on time, so that no clues would be left on this line.

So, he also started the car, and then said to Lolita, “Get out of the car, don’t delay my business.”

“I won’t get off!” Lolita said with a grim expression, “Let me get out of the car, how dare you! You know me What is your identity?! It’s okay if you want me to get out of the car, first tell me when to give me my Himalaya!”

The driver jumped out of the truck furiously, went around to the passenger door, and opened the door directly, and then Like a chick, he lifted Lolita out of the car, then threw her on the ground roughly, and said in a cold voice, “If you want Himalayas, go back to your dad! Say one more nonsense, be careful I’ll abolish your dad first tonight!”

After that, he ignored Lolita, turned around and got on the truck, started the vehicle and left the parking lot.

Lolita didn’t expect that the other party would become so vicious all of a sudden, and she lost her previous aura in an instant, and she was so scared that she didn’t dare to say a word.

She is still young, and although she has been pushed to the fore by this humanitarian organization for a few years, she just speaks and acts according to the requirements of the book, without knowing the underlying reasons and stakes.

She only knows that as long as she does what they ask, she and her family can get a good material foundation, and even be able to use this to enter the upper class.

But she didn’t know the real origin of this humanitarian organization.

Some time ago, when Lolita’s global reputation was pushed to the peak, she also had the idea of ​​leaving this humanitarian organization and starting her own business.

After all, in her opinion, she is now a well-known figure in the world, has countless fans, and has even been received by many heads of state and praised by them. There is absolutely no need for a higher-level organization to control her.

However, when she mentioned this idea to her father, she was severely reprimanded by her father. Although Lolita was dissatisfied, she did not dare to confront her father directly.

However, now that she has encountered such a rough treatment, in her opinion, it is a good opportunity to break with the other party!

So, she immediately took out her mobile phone and called her father.

As soon as the phone was connected, she cried and said, “Dad! I want to break with them! Never have anything to do with them again!”

Her father was very surprised and asked, “Who are you talking about? What happened? Is something wrong?”

Lolita said angrily, “It’s not the human rights organization you’re dealing with! They don’t respect me at all, and today they asked me to stand for them and promised to give me a Himalayan handbag from Hermes, but they suddenly broke the contract , drove me out of the car!” As

she spoke, she continued to say aggrievedly, “Dad! Starting today, I must draw a clear line with these people. From now on, I will be me. What do I want to do with them It has nothing to do with it anymore!”

Lolita thought that her words would make her father feel sorry for her and support the decision she just made, but she never dreamed that her father on the other end of the phone suddenly became furious!

He yelled over the phone, “Lolita, are you crazy? Do you know how you and our whole family got here today?”

Lolita blurted out subconsciously, “Of course I worked hard to get it! I put aside school classes every day, protested everywhere with a sign, and fought for the air everywhere! If it wasn’t for my hard work How could our family be where we are today!”

Hearing this, Lolita’s father scolded immediately, “Shut up! If they weren’t working behind the scenes, even if you dropped out of school at a young age and took to the streets to shout No one will take a second look at you!”

“You have to remember! You can have today because they will help you tailor various marketing scripts behind the scenes, and the media that report on you will not They are the ones who are secretly spending money to operate, and they are the ones who cooperate deeply with the media of various countries to formulate a series of protest directions for you!”


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