Chapter 5221 Of The Amazing Son in Law

This moment.

In the car park outside the cargo area of ​​Gothenburg Airport.

The head of a humanitarian organization is sitting in the co-pilot of a truck waiting anxiously.

This time, a total of three truckloads of supplies were destined for Nigeria.

According to the original schedule, Xiao Qiwei should have driven the person to the airport in a special transport vehicle at this time, and then they took them into the airport together, and then urged the customs to quickly release the target person to the plane.

In order to ensure that the person can be successfully sent through the customs this time, the person in charge of the humanitarian organization specially called their trump card, the once world-renowned environmental protection girl, and prepared to take her with him to ensure that this mission can go smoothly. Finish.

However, until now, they have not received any information about Xiaoqiwei.

After waiting for another half an hour, there was still no news, and the above only asked them to continue waiting.

The person in charge had no choice but to sit on the truck and watch the time go by little by little. At this time, the driver of the truck

behind jumped out of the car, knocked on the co-pilot’s door, and asked respectfully, “My lord, can I come up and talk?”

on the bed.

The driver below quickly climbed into the co-pilot seat, and respectfully said to the person in charge, “My lord, Lolita said that she doesn’t want to wait any longer…”

“What do you mean?” The person in charge frowned and asked, “What do you mean she doesn’t want to wait?” Going down?!”

The driver said helplessly, “She asked me to convey to you that she made an appointment with her classmates this afternoon to have her hair done and sa, and if it doesn’t finish in 20 minutes, she will leave first.”

” Damn it!” The person in charge was furious and scolded, “She is a brat, dare to talk to me like that?! Does it mean that after becoming an environmental protection star, she doesn’t know her last name anymore?!”

The driver said awkwardly, “My lord Baron, you know her behavior style. She usually thinks of what she thinks of. Besides, she doesn’t know the actual situation of our humanitarian organization, and she thinks she is the spiritual leader of this organization…” The

person in charge He gritted his teeth and said, “Go and tell her that you have to wait here for three hours anyway, and tell her that I donated materials to Nigeria this time. I invited a lot of media, just to give her a detailed report.” The

driver couldn’t laugh or cry. Said, “Lord Baron, I have already told her about this, but she didn’t pay attention to it at all. She said that the only European media she liked before was the BBC, but since Brexit, there is no her in the whole of Europe.” She can look up to the media, and she also said that she almost won the Nobel Prize. If n and bbc come to interview, she can barely give some face, and she won’t talk about anything else…”

“Damn she thought Who is she? If it weren’t for us to support her, package her, and operate her behind the scenes, she would be just a useless middle school student who cut classes every day, didn’t understand bullshit, and couldn’t even get a pass in the f*cking final exam! Now She is a bit famous, and she even played a big game with me, don’t you really know how much she weighs?!” The

driver said helplessly, “Master Baron, the most urgent task now is to let her stay, otherwise if she really walks away, we have nothing to do. The solution…” The

person in charge pondered for a long time angrily, and then said in a cold voice, “Tell her, as long as she cooperates well today, I will give her a Hermes Himalaya afterwards.”

“Okay!” The driver nodded and hurried He turned around and got out of the car, and returned to his car.

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