Chapter 5220 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Usually, this humanitarian organization actively organizes charitable activities, calling on people to pay attention to the third world, environmental protection and global warming, but once the organization needs it, this organization can immediately respond quickly in central and northern Europe, covering the four northern countries of Europe, and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are across the sea from Sweden.

Unlike other espionage and non-governmental organizations, which are extremely low-key, this humanitarian organization usually has a high-profile style of work. Not only does it often use the media to hype itself, it even launched a god-making movement in the field of environmental protection.

A Swedish environmental protection girl who was once popular all over the world is a marionette supported and manipulated by them behind the scenes. They made a seventeen-year-old girl stand in front of people all over the world and call for human beings to shut down factories and Cars, trains, airplanes and ships seem absurd, but they have gained a large number of fans around the world.

And the reason why this organization acts so high-profile, even extremely aggressive, is to be able to achieve sufficient deterrence in the area covered by their mission.

This kind of deterrence will not only make the big companies of these European countries shy away from them, but even the governments and functional departments of these European countries are quite afraid of them.

This is the benefit of standing on the moral high ground. With this moral aura, they can use morality as a weapon to attack anyone they want to attack.

If they want a certain company to shut down, they will organize a large number of people to rush to the door of the company to protest. If they want the government to pass or reject a certain bill, they will organize a group of people to march on the street.

In short, as long as the four characters “Guardian of Morality” are written on the forehead, basically everything will be beneficial.

It is precisely because of this special aura that they have extraordinary convenience in Europe. According to the usual tactics of this organization, if certain prohibited items need to be transported by air, this organization is used under the guise of charitable goods, and then specially Choose a more urgent time window to request rapid clearance from the airport and customs. In this way, exceptExcept that the aircraft cannon cannot be carried on the aircraft, there are almost no problems in the others.

Therefore, according to their plan, after the Xiaoqi guards successfully captured Lin Waner (Alani), they would hand over Lin Waner (Alani) and her personal servants to the linker of this humanitarian organization, and the linker would hide them in charity supplies and quickly pass through customs, Ship to the plane.

After the plane landed, the captain immediately reported to his superiors through a special channel, “The postman has arrived in Gothenburg. When will the goods arrive?” In the

special encrypted communication channel, a man’s serious voice came out, “Xiaoqiguard is out.” They were supposed to change vehicles at the border between Northern Europe and Sweden four hours ago and continue to meet you in Gothenburg, but they haven’t shown up until now.”

The captain exclaimed, and blurted out, “Master Viscount, You said Xiao Qiwei is missing?!” The

other party said, “It seems so.” The

captain asked subconsciously, “This…is this the same as the black swan incident in New York?!”

The entire army of dead soldiers in New York was wiped out , disappearing from the world, is defined as a rare black swan event by the organization, almost all members have learned of the defeat, and the British Lord has internally asked everyone to learn from this black swan event.

Hearing this, the person on the other end of the phone said coldly, “I can’t be sure yet, but I want to remind you not to speculate.” The

captain was stunned, and quickly ended the topic, saying solemnly, “Then if they don’t show up At the border, what should I do here? Should I continue to wait, or request to return immediately? The loading time given to me by the airport is only three hours. If I can’t take off after three hours, I’m afraid the original deployment will be disrupted.”

“Wait.” The other party said firmly, “The British Lord has an order. You wait for the knight guards in Gothenburg for three hours. If you don’t see anyone for three hours, start plan b.” The

captain said without thinking, “Wait for three hours, obey! “

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