Chapter 5217 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Chapter 2844 The best solution

Helena ‘s voice was soft and sad.

However, charlie, who was sleeping soundly in front of her, still didn’t respond.

At this time, charlie was almost completely cut off from the outside world.

Seeing that charlie didn’t respond in the slightest, Helena’s sadness in her heart was suddenly magnified rapidly.

The tears she shed when she looked at charlie were already on the line.

She stroked charlie’s face lightly, choking with sobs in a low voice: “I can see that from the first day I met you, you have been keeping a distance from me. In your heart, I must be a very realistic, very profit-seeking, Even for a woman who will do anything for her superior…”

“If I just had s*x with you without you knowing anything, and at the same time I was lucky enough to conceive your child, you must Will you look down on me even more?”

“Even, you may be full of discrimination and prejudice against our children because you look down on me…”

“If I fail to conceive your child, then you may look down on me because you look down on me.” Me, I will stay away from me in this life, and I will never see me again, right?”

Having said that, Helena wiped away her tears and said firmly: “No…I will not deepen this feeling for you again. An opportunity for a wrong perception… Absolutely not! Life is still early, I will definitely use an aboveboard method to let you change your wrong perception of me, and let you know that, except for my poor mother , The only thing I really care about in this world is you!”

After that, Helena bent down again, kissed charlie’s lips lightly, and curled up in his arms like a kitten.

Helena, who was hiding in charlie’s arms, couldn’t help laughing out loud,and said, “I want to hold you and sleep for an hour. Promise me, don’t wake up for this hour, so that I can wake up decently.” out of here.”

After finishing speaking, she put her face on charlie’s heart, and slowly closed her eyes.

At this moment, Helena felt that she was the happiest woman in the world.

However, the only regret is that because she was afraid that charlie would wake up earlier than herself, Helena didn’t dare to let herself fall asleep completely. Although she was full of happiness, she was somewhat cautious and apprehensive.

In charlie’s arms, she fell asleep for nearly an hour, half dreaming and half awake.

This hour is the most satisfying hour since she was an adult.

Seeing that the clock on the wall had pointed to the position of nine o’clock, she got off the bed softly, and put on her clothes again with gentle movements, then

tidy up the half of the bed where I slept, and pinch the hair that accidentally fell on charlie’s arms.

After doing all this, she stared at charlie, kissed him again uncontrollably, then reluctantly walked out of the room, and closed the door carefully again…..

It was almost noon when charlie slowly opened his eyes.

He felt that he had experienced the longest but most peaceful sleep since he had memory.

Although this sleep did not significantly replenish his aura, it did greatly improve his spirit.

He slowly got up from the bed, stretched his arms wantonly and stretched his body, and suddenly felt that there was a very familiar fragrance on his body.

This smell is the same as the fragrance on Helena’s body.

Although charlie had smelled this fragrance when he first entered this room and even when he was lying on the bed, he clearly felt that the fragrance on his body now was even stronger than when he was lying on this bed. , The fragrance already on this bed is even stronger.

charlie also knew very well in his heart that things like fragrance are constantly being worn out, and now the smell is stronger than before, which only means that this smell has been replenished in the middle of his sleep.

Thinking of this, charlie subconsciously stretched his hand into the quilt on the other side of the bed, and could clearly feel that there was still a slight residual warmth in the quilt on the other side where no one was sleeping.

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