Chapter 5216 Of The Amazing Son in Law

For a moment, Helena couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

She really did not expect that we, a man who was almost indistinguishable from God in her own eyes, actually had a side like a baby, sleeping so sweetly, and being so well-behaved.

At this moment, for the first time, she also found some kind of intimacy from charlie.

So, still hugging charlie tightly, while staring at his side face, she said softly, “charlie…do you know how much I love you in my heart? If I have the luck to be with you Together, let alone the Queen of Northern Europe, even if I die immediately, I don’t think I will have any hesitation…”

Speaking of this, she suddenly smiled self-deprecatingly, “If you hear these words, you will definitely feel in your heart that this woman must be lying, right? After all, in the eyes of others, I am obviously addicted to power, and my biggest dream One day I will be able to wait for the throne of the queen and let the world look up…”

Helena said, her eyes suddenly turned red, and she sighed, “You know, in fact, I never thought about being a Nordic queen in my life. So traveling across the ocean to Eastcliff to marry wade’s family was not because I was greedy for glory and wealth, I just wanted to sell my happiness in exchange for my mother’s safety. If I refused to marry Jon, my mother would disappear from the world. I can only save her life by obeying the royal family’s arrangement…”

“However, in the eyes of many people, including your cousin Jon, I am just a down-and-out person who traveled across the ocean to cling to him for the sake of glory and wealth.” The royal family, I believe you must have thought so when we first met, right?”

Helena’s voice became a little choked up at this point, “As for becoming the new empress, that’s not what I think Yes… You helped me out and solved Olivia’s threat for me. My biggest dream at the time was to be able to rescue my mother, and then go to China to settle with you. Even if you don’t have me in your heart, I am willing to live I’m around you, but I didn’t expect that you would ask grandma to give me the throne…”

With a sigh, Helena looked at charlie and said with resentment, “Do you know that I might be killed by you?” Forced to become the most famous single woman in the world? If I don’t have the chance to be with you in this life, I am destined to die alone. If I am just an ordinary woman living in a corner of the world, It doesn’t matter if I die alone, but you preferIt pushed me to the highly anticipated position of the Queen of Northern Europe…”

“Do you want me to eventually become a single old woman who will die alone in the limelight? At that time, the whole world will watch my jokes, and these unscrupulous western media will definitely fabricate a lot of fake news about me to attract attention; “

“They will say that I am frigid, that I am gay, or even I will be accused of having an affair with others, and then all kinds of negative fake news will fly all over the sky. As the Nordic queen, in order not to fall into a situation that is getting darker and darker, I can only choose to remain silent. For such a long life, you say, how do you want to make up for it? I? “

Speaking of this, Helena suddenly turned over and lay beside charlie, a pair of clear and bright eyes stared at charlie non-stop, with a serious expression, and even said softly with a bit of pleading, “charlie, I I don’t expect to have any chances with you in this life. I just want to ask you to give me a child, a child belonging to the two of us. The Nordic royal family with no successors will need a blood-related person to inherit the throne in the future. And this life is too long, I also want to have someone to accompany me…”

At this time, charlie was still in a deep sleep, and he didn’t realize Helena’s arrival at all, let alone what Helena said in his ear At the

same time, Helena was deeply in love.

She took the initiative to lean forward towards charlie, and kissed charlie gently with her red lips.

Helena was immersed in this kiss instantly and couldn’t extricate herself, and the impulse It was even more like an invisible big hand, desperately pushing her to take a step forward.

But at this moment, she looked at charlie’s handsome and decent face, but was always sleeping, and suddenly felt a little depressed.

She looked at charlie , asked him softly, “If you wake up now and see me like this, you will be very disappointed…”

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