Chapter 5215 Of The Amazing Son in Law

charlie hadn’t experienced such a deep sleep like today for a long time.

He was completely unaware of Helena’s arrival and a series of actions by Helena.

At this time, Helena was already extremely nervous, and even the rhythm of breathing was completely out of order.

The courage he had just summoned up was exhausted when he took this step.

Therefore, at the moment when the long skirt fell on her feet, Helena seemed to have been cast a body-holding spell, standing still and looking at charlie for five minutes.

She needs to continue to cheer herself up so that she can take another step forward bravely.

The weather in Bergen is cloudy and rainy, and the temperature at noon in midsummer will not make people feel hot and dry, not to mention that it is only early summer, and the temperature in the early morning is even a bit cool.

Helena stood where she was, and soon felt her body was frozen stiff.

She felt that her skin exposed to the air was covered with goose bumps, and her body shivered uncontrollably.

At this moment, Helena gritted her teeth, put her hands behind her back again, and untied the hook behind the unde*wear on her upper body.

Immediately afterwards, Helena also took off the last strand of soft cl*th from her b*dy.

At this time, her body only felt that the chill was getting worse, so she no longer hesitated, and hurriedly lifted the quilt on the other side of charlie’s body shivering, and got in decisively.

At this time, the bed was already hot from charlie’s body.

The body full of masculinity is continuously emitting heat.

After Helena got into bed, she felt that warm feeling, and the coldness of her body was relieved a lot in an instant.

At this time, she could no longer be shy, and her first thought was to hug charlie tightly, and try to make the body and skin of the two people have more and closer contact, so as to quickly warm her own body and skin. Already a little cold body.

At this time, charlie still showed no sign of waking up.

The moment Helena hugged charlie, she was ready for charlie to wake up suddenly.

After all, charlie’s strength is unbelievable, and it is impossible for him not to notice his bold behavior.

Moreover, Helena was even ready to confess to charlie the moment charlie woke up.

But what she didn’t expect was that charlie next to him didn’t move.

Rao hugged him subconsciously, but he still didn’t respond.

Helena was a little stunned for a while.

She didn’t know whether charlie really hadn’t woken up, or whether he had woken up but was still pretending to be asleep on purpose.

She carefully looked at charlie’s profile, looked at his eyelashes that trembled with his breathing, and listened to his breathing and heartbeat, Helena realized that charlie was really sleeping!

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