Chapter 5213 Of The Amazing Son in Law

In fact, for charlie, sleep has long been dispensable.

Even if he doesn’t sleep all the time, his body doesn’t feel tired.

However, just now he poured a lot of spiritual energy into the ring, and even if he ate a Peiyuan Dan, he could not fully replenish it. Such a rapid consumption of spiritual energy really made his body feel a little tired.

Seeing charlie’s tired face, Helena quickly said, “Mr. Wade, please come with me.”

Because the palace was in disrepair, there were only a few rooms available for occupancy at any time. charlie brought it to his bedroom in this palace.

When charlie first arrived here, he didn’t know the internal structure and distribution of this palace, and because of his rare physical fatigue, he followed Helena to the bedroom.

This is the largest bedroom in the palace. More precisely, it should be a large suite.

Pushing the door in, it is a meeting room with a Nordic style and antique flavor. Every piece of furniture, ornaments, even floors and chandeliers here has a history of at least more than a hundred years. Although the classical beauty of northern Europe is very artistic, But after all, it is old and poorly maintained, and the room has a musty smell that is difficult to remove.

Helena stayed in this suite for half a night, and was used to the smell, but after going out and coming back, the smell became very obvious again.

She couldn’t help frowning slightly, and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Mr. Wade, there is a musty smell in the room. In addition to the age, it may also be related to the rainy weather here in Bergen.”

charlie smiled casually. ” It’s okay, it’s already good.”

Helena bowed slightly, pointed to the bedroom inside, and said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, the bedroom is inside, you can rest for a while!”

“Okay.” charlie nodded. He nodded and said, “You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll squint for a while and think about something. If I don’t get up before noon, please call me.”

“Okay!” Helena nodded respectfully and agreed, then pursed her red lips slightly, and said to charlie , “Mr. Wade, let me tidy up the bed for you. The bed in this bedroom hasn’t been cleaned up yet, and it’s a bit messy.” Surprised, Helena hurried into the bedroom before she had time to ask.

charlie followed her to the bedroom, only to find that on the spacious bed, the quilt had been half lifted, and the fitted sheet was slightly wrinkled, obviously a sign that someone had slept on it.

Moreover, in this room, there is a faint fragrance, which is exactly the same as the perfume on Helena’s body.

This made him couldn’t help asking her, “Helena, is this your bedroom?”

Helena blushed with shame, and said falteringly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Wade, most of the rooms here have been dusty for too long, so it’s really not suitable to take Come to entertain guests, only this room is acceptable, so I will thank you for resting here. Please don’t mind…”

charlie shook his head and said, “I don’t mind, but I sleep here, isn’t it a dove occupying a magpie’s nest? , and it will also affect your rest.”

“No, no.” Helena waved her hand without thinking and said, “I’ve already woken up, you can rest, I’ll sit on the sofa outside for a while and then get down.”

charlie heard, He didn’t insist anymore.

No one could have imagined that this Nordic queen Helena, who attracted the attention of the whole world and was sought after by all the nobles, was like a personal maid willingly tidying up her bed for charlie.

Helena never thought about what she should or shouldn’t do as a queen.

She only knew that facing charlie, she could let go of all the pride and reserve of a queen, and would be willing to do anything for him.

Besides, at this moment, when she thought that charlie was about to sleep on the bed she had just slept on, her restless heart was both happy and ashamed.

After Helena helped charlie tidy up the bed, she said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, please rest first. If you need anything, please let me know.”

“Okay, thank you.” charlie nodded with a smile, thanked him, and watched Helena exit the room.

Afterwards, charlie washed up in the bathroom of the room, took off his clothes a little tiredly, and put them neatly on the bench at the end of the bed. Except for his underwear, he held the ring in his palm.


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