Chapter 5212 Of The Amazing Son in Law

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The eight stevedores were originally on night shifts, and they worked one day off and one day off. They worked from yesterday until the early hours of this morning, and they would rest until tomorrow afternoon to come back to work, so I won’t see these eight people here, and no one will wake up. suspicion.

As for the family members of these eight people, these eight people had already greeted them when they were alive, claiming that they had some life and death to pick up and would go home later, so the family members did not notice any abnormality.

At this moment, on a farm on the southern outskirts of Bergen, many corpses lay in the house and have long since died.

There was a sign hanging outside the farm gate with a line in English on it. The real estate transaction is here.

There will not be many people passing by this kind of place. Once someone passes by and sees this sign, they will no longer have any interest in this farm.

If the mysterious organization no longer sends people to find out, then it will be possible to wait for exposure here, at least until the corpses are severely decomposed and the smell extends for hundreds of meters.

But it will take at least five to seven days.

So, this will buy Lin Wan’er (Alani) enough time to escape from northern Europe.

The seven cavalry guards, after the starry night, also rushed to the highest mountain in Osu City after sunrise.

It’s a bit embarrassing to say that the highest peak in Osu City is not even 500 meters above sea level.

Abbas successfully collected these people and temporarily hid them in Osu City, waiting for charlie’s next instructions.

As for charlie.

After he returned to the palace, he was extremely depressed.

After all, he put a Peiyuan Pill in for that ring, and it can’t be said that he didn’t even hear a ring, it can only be said that he only heard a few rings.

Although charlie is not a stingy person, but the Peiyuan Pill is really precious, so it is such a waste, the more I think about it, the more it hurts.

In order to wait for charlie to come back, Helena stayed up all night.

She couldn’t help but think of the conversation with grandma all the time in her mind, and her mind was very confused.

She knew that for her current situation, the best outcome was to conceive charlie’s child as soon as possible.

However, she also knew that charlie was not only married, but also had countless suitors around him, charlie didn’t have any feelings for her at all.

In this situation, how can charlie be willing to have something happen with him?

Therefore, every time she thought of this, Helena wanted to give up this unrealistic idea several times.

However, when she thought about the current situation of herself and the entire Nordic royal family, she really couldn’t think of a better solution..

Moreover, Helena knew very well that her grandma hadn’t been honest with her before. Grandma kept saying that if she had no heirs, she might borrow a king or queen from other European royal families in the future.

But Helena knew in her heart that once she really had no heirs, after her death, the Nordic government and the Nordic people would definitely invite her cousin Olivia back to inherit the throne.

If Olivia has children, there is a high probability that her children will become kings or queens of Northern Europe in the future.

In that way, the throne returned to Olivia and her descendants.

This is absolutely what Helena would rather die than see.

With the help of charlie, she finally got the queen’s seat from Olivia. If the throne is to be taken back by Olivia’s descendants after her death, she would rather let the entire Nordic royal family completely withdraw from history. stage.

The chaotic thoughts and the tangled reality made Helena exhausted physically and mentally.

She even had some regrets, regretted coming back from Huaxia, regretted taking the throne of the queen.

If he had chosen to stay in Huaxia, he might have been closer to charlie, and he would not have to worry about the royal family.

When she is not the queen, she actually has an inextricable relationship with charlie. Helena has long realized that it is not the queen’s seat that she is attached to. What she is really attached to is charlie standing in front of her The feeling of the sword making way for itself.

Just then, Helena heard the sound of an engine from far and near.

She quickly got up and went to the window, and when she saw the car driven by charlie driving back to the palace, she rushed out the door and walked downstairs quickly.

When she arrived downstairs, charlie just stopped the car.

Seeing charlie getting out of the car, Helena hurried forward and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, why did you go out for so long… I’ve always been very worried…”

charlie smiled slightly and said, “The matter was a little more complicated than I imagined, but fortunately, it was resolved smoothly.”

Helena breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly asked, “Mr. Wade, you haven’t eaten for so long, must you be hungry? I’ll ask the chef to prepare breakfast for you!”

charlie shook his head with a tired face, and said casually, “I don’t have an appetite to eat, so please arrange a room for me and let me catch up on sleep first!”


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