Chapter 5210 Of The Amazing Son in Law

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There is a strong mutual attraction between this ring and the spiritual energy, but the strange thing is that the spiritual energy entered it without any actual transformation, which surprised charlie very much.

According to the law of energy conservation, energy is an existence that can neither appear out of thin air, nor disappear out of thin air.

It’s like putting a pot of hot water outside, even if it finally cools down, the heat doesn’t disappear out of thin air, but is released into nature through the air and other objects.

It’s just that the heat of a basin of water seems insignificant compared to the whole nature.

But no matter how small, it is real.

However, the spiritual energy that charlie entered into the ring one after another, disappeared like a stone sinking into the sea, without any response.

charlie felt more and more strange. In his opinion, the principle of a magic weapon is the same as that of an electrical appliance, but the magic weapon needs to be driven by spiritual energy, while the electrical appliance needs to be driven by electricity.

Send electricity to the water heater, it will be converted into heat energy; send electricity to the motor, it will be converted into kinetic energy; send electricity to light bulbs, it will be converted into light energy, and send electricity to electrolysis equipment, it will be converted into chemical energy .

It’s as if the aura is transferred to the Shocking Thunder Order, which can be transformed into lightning from the sky, and the aura is transferred to the Soul Piercing Blade, which can be transformed into an indestructible sharp blade. humming.

A ring that makes a sound similar to the sound of a sword is also very strange in itself.

This phenomenon is as weird as if the electric fan is powered on, the blades of the electric fan do not rotate, nor does it generate any wind, but it makes a blowing sound out of thin air, which cannot be explained.

While charlie wondered, like a red-eyed gambler who kept throwing chips at the gaming table, he kept throwing money at the ring.Convey spiritual energy within.

Until half of the spiritual energy in the body was drained, charlie still couldn’t get any feedback other than Om’s reputation.

He was a little pissed.

Before reaching the destination, he simply took out a Pei Yuan Dan, pinched it together with the ring on his fingertips, and then gritted his teeth, forcibly transporting almost 90% of the spiritual energy in the body into the ring.

He felt that he had input most of the spiritual energy into it, and this ghost had to give him a little bit of different feedback.

But what he didn’t expect was that the ring was still like a black hole of spiritual energy. After swallowing so much of his spiritual energy, there was still no change.

charlie was helpless. In order to make up for the lack of spiritual energy in his body, he could only throw a Peiyuan Dan into his mouth. When the surging spiritual energy quickly spread, he crossed nearly half of the spiritual energy into the ring again, but the result was still extremely disappointing to him.

At a certain moment, charlie couldn’t wait to quickly take out another Peiyuan Dan and fight with the ring to the end.

But reason finally triumphed over his impulses.

Peiyuan Dan is very precious, and there is no need to put all your own Peiyuan Dan in one after another for such a pitiful ring.

In this situation, it is the most sensible choice to stop loss in time.

So, he could only put the ring back in his pocket angrily.

Although he couldn’t figure out the magic of this ring, he subconsciously told him that it was definitely not simple.

You know, this is something that even the mysterious hero can’t wait to get, and even that kind of high-level people are thinking about getting this thing, which proves that this thing must have some kind of value that I don’t know yet!

Therefore, this ring must be kept well, and it may be of great use in the future.

What’s more, this thing has swallowed more than one Yuan Pei Yuan Dan’s spiritual energy. With such a large investment, he must find an opportunity to let it spit out even the profit!


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