Chapter 5204 Of The Amazing Son in Law

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“Yes.” The man said in agreement, “The vast majority of us The work is similar to that of a prison guard, and he is also a prison guard in a reform-through-labor prison. He usually supervises the mining operations of the dead in the underground.”

charlie asked in surprise, “The copper mine is still in production?”

“Yes.” The man explained, “Copper The mine was purchased from the Cypriot government through legal procedures and with legal funds;”

“Because this is a copper mine that has been in production for many years, the organization cannot stop it, because it will definitely cause external disturbances. Suspected, so after the organization bought the copper mine, it announced that it had invested 500 million US dollars to upgrade and expand the copper mine;”

“It is said to be renovation and expansion, but in fact it is mainly to build an area at the bottom of the copper mine for us and the dead to live and train. At the same time, the copper mine also retains several working surfaces, and the dead and their families take turns to work on weekdays to ensure that The normal production of the copper mine.”

“From the outside world, there are more than 200 employees in our copper mine, but in fact, more than 200 of us do not work. The real responsible for the mining work is the death of the living below. “

They only need to ensure that more than 100 people are responsible for the mining work every day, our production capacity can reach normal standards, and the outside world will not be suspicious.”

charlie frowned and said, “But you are still in custody. There are more than 1,000 dead people and their family members. This scale is at least a few thousand people. The food and drinking expenses of so many people have to rely on imports. If you import a large amount of food materials that exceed the needs of your more than 200 people for a long time, will the outside world be concerned? Wouldn’t you be suspicious?”

“No.” The man further explained, “The copper mine we are in is located on the coast and has its own wharf. All material dispatches are transported by sea. Ores are also normally sold externally by sea;”

“And our copper ore is packaged and sold to our copper smelter in Turkey, and that copper smelter is also an organized enterprise, so every time they send a ship to transport copper ore, they will bring a lot of food supplies. Entry;”

“What’s more, a small country like Cyprus with a not very good economy has a lot of chaotic internal management and a lot of corruption, so we bought the customs of Cyprus and will not conduct any inspections on incoming and outgoing ships, so this is how It can ensure that we have sufficient materials to be transported in quietly.”

charlie did not expect that this organization could even form a closed loop for the sales of copper ore, and he was amazed and asked him, “Do you know about the copper smelter in Turkey? The name?”

“I know!” The man said without hesitation, “The name of the copper smelter is Isdmir.”

“Okay.” charlie nodded lightly, thinking in his heart, “I have mastered the copper mine in Cyprus, and The copper smelter in Turkey has more clues about this mysterious organization.”

Immediately, he asked, “Besides these, what other information do you know about this organization?”

The man pondered for a moment and said, “ To tell you the truth, our information channels are also very limited. On the surface, we are much more free than the dead, but we are actually more like prisoners on the ground. The organization has strict rules, and we are not allowed to go out without authorization. , usually there are supervisors stationed in the copper mine, so we spend most of the time in the copper mine, and occasionally go out to perform tasks.”

charlie nodded slightly, and then looked behind the seven people, the very nervous one. Old and young.

Seeing that the girl was only seventeen or eighteen years old, he put his eyes on the old man and said, “Sir, may I ask, what is your relationship with this organization? Why do they go to great lengths to arrest you? Walk?”


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