King of Kings

King of kings 2540

2540 However, Wizard had underestimated omi once again. Although omi wasn’t that fast, omi was also close to creating everything. In an instant, omi created millions of divine beasts and fiercely pounced towards Wud, who wanted to slap omi but was hindered by millions of beasts. “Bang.”The millions of divine beasts instantly went up in …

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King of kings 2538

2538 “But creation, can there be any breakthroughs?” At that moment, in omi’s mind, there was a sudden flash of light. “Creation, ability, any?Any?Any brother?” omi stood up sharply. Mumbling to himself, “Any brother, is this a hint?Not that he didn’t want to tell me his real name?Instead, he’s prompting me?Hahahaha, I see.” omi was …

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King of kings 2536

Chapter 2536 “Twelve realms, twelve realms, why am I already a Twelve Realm God Emperor and still nothing has changed, other than feeling stronger.”omi said depressedly. “Isn’t it said that if you reach the Twelfth Realm God Emperor, you can become the Lord of the Universe?Where’s the Lord?Where is it?” Don omi was muttering by …

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