At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 567(End)

“Lu …… Neo?”

When Zhao Si Si was brought in front of Neo, her entire body was dumbfounded.

All kinds of feelings in her heart mingled together, and for a moment, it was very complicated.

“I’m sorry, Neo, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I misunderstood you, I shouldn’t have thought that you came back to me for the compensation, I shouldn’t have believed their words, in this world, apart from dad, the person who cares about me the most is actually you, it’s always been you …… oo ……”

Thinking about all those things she had wrongly blamed Neo for before, Zhao Si Si was really ashamed and ashamed.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Neo gently patted Zhao Si Si’s shoulder, “No one will ever bully you again.”

After saying this, he pondered for a moment and added, “No one will ever bully you two mothers and children again.”

When comforting Zhao Si Si, his tone was gentle.

But when he turned his head, Neo’s tone turned morose in an instant, “Thoroughly investigate the cause of Zhao Baoliang’s death, and all those responsible for anything related to this matter, including those who concealed it and covered it up, will be strictly investigated and dealt with! Jiang Yang City has been a bad place for too long, and it’s time for Lingnan Institute to fix the place!”

“Yes, Third Young Master!”

Wang Fengtian immediately responded respectfully.

In fact, at this time, Neo’s status, was no longer as simple as Young Master, he was already a handful of the Lu family, the Commander of the Seventy-two Institutes.

But he still retained this title.

No one knew why, perhaps, it was for some kind of remembrance.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to a place.”

Neo took Zhao Si Si’s hand and got into the car.

“Did you guys hear what the Third Young Master said just now? From now on, all of you, 24 hours a day, are under investigation by Lingnan Institute!” As he watched Neo leave, Wang Fengtian turned his head and drank.

The people from the Cui family, the Zhao family, as well as Zhang Lianxiang and the rest of their large family, all of them were ashen at this moment, but the shock that had frozen on their faces before could still be faintly seen.

“Dad, my daughter has come to see you.”

In front of the grave with “Zhao Baoliang’s Ryanb” written on it, Zhao Sisi knelt on the ground with pathos, the black and grey paper money flying in the wind.

“Uncle Zhao was a good man, he was a real father.” Neo sat next to him and lamented.

“There will never be anyone to love me and take care of me like he did, Daddy ……” Zhao Si Si cried again.

“It will, it will.” Looking at Zhao Si Si crying so sadly, Neo did not know how, his heart was very unpleasant, an indescribable sadness filled his heart, “I once promised Uncle Zhao Si Si that I would protect you, take care of you and love you ……”

“You, really will?” Zhao Sisi lifted her head and looked at Neo in a tearful haze.

“Will, of course.”

Her already beautiful and incomparable face, coupled with this rain-battered pear-like appearance, Neo only felt a strange feeling of love rise up in his heart.

No, I’m just protecting her and taking over from Uncle Zhao to love her, in no way do I have any intentions, I’m not sorry to Zhou Yun.

Zhao Sisi’s face suddenly turned slightly red.

She lowered her head and stopped talking.

“By the way, there is one more thing, my people, have cured your mother, let’s go see her now!”

Neo said as he looked at his phone, the message from Zhang Jiu.


Zhao Sisi’s sad face finally got a little better.

At this moment, the word mother, to her, already meant only Cao Feng.

The things that Zhang Lianxiang had done had already made Zhao Sisi recognise her character and nature, and had completely cut off her relationship with her.

So when Lingnan investigated Zhang Lianxiang, Zhang Lianxiang begged the investigators several times, saying that her identity was Zhao Si Si’s mother, “That girl next to your Third Young Master is my daughter, I am her mother, please give my daughter a message! My daughter is an extremely important friend of the Third Young Master, and so am I. You can’t do anything nonsensical!”

The investigators were of course aware of the weight of Zhao Si Si, so they did not dare to be slack, and the message naturally reached Zhao Si Si.

Of course, when Zhao Si Si knew the true personality of Zhang Lian Xiang at this moment, she also ignored it.

As for Cao Feng, perhaps it was the bloodline connection, or perhaps because of that mother-daughter conversation after Cao Feng’s brief sobriety, she was increasingly pining for Cao Feng.

“Let’s go then!”

In fact, Zhou Shang, at this moment, wanted to see Cao Feng immediately, because, too, he had a lot to ask and a lot to say.

The helicopter carried the two of them, flying over the Pacific Ocean for about two hours, and finally, slowly landed on the Peach Blossom Island of the Lu Family.


As soon as she saw Cao Feng, Zhao Si Si immediately wanted to rush over.

“Wait, Miss Zhao, your mother has just recovered and is now sleeping, when she wakes up, you mother and daughter can naturally meet each other, for now, you can go and rest for a while, or just stay here and watch your mother.” Zhang Jiu hurriedly stopped Zhao Sisi and said.

Neo looked through the glass wall of the ward, quietly looking at Cao Feng who was lying asleep on the white bed.

At this moment, Cao Feng’s appearance had long since changed from that of a crazy woman.

Thanks to Zhang Jiu’s care and treatment, Cao Feng had regained her radiance, her skin was fair and although the traces of age could not be erased, she was still charming, and there was more of a maturity in the former appearance of the once Miss Cao.

In Zhou Shang’s heart, he suddenly longed for his first meeting with Cao Feng after this twenty years.

However, at this moment, of course, he would prefer to let Zhao Si Si and Cao Feng, the mother-daughter pair, meet first.

“Zhang Jiu, thank you so much for your hard work.” Inside one of the control rooms on Peach Blossom Island, Zhou Shang gestured for Zhang Jiu to sit down before slowly saying, “How is the other matter going?”

“As for Miss Zhou’s matter …….”

Zhang Jiu’s face was steeped in concentration, he knew that this matter was more important to the young master than any other matter in the world, “Young master, from the moment you instructed me, the order has been given, so far, all the top ten supercomputer groups in the world, including Daxia Red Flag, have cancelled all scientific calculations regarding aerospace and aviation and particle collision weather simulations and such. All efforts are being made to conduct population matching queries, the data of all the populations in the seven continents of the world are being collected in carpet, the holographic looks and bodies of all the girls will be collected into the database, young master, look at this big screen, the matching work is being carried out 24 hours a day, day and night.”

Zhang Jiu pointed to the screen in the control room, on which rows of data flashed rapidly.

“But so far, no one has been found who can match Miss Zhou, whether in terms of looks or personality or even life path ……”

Zhang Jiu sighed.

But Neo listened quietly, his face didn’t show too much loss.

But Zhang Jiu knew that it wasn’t that the young master’s longing for Miss Zhou had lessened, rather it should have gotten heavier!

It was only because the longing was heavier that the young master must have been prepared to spend a long, long time or even a lifetime searching for her, so that he would not mind not being able to find her in a short time.

Yes, that urgency seemed to be gone from Zhou Shang’s heart at this moment.

That was only because the search for Zhou Yun was so deeply engraved in his heart that it seemed to be entwined with his life, just like the life of a silkworm is to break the cocoon, the life of a robin is to become a cicada, and his life is to search for Zhou Yun.

So, the silkworm will hold back for three months to turn into a butterfly, and the robin will lie dormant for three years before breaking the ground; they are not too fast and not too slow because they have been doing this all their lives, preparing for this.

And Neo, too, will do the same.

“Suspected match!”

But abruptly, four big bold red letters suddenly popped up on the big screen, shaking frantically across the whole screen!

“Young Master, this is the first instance of a suspected match since the matchmaking program began!” Zhang Jiu’s entire body jumped up.

The screen was also the first time that it was shown on the screen.

Neo fiercely stood up, staring at the screen closely.

The image was rather blurry, showing what seemed to be the roof of a building.

“Young master, this match was obtained from a satellite scan, so the resolution is not as high as HD, in order to find Miss Zhou, not only did they use over one million troops around the world to conduct a carpet census, they also used almost thirty percent of the satellites over the earth to conduct a ground search, this time the suspected match is none other than the ‘Levenhuk ‘ military satellite scanned the ground and found it.”

While giving a sharp introduction to Neo, Zhang Jiu began to give orders to the general control console, “Mobilise all satellites and optimise the image processing!”

Brush brush brush!

Soon, several more images were refreshed on the big screen.

This time, it was finally possible to see a little more clearly.

It was indeed a tall building, and because it was taken by satellite, it was a top view.

Judging by the contrast of the other buildings around the picture, the building was very tall and this was obviously in some big city.

“Next to it is ……”

“It’s a river …… a metropolis with a river running through it ……” Neo’s mind was abruptly moved, “That’s the Huangpu River, that’s Shanghai, and that building, that’s the the Pearl of the Orient!”

“Report! Suspected target has been spotted at the top of the Oriental TV Tower in Shanghai, Daxia! All resources have been mobilised to the target location!” The report that came in also confirmed Neo’s judgment.

Brush brush brush!

A few more photos of the camera zooming in refreshed.

“Young Master, there.” Zhang Jiu stared intently at the screen, his hand trembling as he pointed at a figure at the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Neo only took a glance at it and his heart jumped suddenly.

Although blurred, it was obvious that it was a woman, a young maiden, for that graceful and delicate figure was something that no other creature on earth could achieve except for a girl like that.

That figure appeared thin and light, standing at the top of the tower as if it could be blown away by the wind at any moment.

Swipe, swipe, swipe!

A few more pictures.

Neo’s heart was beating even faster.

It was because these photos that came in at this time were no longer taken by satellite, but by drones in the air, and it seemed that someone from the search organisation had already arrived at the Oriental Pearl.

On the photos, the girl’s figure was even clearer, and one could even see her hair dazzling in the wind.

The figure was almost identical to the one Neo remembered.

And at the same time, the twenty percent, next to the barred match suspicion shown earlier began to skyrocket at this point, as if it were water in a glass bottle under a rainstorm, and soon reached fifty percent!

“Get the drone a little closer!” Zhang Jiu ordered.

“Report, we can’t get any closer, the target has spotted the drone and has an agitated look, if we get any closer, I’m afraid it will have an adverse effect on the target!”

Sure enough, at this moment, the young girl at the top of the TV tower, her figure swaying so much that she seemed to be repelling the drone, she was standing right at the edge of the tower, her already thin body, against the strong wind at the top of the tower, and at this moment, with this, she was like a plastic bag bolted by a thin thread in the gale, which seemed like it might break the thin thread and fly down at any moment.

“Zhang Jiu, stand by for the plane!” Looking at the young girl on the screen, Neo’s heart hurt so much, whether she was or not, it made Neo recall once again the first time he had met her.

That time, you were about to throw yourself into the lake, and this time, you were standing on the roof of the building again.

Why, why are you always so unappreciative of your life.

Yes, it’s not that you don’t cherish it.

It’s the world that always doesn’t give you a reason to live.

It’s my fault, I didn’t protect you, never, even once ……

“Young master, the helicopter is ready.”

“I want the fighter jet!”

A whistle cut across the sky over the Huangpu River, and sometime before approaching the Oriental Pearl, a figure broke away from the fighter jet, relying on a precise grasp of inertia and wind resistance to land just right on top of the tower of the Oriental Pearl.


At this moment, the bottom of the tower had long been crowded with countless people.

This was already a densely populated place, and there were many sightseers and tourists on a regular basis, as well as commercial office buildings all around, not to mention that it was also one of the most famous places in the country, so the news that there was someone at the top of the tower had long since spread throughout Shanghai, and even the whole country.

Neo was standing at the top of the tower, and the leap from the fighter jet was actually a small thing for him, and he couldn’t care less about the shocking effect it would have.

The young girl in front of him, just over ten metres away, was standing on the edge, her toes even stretched out, in the air.

The young girl’s pale yellow dress, with its train flying, was as light and agile as the hair that danced in the air, like her, and from the back, it was almost identical.

Neo’s heart, for a moment, was flooded with countless emotions.

Even if it wasn’t her, he had to save this young girl and solve all her difficulties for her!

“You …… please …… don’t jump ……”

Neo said softly, trying not to let his voice tremble.


The young girl did not move, nor did she turn around, but just suddenly spoke.

The sudden arrival of someone behind her didn’t seem strange to her, or maybe because she simply didn’t care either.

“Why, why did God do this to me!” The young girl’s voice was beautiful, but her voice was filled with grief and despair.

Her voice did not sound exactly like the one she remembered in Neo’s memory, but the kind of tone in which she spoke made Neo’s heart, like falling into a deep pool of stones, swirl with countless memories.

That time, that moment when he saved her by the lake at Jinling University.

“It’s fine, really, everything is fine …… what’s wrong with you, is there something sad ……”

Neo did his best to keep his voice steady, but his eyes began to sore, a nebulous feeling was becoming clearer and clearer, here it comes, he seems to feel it!

“Why did I find someone I like, only to end up separated again, leaving me alone in this world with no one to turn to ……” The young girl’s voice was steeped in sadness again.

The way she looks and the sound of her voice already makes people feel compassionate, and at this time such sadness makes people feel even more compassionate.

Neo’s body swayed, and his whole body almost didn’t stand still.

His heart was beating wildly.

“No, also …… maybe, you will meet again, will still be together …… he will always wait for you …… ” Neo could no longer control his voice, he trembled slightly, and the corners of his eyes began to moisten, at this moment, he seemed to say countless words from his heart to this young girl.

Whether she was her or not!

“He was the one who abandoned me, he said he loved me, he said we would be together forever, but he broke his promise, he abandoned me …… I hate him, but I can’t afford to, I want to be with him, but it’s impossible, what’s the point of me living… …”

The young girl said, already standing on the edge, she actually took another small step forward.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Hearing that young girl’s words, Neo’s entire heart completely lost its defenses, “All I failed to protect you, I promised you but failed to do so, let you suffer so much aggravation and torture, but I have been looking for you ah, never forget your figure and appearance, I have been working hard for us to meet again, I swear, I will never let you down again ……”

As he spoke, he burst into tears, he wasn’t pleading or blaming himself, it was just an outburst of love that had separated across how many years and how many lives he hadn’t been allowed to see.

“You’re just a rescue negotiator, you’re just an ordinary person, you don’t understand those things between me and him …… you wouldn’t understand or even believe ……”

The young woman’s voice took on a bit of a mournful tone as her body shifted and she was already throwing herself outside.

“Of course I understand …… don’t ……”

The moment the young girl moved, Neo only felt that his whole body fell into a cave of ice, but his body did not stiffen, he moved his figure and almost subconsciously pounced on it.

Grabbed ……

The young girl’s wrist.

The silky smoothness was like spring rain, quickly nourishing and settling his heart, and in that instant, he was so happy he almost cried out.

“Zhou Yun, it’s me ……” Neo gently pulled the young girl up to the top of the tower, and he gently ruffled the long hair in front of her eyes.

“Neo ……”

The maiden’s voice was soft, “I’m afraid you never thought that it would be me!”

In just one instant, an indescribable eerie feeling quickly enveloped Neo’s entire body.

A hand, the young girl’s hand, quickly surged up, and at almost the same moment, her hand, had gripped Neo’s neck.

“It’s you ……”

Neo looked at the young girl with difficulty, at this time his eyes were also filled with incredulity, “you …… why …… do this …… ”

“Why! Because Caiwei doesn’t love me anymore!” The young girl, no, at this time she is no longer a young girl, emperor phoenix tore away the disguise, revealing her original arrogant appearance, only her face has long since lost the former kind of confident and happy appearance, at this time is only epileptic and extremely distorted, “why, why I found her, my most loved her, but now want to separate, why she in my ears said she loved me, and now ignore me anymore! Why, why did the gods do this to me! Why did they make Caiwei stop loving me? Why did they make Caiwei abandon me?”

“I, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter …… about me,” Neo squeezed a few words out of his throat with difficulty, now he finally understood what Di Huang meant when she said those words just now.

So, she was talking about the matter between her and Caiwei.

“It doesn’t matter about you ……” Di Huo suddenly sneered, “Do you know that it’s because of you! That’s why Caiwei doesn’t love me anymore!”


Neo froze, “But, what Caiwei likes is your personality, I’m nothing like you! Why would it be because of me?”

“Yes, a coward like you is the complete antithesis of me, Caiwei shouldn’t have even looked at you, she should have loved me with all her heart! However, she saw you grow, since you took over the former power of the Lu family, you gradually began to become decisive, and the disappearance of that sword spirit also made you gradually understand dedicated love, although you are a coward is trash, but your total personality is too complex, so you will grow, you let Caiwei see a side of her that she did not see before, finally, she began to dislike me, to disgust me, and now she left me ……”


Suddenly, Neo laughed, yes, he really laughed, happy for Caiwei, “I have long said, your character is too extreme, Caiwei likes you, it is one thing I deeply regret, now she left you, I am really happy for her!”

“Rubbish, I’ll kill you, and when you disappear, Caiwei will slowly forget about people like you, and she’ll come back to me!” In an instant, Di Huang’s face was all grim.

“Kill me? Don’t forget, you are me, I am you, you can’t kill me, even if you do, you will still die.”

“Then we’ll die together!”

A frenzied determination steeply erupted from Di Huang’s gaze, and her hand strangled even tighter.

Neo only felt his breathing suddenly become difficult, and his eyes turned black.

And the sound of Di Huo’s breathing became much heavier.

But she obviously did not let go, instead the force in her hand became heavier.

Neo tried to struggle, but the more he struggled, the more the force on his own neck tightened instead.

“Don’t forget, you and I are one body, the more force you struggle, the more force I get, so the more you struggle, the tighter I will only choke!” Di Huang said with a fierce smile, “This is like a person hanging himself, the more he struggles, the faster he dies! Resign yourself to your fate!”

Resign yourself to fate?


Zhou Shang’s eyes continued to blacken, but the light and stubborn figure was becoming clearer and clearer.

Several flashes of light suddenly erupted!


Three missiles blasted into Di Huang’s arms, and a huge ball of fire erupted over the top of the tower as two fighters crossed and swooped across.

“Oh my God, really unharmed?!” A fighter pilot looked in horror at Di Huang and Neo who were still intact from the missile.

“Nonsense, I just said, prepare for a second launch!” Zhang Jiu sat next to him, his gaze staring intently down.

When Neo arrived in his fighter jet, Zhang Jiu followed suit, at first he followed the crowd and stood below watching through binoculars, secretly happy for his young master.

But when he realised that the woman was actually Di Huang, he knew it was no good, so he immediately summoned the fighter group.

“The missiles won’t be able to do any damage to the emperor phoenix, but at least they can interfere for a bit, so the young master should be able to take advantage of the opportunity to move.” Zhang Jiu secretly said to himself.

“Well done, Zhang Jiu!”

When Di Huang was disturbed by the missile and the force on her hand was slightly loosened, Neo had taken the opportunity to break free from her grasp.


Neo said trying to slip away, not that he was afraid of her, but why bother fighting her, not to mention the fact that the two would not have been able to tell the difference.

“Go away, but they died because of you!”

Di Huang suddenly waved her hand and a huge red light burst out, instead of rushing towards Neo, the light rushed towards the crowd of onlookers under the Oriental Pearl Tower.

If this energy had hit, the entire Lu’s mouth would have turned over.


A burst of sound in the air, the air shook like the blade of a round moon scimitar, rapidly expanding several times at supersonic speed, clattering, within a dozen kilometres of the Oriental Pearl, all the surrounding buildings at a height of eighty metres from the ground, almost instantly, all the glass shattered, the whole sky was crystal bright.

“Oh my God! What the hell is happening!”

Everyone looked at the sky in horror.

At this moment, in mid-air, Neo caught the energy of that strike from Di Huang in a hard way.

Only, this time, he was also once again entangled by the emperor phoenix.

With Di Huang at the top and Neo at the bottom, it was as if the two were representatives of heaven and earth, frozen in the air.

Energy poured from Di Huang’s body, the air around her body was completely ionised, bursts of lightning weaving through the air, each one as thick as the Pearl Tower of the East.

Neo resisted in the slightest.

He could no longer separate, the immense energy that bound him and Di Huang tightly together.

This woman was mad, she was truly begging for death!

As time passed, Neo only felt his eyes begin to blacken.

Could it be that he couldn’t last any longer?

“Does it feel like blackness is starting to form before your eyes?” Di Huang suddenly said.

“No. ……”

“Admit it, but don’t worry, it’s not because you’re blackening because of the loss of energy, it’s the sky, which is turning black.”

When Neo heard this, his heart twitched and he hurriedly looked around, sure enough, just now it was clear and sunny, now it was starting to turn black, but this turning black was also strange, it started to turn black from the air and slowly moved downwards, like a white sheet of paper that started from the top and slowly painted black downwards a little.

“Look, the sun is gone!”

“Why is it all black up there! What’s up there? It looks like a black mist!”

“It looks like it’s still moving downwards!”

The crowd had finally noticed too, and panic began to spread.

As Zhang Jiu sat in his fighter jet, he looked up as the black fog came closer to him in the air, and an indescribable feeling of fear gripped him.

A feeling that scared him even more because he had never felt this kind of fear before!

“Second missile launch!”

Seeing the black fog getting closer and closer, he no longer hesitated and gave the order!


The two missiles, with their trailing flames, rushed towards Di Huang.

Zhang Jiu stared at the missiles, his gaze contracting.

It wasn’t required that the missiles wounded Di Huang, as long as they could influence it a little and get the young master out of the way!

But suddenly, the expression on his face froze for a moment.

It was as if he had seen the most terrifying thing.

The two missiles that were whistling and hurtling suddenly stopped, halted in the air, as if an invisible hand was holding them.

And the black mist coming down from above also happened to have just reached the place where the missiles were.

“The moment of death!”

Zhang Jiu blurted out, and at the same time, his whole body went limp in his seat, a sense of fear that had never existed before, completely enveloping him.

“We’re all going to die, everyone, everything, everything, back to that moment before the Big Bang ……”

He did not finish his sentence, nor could he finish it, for the black mist began to envelop the fighter from above, and then the fighter stopped running completely, and if one were to look at it with a microscope magnified tens of millions of times, one would find that the dust inside the fighter was still, and even every molecule and every atom that made up the fighter had stopped vibrating completely.

Everything stopped, time for zero, and everything ceased to exist.

A black fog began to envelop everything, and the crowd underneath began to flee, but no one escaped. The black fog fell from the sky, extending out of the earth, extending out of the solar system, extending out of the galaxy, extending out of the total galaxy, covering all the extragalactic galaxies, extending endlessly ……

There is no safe place in the universe.

Peach Blossom Island.

“Mom, look outside!”

Zhao Si Si was chatting with Cao Feng, who had woken up, when mother and daughter met under such circumstances, there were really countless topics of conversation and countless tears.

But suddenly, Zhao Si Si sensed something unusual outside.

Cao Feng took a look, and although she didn’t know what the black fog was, it was so terrifying that she felt fear from the bottom of her heart.

“Si Si, do you want to know who your real father is?!” Cao Feng suddenly grabbed Zhao Si Si’s hand.

“I ……” Zhao Si Si hesitated.

“We’ve talked for so long as mother and daughter and you haven’t asked, I know you have a bit of resentment in your heart towards your real father, but I think I have to tell you now!” Cao Feng said sharply as she looked out the window at the dark mist.

Yes, at least before you die, let your daughter know about this!

At this moment, the sky over the Huangpu River.

Darkness had enveloped everything, and all around was a death-like silence.

“The world is going to be silent because of us, and we …… can’t tell the difference between victory and defeat …… at this rate …… we will only resist each other like this forever ……” Neo said with difficulty.

“Then go on like this!”

“Why, why should this …… be so what’s the point of going on like this ……”

“Why? Don’t you understand, Caiwei abandoned me, I’m already alone, so you’ll have to be alone too, we’ll just stick it out like this, forever and ever, and you’ll never see the one you want to see again, that lowly sword spirit! Hahaha, that’ll be fair, we’ll both never get back to our beloved ones, hahaha!”

Di Huang laughed wildly, and the entire universe, was filled with her laughter.

“You, how despicable.”

“Hahaha, you’ll never get out of it, we’re exactly the same strength, I’ll clamp down on you forever and ever, you’ll never be able to get rid of me!”

“That’s not necessarily true!” Neo bellowed steeply.


A burst, a pillar of blood rushed out from Neo’s right arm, Neo’s blood rushed out, and it was at this moment that a raging energy exploded abruptly in Neo’s heart, and under the huge energy, Neo felt the emperor phoenix above him start to loosen.

“Blood sacrifice! Using your own blood to turn into energy, haha, good, trash, you have finally comprehended the power of your own bloodline, but don’t forget, I am the same as you, come on!”

Di Huang let out a chant, bang!

A bloody gash was immediately cracked on her arm as well, and blood gushed out like an arrow.

Neo then felt that the force from above had steeply increased by several times, and he was unable to resist moving again.

“Let’s make it harder! Better let the heart burst, let us both perish in the eruption!” Di Huang cried out wildly.

“Madman, you are simply mad!”

In that instant, Neo knew it was over, completely over.

Whether it was a blood sacrifice to the end and Di Huang dying together, or the two of them just stagnating, everything was finished, he would never be able to get out of it.

He was suddenly very sad and upset.

How, how could it end like this!

How could it end so cruelly!

That figure, he would never see it again. At this moment, he really wanted to be able to look at her, to stroke her hair, to call her name, to hear her response.

But there was no more, there was nothing.

How wonderful it would have been if there had been.

He would have married her again, he must have married her, once more, and they would have had children, one or many.

Her child, too, her own child.

Her own children called her mother, her children called her father ……

“Daddy ……”

In a trance, a voice seemed to swim through the dead silence.


It wasn’t a hallucination, it was a real person calling, and Neo’s heart, was quickly pulled into reality.

Then he saw the figure, the one he knew so well too.

“I have just realised that you are my real father.” The figure looked up at Neo, “Mother told me before she died.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Neo said in his heart, but all of a sudden, he snapped to attention!

Zhao Sisi was his own daughter!

It was his own and Cao Feng’s daughter!

Yes, and just because she had her own bloodline, she would not be annihilated by this deathly silence!

“It makes me sad and happy to know that you are my father.” Zhao Si Si continued, “Daddy, I regret one thing now, I regret that I once said those things about not wanting to see my real father, and I regret those things about saying that my real father was not a good person.” Suddenly, her eyes filled with tears as she looked fixedly at Neo, “I am happy to have had two fathers in my life, one raised me and one gave me life, I am happy that you are my real father.”

“Si Si ……”

Neo’s heart was instantly filled with mixed feelings and he didn’t know what to say.

“Daddy, I love you.”

Zhao Si Si looked at Neo and suddenly smiled.

“Si Si, don’t!”

In that instant, Neo seemed to understand something.

But there was no hesitation in Zhao Si Si’s movements, as she waved her hand and a stream of blood quickly blotted her snow-white neck, and with that, it was Zhao Si Si’s blood that instantly burst up, filling the entire sky with blood mist.

When her bloodline awakened, her instincts would tell her many things.

It was Zhao Si Si’s blood, and it was Neo’s blood as well.

“Don’t …… Si Si!”

In an instant, Neo only felt an endless amount of energy within his body.

He barely exerted any active force, letting the energy in his body spurt on its own.

“The world is unpredictable ……,” Di Huang’s last words before she died, after which she had been knocked away by Neo’s energy to an unknown destination.

Si Si Si Si!

The energy within Neo’s body continued to spurt endlessly.

It took until a long, long time before he slowly calmed down.

“Si Si Si ……”

Neo knelt on the ground and picked up Zhao Sisi, the girl’s soft body, helplessly bent and folded in his arms, without a trace of life.

Complicated tears came to his eyes.

There was not a sound, not a bit of life around.

He was the only one in the sky and on the ground.

Darkness enveloped everything, and everything seemed to take one’s breath away.

Neo only felt a tightness in his chest.

Finally, for no apparent reason, he swung viciously into this thick dark chaos!

A loud sound, a rumble!

Not even for days!

Time was meaningless at this point, and Neo stood dumbfounded, not knowing how long had passed.

In the chaos, lighter things floated up and slowly, converged into a blue sky, and what was once black and heavy, area downwards into dust and slowly formed the ground.

Neo, holding the remains of Zhao Si Si, stood between this heaven and earth, his head on the sky, his feet on the ground, as if he were a giant before heaven and earth.

Between heaven and earth, it was as if he was the only one.

After another unknown period of time, he suddenly noticed an ant appearing on the ground. The ant was struggling to drag a piece of sand, but it could not always do so.

“Do you want to drag this?” Neo asked, bored.

The ant nodded.

“Well then, I’ll name this grain of sand Feilai Peak, I’ll teach you a magic word, you just need to chant the magic word, then you can move Feilai Peak, but this magic word can only be used twice, got it, remember, only twice!”

With that, Neo taught that ant to recite the Dharma hymn.

The ant respectfully worshipped on the ground a few times, then climbed onto the grain of sand, then recited the magic hymn, and with a sudden sound, the ant and the grain of sand were nowhere to be seen. (Ending I)

With the ants gone, there was silence between heaven and earth again.

Neo suddenly felt so tired and exhausted. Finally, he lay down on the ground, unaware that the few hairs he had lost had turned into huge mountains, and his sweat, into oceans and lakes ……

Neo felt as if he was one with the whole heaven and earth at this time.

He was drowsy and his mouth was confused as he recited, “Zhou Yun …… Zhou Yun ……”

“Neo …… Neo ……”

In the midst of the daze, a voice called out softly.

“Zhou Yun ……”

With a jolt in his heart, Neo sat up with a jolt.

“Awake, he’s awake!”

Beside his ears, there was a sudden shout of surprise.

“Holy shit, a miracle!”

“Oh my god, it’s incredible!”

“It’s really awake!”

Shouts, footsteps, exclamations, and noisy voices quickly surrounded Neo.

“What’s going on?”

Neo was completely dumbfounded, staring dumbfounded at everything around him, this was obviously a hospital ward, an ICU ward, and at this moment a large group of people were surrounding him, there were other sick people, as well as doctors and nurses.

Outside, more people gathered around, huddled outside the ward, looking on, and more kept swarming over.

“You, you’ve been in a coma for over fifty days, and now you’ve finally woken up, you don’t even know it yourself!” A doctor in a white coat came in and took Neo’s body measurements, and when he saw that they were all normal, he couldn’t help but tsk his surprise, “The discharge criteria have been met.”

“I’m in hospital?” Neo was even more dumbfounded, what was going on here?

“Oops, this kid doesn’t have amnesia.” Someone said, “Kid, you committed suicide!”

“I killed myself? Why?” Neo said.

The crowd started to eat and laugh, an indefinable feeling was flowing.

“Boy, you committed suicide because you didn’t have a girlfriend, you’ve never had a girlfriend since you were a kid, you were unbalanced so you committed suicide.”

“No way! I had a girlfriend, her name was Zhou Yun!” Neo shouted.

“Take a look at it yourself, this is your suicide note.” A pretty nurse handed a piece of paper to Neo and said with big eyes, “You really killed yourself because you didn’t have a girlfriend.” “This suicide note is very touching, when you were in a coma, everyone passed it around and many people cried, I cried too.”

“What! What what!” Neo was really anxious, it couldn’t be, what happened!

He was in a hurry, but he glanced at the suicide note, and with just one look, memories came flooding back, yes, that was his own handwriting!

And those scars of loneliness within himself that were so deeply engraved in that suicide note, how could one forget!

“So, it was just a dream ……”

Tears silently slid across Neo’s face, his hand squeezing the corner of the hospital bed was trembling slightly, Feng Ling, Neo Ling, Cao Feng Cao Qian, Murong Ruo Lan, Xiong Lao, grandfather elder brother second brother Tian Chi, and Si Si, so many people …… they were all just a dream ……

And, Zhou Yun ……

So familiar with the smell, familiar with the tresses, familiar with that stubborn face, how could ……

“Alas, looking at him like that, I’m afraid he had a beautiful dream while he was unconscious, and when he woke up and found himself still a hangdog, I’m afraid the fallout was too great oh.” Someone said with a laugh.

“Brother, brother you’re awake! Are you really awake?”

A girl squeezed through the crowd and burst in, hugging Neo and crying out, “Oooh, Ah Neo, you’re finally awake!”

“Sister ……”

Neo was still a bit rusty when it came to calling his sister, but he finally remembered that the girl in front of him, who looked pretty and was dressed plainly, was his sister Lu Qing.

“Well, your brother woke up everyone is very happy, he can be discharged today, later you go to the discharge procedures, as for the hospital fees these things, because you siblings family poor, there is a social charity to help you settle, you do not have to pay.” The doctor came over and gave a few words of advice and left.

“Let’s go, Ah Neo.”

Lu Qing tidied up Neo and smiled happily while wiping her tears, and led him out of the hospital.

When he came outside, he looked at the traffic in the city, which was no different from the Jinling of his dreams, and thought about it, Neo couldn’t help but feel melancholy again.

“Here, Ah Neo.” Lu Qing said, handed Neo a few things, and said, “your health is just fine, just released from the hospital, originally sister should accompany you, but I just stole out, now I have to go back to work, this is the best job I found in the past few months, this job is also lost, you and I have problems eating, I can not accompany you to go, you do not blame sister oh. ”

“Ah, where to go ah?”

Neo at this point is still a little dumb, after all, not so fast recovery for a while.

“Jinling University ah! You’ve gotten into Jinling University! I’m proud of you! You’ve been in a coma for over fifty days, and school has just started, so hurry up and report! The bus is here!”

Saying that, Lu Qing hurriedly pushed Neo onto the bus and watched it leave, before hurrying towards her workplace.

In front of Jinling University.

Neo looked blankly at the words “Jinling University”, just like in his dream, but of course it didn’t mean anything, after all, he had passed by Jinling University before and knew what the entrance looked like.

“Where is your registration card, which major is it?”

Enthusiastic seniors surrounded Neo.

Today was the opening day of the school year, the entrance was bustling with students, and Jinling University was famous for its beautiful women in the province, with a wide range of beautiful women, but Neo didn’t have the slightest intention.

He remembered the bag his sister had given him and hurriedly opened it, and sure enough, there was a registration card inside.

“Management College student ah ……” said someone looking at the report card.

The management college? Neo’s heart moved.

Just at this time, the crowd suddenly stirred.

“Wow, beautiful women hey ……”

“So beautiful looking, how ……”

“Isn’t that just right, maybe we have a chance too?”

Neo couldn’t help but squeeze in as he listened to the crowd chatter.

After just one look inside, his entire body couldn’t help but tremble.

A young girl in front of him, wearing fat old-fashioned jeans and a T-shirt given to her by a mobile operator, was dragging a marijuana bag with extreme effort, walking slowly.

No family had come to see her off, no friends had come to see her off, she was alone, dragging the huge bag, moving under the poisonous gaze of the crowd.

The sun was shining on her body and her bare skin was peeling.

The girls, fashionably dressed with parasols, were painting their nails and pointing at the young girl with snickers.

The young girl ignored the jeers, as if she had seen them all before, her head down, dragging her bags as if she were walking down a deserted street.

Her long hair fell to the side of her face, revealing slightly twitching ears and a touch of nobility and line in the stubbornness of her cheeks ……

A thud.

The crowd only heard a muffled sound.

He cried so loudly and uncontrollably, as if he had suffered the most painful thing in the world.

Everyone looked towards then boy, but only the young girl did not, she did not seem to care about anything, and it seemed to be because she did not feel qualified to care about anything.

“This guy is nuts!”

“Look at him like that, dressed so dangly and acting so weird, he must be a freak.”

“I hope I don’t have to share a class with him!”

There was a lot of chatter.

Of course Neo didn’t listen to all of them, not a word of what the others said.

I was right, Zhou Yun is real, true to life!

Zhou Yun, I have finally found you. Do you know how long I have waited for this day and how many trials and tribulations I have gone through?

Neo finally tilted his head up, his face was covered in tears, but his face wore a smile as if he had finally lifted his burden.

He quietly looked at Zhou Yun’s already distant back and breathed in softly, beauty filling his whole body from the inside out.


The crowd cursed and all left.


Just at that moment, a message suddenly came from the cottage phone.

“Hello Mr. Neo, my name is Xiong Si Guang, I will tell you a message, please believe me, no matter what you hear, this message is true ……”


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