At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 566

The gentry and celebrities of Jiang Yang looked at the people of Lingnan Institute with surprise.

They had never added so many people from the Lingnan Institute to appear en masse.

Even the last time people from the Lingnan Institute came to Jiang Yang for a visit, there were not so many people, and in fact, few people had ever seen so many people from the Lingnan Institute appear at the same time.

What was the big deal that could cause so many people from the Lingnan Institute to come all at once?

They certainly did not know that it did not need to be anything significant at all, it only needed a word from Neo.

The guards of Lingnan Institute were arranged on both sides of the street, basically occupying the best position to control the whole street.

Seeing how Cui Lianke was so servile to Wang Fengtian, Wang Long’s heart was vaguely jealous.

Yes, although Cui Lianke was also currying favour with himself, there was still a huge difference between that kind of currying favour and the currying favour towards Wang Fengtian.

“Who is Wang Long!”

Wang Fengtian did not pay any attention to Cui Lianke, he stood in the middle of the street, his voice was not loud but revealed a kind of authority.

At this moment no one dared to speak in the street, it was quiet, his voice was not loud but everyone could hear it clearly.

“It’s me.” Wang Long stood out.

He didn’t dare not to stand out.

After all, it was impossible to hide here.

It was just that it was still unclear whether it was fierce or not.

“I heard that you recently killed a person.” Wang Fengtian looked at Wang Long and said.

“This ……” Wang Long’s heart was suddenly shocked.

It wasn’t right, although he had killed Zhao Baoliang, but how could this matter have alerted the people of Lingnan Institute? And it was the boss of Lingnan Institute who personally came to ask himself.

Zhao Baoliang was just a minor character, even the Zhao family didn’t treat him well, so how could he have attracted the attention of the Lingnan Institute?

After all, if he wanted to cover up the truth, how could he deceive the people of Lingnan Institute?

However, he was still unclear as to what Wang Fengtian was trying to do by asking this question.

“If you kill someone, you have to be responsible!” Wang Fengtian said coldly, of course he already knew the answer, so he didn’t need to wait for Wang Long to answer.

“Huh?” Wang Long was even more frozen.

Lingnan Institute would stand up for Zhao Baoliang? How was this possible?

“Chief Wang, the other party is just a small citizen.” Wang Long hurriedly said, “Moreover, we also have a history of problems with each other, Chief Wang doesn’t need to make such a fuss over an insignificant person, in the future, if Chief Wang needs to use me in any way, just ask, I will do my best!”

Wang Long was a bit flustered at this time, to the Cui family and others he could play hard to get, but to the Lingnan Institute, he knew in his heart that he was unable to play hard to get.

“Chief Wang, can you listen to a few words from me?”

Just at this time, a man suddenly walked up.

“Chief Wang, I am Zhao Tianhong, the head of the Zhao family, please allow me to say a few words.” Under Zhao Tianhong’s respectful attitude, there were a few shrewd and calculating flashes in his gaze, “That man is called Zhao Baoliang, he used to be from the bottom of my Zhao family, but because of his bad character, he was expelled from my Zhao family a long time ago.”

“About the feud between Mr. Wang Long and Zhao Baoliang, I think it was all Zhao Baoliang’s fault, now that Zhao Baoliang is dead, it belongs to the deserved result, our Zhao family has also made a decision long ago, and will not blame Mr. Wang Long for this, our Zhao family has already reached a reconciliation with Mr. Wang Long. There is no need to ruin the peace between you for the sake of an insignificant person in my family.”

Zhao Tianhong was also an old man.

He had been observing the situation from the side, and when he heard Wang Fengtian mention Zhao Baoliang, he was moved in his heart.

At this time, he took the initiative to stand out.

These words were a relief to Wang Long.

Zhao Tianhong knew very well in his heart that Wang Long would definitely be grateful to himself in the future.

For Zhao Baoliang’s justice, Zhao Tianhong was indifferent.

He was also indifferent to Zhao Baoliang, but if he could gain some benefits because of Zhao Baoliang, he naturally stood out immediately.

“Insignificant person?” Wang Fengtian looked at Zhao Tianhong.

“Yes, that person doesn’t even have any status in our Zhao family.” Zhao Tianhong hurriedly said, and pointed at the rest of the Zhao family, “Ask them if you don’t believe me.”

“That’s right, yeah.”

The crowd also hurriedly nodded their heads.

“Oh, Zhao Baoliang is no longer related to your Zhao family at all!” Wang Fengtian said.

“Yeah, that’s right, that’s right, indeed there’s no connection at all anymore, he’s just an ordinary citizen. So there’s no need to care about him at all anymore.” Zhao Tianhong felt that there seemed to be a play and hurriedly nodded his head and said.

“Zhao Baoliang doesn’t have any relationship with your Zhao family, but it doesn’t mean that he is an ordinary citizen, Zhao Baoliang’s life is more important than all of you!” Wang Fengtian’s gaze, coldly swept over the crowd.

The crowd was instantly stunned.

They all knew who Zhao Baoliang was.

Someone who even the Zhao family didn’t treat well.

And having been driven out of his family by the Zhao family, he could be said to be a dog in mourning, perhaps even worse than a beggar in Jiang Yang City.

After all, the Zhao family had clearly ordered that no one would be allowed to help Zhao Baoliang.

How could the life of such a person be worth anything?

Anyone among these magnates and aristocrats of Jiangyang would find it ridiculous to hear that Zhao Baoliang’s life was worth more than theirs.

However, now that this was said by Wang Fengtian, no one would find it ridiculous.

Even if they felt ridiculous, no one would dare to actually laugh out loud.

“How is that possible?”

Zhao Tianhong couldn’t help but say.

He really couldn’t hold it in, after all, no one here knew Zhao Baoliang’s background better than he did.

“His life is more expensive than all of you, not because of your Zhao family.” Wang Fengtian saw what Zhao Tianhong was thinking and said coldly, “Your Zhao family’s status is really nothing, he is because of her!”

Saying that, Wang Fengtian suddenly pointed at Zhao Si Si.


Everyone’s eyes moved to Zhao Si Si at the same time as Wang Fengtian’s finger.

At this time, with so many things happening, there wasn’t much attention paid to Zhao Si Si.

Zhao Si Si only sat on the ground in a dazed manner, everything in the outside world seemed to have nothing to do with her anymore.

Yes, her father was dead, her own future and destiny were decided by others, everything was gone, everything had no meaning.

At this moment the eyes of the crowd were looking at her.

Zhao Si Si finally came back to her senses and looked at it all with panic.

Not knowing what awaited her next.

“She… She is merely Zhao Baoliang’s daughter.” Zhao Tianhong was even more confused.

He didn’t understand, and everyone here didn’t understand.

Everyone here, more or less, knew about the Zhao family, Zhao Si Si was just the daughter of the waste Zhao Baoliang, what could she be?

Not to mention that just now, she was only at Wang Long’s mercy.

“She has a friend.” Wang Fengtian’s gaze abruptly glared at Zhao Tianhong, “A friend with a lot of energy and a lot of power.”

Zhao Tianyong was looked at, but he still couldn’t figure it out and said with a smile, “Chief Wang is joking, she’s just Zhao Baoliang’s daughter, I’ve known her for almost 20 years, I don’t know what she’s from, Chief Wang don’t believe the rumors.”

“You’re questioning me? I’m afraid you don’t know that it was her friend who ordered me to handle this matter!”


This time, Zhao Tianhong froze for a moment, not daring to speak.

Everyone was frozen.

At this moment, even if the crowd was stupid, they understood the purpose of Wang Fengtian’s visit at this moment, that was to find trouble with Wang Long, and that he had come prepared.

Moreover, someone had ordered Wang Fengtian to come, how powerful did that person have to be?

“Take it away!”

Wang Fengtian barked an order, and the guards from Lingnan Institute immediately rushed up.

Wang Long’s face instantly changed.

There were a few reckless men from Blood Jade Hall who still wanted to resist, but they were immediately held against their heads by the men from Lingnan Institute, while the others did not dare to go up at all.

The crowd didn’t dare to say anything else now.

They all watched as Wang Long was escorted to the car, and no one knew where he was being taken to.

Zhao Sisi watched the scene in disbelief.

Until Wang Fengtian came to her heels.

“No one dares to do anything to you anymore.” Wang Fengtian said.


Zhao Si Si instantly fell to her knees in front of him, “Thank you, thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me, it was a friend of yours who asked me to take care of all this.”

“A friend of mine?” Jo Si Si froze for a moment, knowing herself very well, how could she possibly have such a powerful friend.

“I’ll take you to him.”


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