At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 565

Neo was pointing at the two men who had fallen to the side of the road.

Those two men who were in the Santana just now, those two men who were Wang Long’s men, those two men who had just been beaten to the ground by Wang Long’s men.

These two men were sitting paralyzed on the side of the street at this moment, and were shivering as if they were stray dogs with broken legs, curled up, not daring to stand up or run away.

Yes, they didn’t dare to run away even if they wanted to.

There were Wang Long’s men everywhere, and there was no possibility of running away.

Moreover, they had been following Wang Long’s gang, and their fear of him had long since penetrated to the marrow of their bones, and they certainly did not dare to move without Wang Long’s orders.

“Little brother, you said it was them?” Doctor Qiu was obviously a bit sick and anxious at this moment, and when he heard Neo’s words, he also hurriedly wanted to go towards Wang Long’s two men.

“Doctor Qiu, hold on!” Wang Long took a look and immediately became anxious and hurriedly stopped Dr. Qiu.

“Kid, you’re insulting Doctor Qiu! With Doctor Qiu’s status, how could he treat those two dog-like guys! Those two dogs only deserve to have another dog treat them!” Wang Long looked at Neo angrily, “Don’t think I don’t know what kind of tricks you’re playing!”

Yes, this kid looked like he had deliberately come to set himself up, deliberately saying that the injured were those two people, although he had let them beat them up, but those two people were also considered his own men after all, and if Dr. Qiu really listened to that kid and treated those two people, it delayed Dr. Qiu’s time to treat the real injured people.

When the truth of the matter is known, he will be blamed for the incident.

He must have known that Dr. Qiu was present and that he would not dare to do anything to him, so he dared to set himself up.

“That’s right, this kid is out of his mind, isn’t he? A famous doctor like Dr. Qiu in the provincial capital, how could he treat that kind of person, it’s a disgrace to Dr. Qiu’s status.”

“This kid is just a fool who doesn’t know anything.”

“Doctor Qiu, don’t be fooled, this kid is playing a trick on you.”

The others, too, said one after another.

In their hearts, they all felt that Neo really had a problem in his head, no one here was qualified to ask Doctor Qiu to treat them, so how could Doctor Qiu be here to treat those two Wang Long men?

The crowd all hurried forward to stop Dr Qiu.

“We can’t just let this go, this kid is so bold, he dares to fool Dr. Qiu like this, he must be given a lesson.”

Just at this time, Zhang Lianxiang somehow burst out, and after she finished, she gave Wang Long a curt look.

Obviously, because of what happened to Zhao Si Si, Zhang Lian Xiang was fidgeting and realised that she had offended Wang Long, so at this moment, she hurriedly came out to curry favour.

“Yes, yes, we can’t just let it go, this kid played Dr. Qiu, a great crime, an even greater crime! He must be punished severely!” The crowd also said one after another.

They were not only there to please Wang Long, but actually to please Dr. Qiu.

“Wait a minute!”

Dr. Qiu shouted.

The crowd all immediately went silent, and no one dared to say a word more.

“I just received the approval on my phone.” Dr Qiu said and pulled out his phone.

The crowd was in awe, Dr Qiu was already a superior person to them, they didn’t think there would be anyone else who could give instructions to Dr Qiu.

After looking at his mobile phone, Dr Qiu’s face was serious and he strided over to the two men at the side of the road.

The crowd was full of curiosity, but seeing the seriousness of Dr Qiu’s face and the instructions he had just received, no one dared to stop Dr Qiu this time, nor did anyone dare to say anything.

Only the eyes of the crowd were focused on Dr. Qiu.

Dr Qiu knelt down and carefully began to bandage the two men, and soon, thanks to his excellent medical skills, the two men were significantly better.

Only after working for a while did Dr Qiu stand up.

At this moment, the eyes of the crowd were all even more astonished to the extreme.

“Doctor Qiu really treated them.”

“No way, those two people are just ordinary punks, but they are enjoying the same treatment that Wang Long enjoyed, this is too incredible.”

“So now it seems that the people Dr Qiu treats are not actually necessarily people of much higher status, that kid was right just now!”

“How did that kid know that?”

“Does he have insider information? Didn’t Dr. Qiu know who he was treating only after he received the order, but that kid knew before Dr. Qiu did, which means that kid probably knows the person who gave Dr. Qiu the order?”

“In that case, that’s no ordinary person!”

The crowd began to talk again.

Wang Long was already extremely surprised at this point, and when he heard the crowd talking about Neo next to him again, he knew he couldn’t stop talking at this point.

“Don’t worry too much, this kid just got lucky and guessed correctly.” Wang Long added, “Doctor Qiu, do you know him?”

As he spoke, he pointed at Neo.

Doctor Qiu glanced at Neo and shook his head.

It was true that he really didn’t know Neo, after all, with his rank, he hadn’t reached the point of knowing Neo.

“Haha, everyone saw it, Dr Qiu doesn’t know this kid at all, this kid is really guessing wildly.” Wang Long’s heart, at last, let go.

“Heh, is that so?”

Neo laughed, “I’ll continue to guess who Dr. Qiu treats next, see if your guess is correct.”

“Haha, it’s impossible to say if Dr. Qiu will still treat next!” He turned to Dr Qiu and asked, “Dr Qiu, do you have any more injured people to treat next?”

“I don’t think so, I’m going back.” Dr Qiu looked at his phone, “No approvals right now.”

“Kid, see? You were just lucky just now.” Wang Long said with a sigh of relief.

Just as he finished his words, Dr Qiu’s mobile phone immediately rang.

He hurriedly took it out and took a look at it, and his face instantly changed.

“What’s wrong, Dr. Qiu?”

When the crowd saw that Dr Qiu’s face had changed, they were all aghast at the same time.

“I’ve just received instructions that I have to wait here.” Dr Qiu said.

“Ah, wait for what?” The crowd was even more curious.

“Waiting to treat an injured person next.” Dr. Qiu said.

“Huh?” The crowd just stared at once!

Then, unanimously, they looked at Neo in unison.

No way, this kid had guessed it again.

“But, Doctor Qiu, there is no injured person here that you want to treat either, no one is injured here.” The crowd looked around strangely again.

That’s right, there was no one injured here except for those two people just now.

“There will be soon.” Neo suddenly said again.


The crowd asked subconsciously.

“That’s him.”

Neo said, his hand reaching out and pointing at Wang Long.

“Kid, you seek death!”

Wang Long said angrily.

“This kid, he doesn’t think he’s really guessed a few times and drifted away, right?” The crowd also said.

“Wang Long, I won’t pretend with you either, today is the day you will die!” Neo had a few serious moments on his face.

“Just by you?”

Wang Long gave Neo a disdainful look, “Come and kill me if you have the guts.”

“I don’t have to do it.” Neo said, “Naturally, someone will do it for me.”

“Oh, I’ll laugh, who will help you here?” Wang Long laughed out loud and looked around at the most powerful group of people in Jiang Yang City, all of whom were following behind himself at this time.

No one would believe it if they were to say that there was someone here to help Neo.

“They’re here.”

Neo’s gaze, crossing over the crowd, looked towards the end of the street.

The crowd curiously followed Neo’s gaze.

With this look, they could not help but be dumbfounded.

“This, can’t be true, right?” Someone’s eyes instantly changed.

“This, I’m not mistaken, right, they, how could they appear here?”

“And, surprisingly, they came on foot, shouldn’t they be in a car?”

The crowd all looked dumbfounded, as if they had seen the unthinkable.

“Why are you still standing there, go and greet them.” It was not known who suddenly said something, as if waking up the crowd.

The people of the Cui family were the first to greet them.

Cui Lianke trembled and walked at the front, coming to the group at the end of the street, respectfully arching his hand right to the person at the head, “Chief Wang, what brings you here all of a sudden.”

Yes, Neo had called the people from Lingnan Institute here.


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