At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 564

“Everyone gets this treatment? How ignorant.”

The crowd laughed uproariously, the contempt on their faces intensifying.

“I’m afraid this kid doesn’t even understand what the words top expert in the provincial capital mean.”

“And to come all the way by helicopter to operate on Mr. Wang, those who can enjoy such treatment are all of unattainable status. This kid is now coming to say that everyone has this treatment, is he trying to show off his different perceptions?”

“If he was playing hard to get in other places that people don’t understand, then forget it, just muddle through, but this thing is common sense, everyone knows what it means for the top experts in the province to come in a helicopter to see a doctor, and this kid still has a hard-on, it only shows that he is just a fool himself.”

“Then break this kid’s arms and legs later, and let’s see if the province’s top experts will come to see him surgically.”

“Haha, that’s right, that’s a good idea.”

The crowd did their best to mock.

On one hand it was because they did really feel that what Neo had just said was ridiculous.

On the other hand when they said that, they were also indirectly complimenting Wang Long, after all, it was Dr. Qiu from the provincial capital who had come to operate on Wang Long by helicopter.

This was the first person in Jiang Yang City to enjoy this service.

“A doctor is just a doctor, saving lives is their duty, it doesn’t mean anything.” Neo said.

“Brat, believe what you want. Dr. Qiu is the best surgeon in the province, how many dignitaries have unsuccessfully booked appointments, he came to operate on me because I had a hard time doing so through my powerful network, what do you know! With your seniority and status, you don’t understand the rarity of resources, a national famous doctor like Dr Qiu is a rare resource, only the rich and powerful can qualify for Dr Qiu’s services, people like you at the bottom don’t understand this because you will never be able to reach this level!”

Wang Long said with great anger.

This guy had indeed given into anger.

After all, he knew very well that the reason why he had gained such a high status and the ingratiation of all the people now was because of what happened in the hospital.

Now this kid didn’t know what he wanted out of nowhere, and here he was spouting nonsense, which wouldn’t let his reputation be tarnished.

“Dr Qiu himself doesn’t think so.” Neo said.

“Kid, who are you? How would you know what Dr Qiu thinks!”

“This kid is crazy, he dares to say anything.”

“He’s not crazy, he’s quite clever, he knows that Dr Qiu won’t come here, so he can say whatever he wants, there’s no proof against him anyway, there’s no way we can prove him wrong.”

“That’s right, this kid saw this coming, no wonder he dared to say that.”

The crowd said.

“Doctor Qiu will be here soon.” Neo said again.

“What did you say?!”

“Doctor Qiu is so busy, why would he come to a small place like Jiang Yang, the last time he came was only because of Brother Long, what nonsense are you talking about.”

“Damn, Dr. Qiu has long since returned to the provincial capital, so he wouldn’t have time to come to us, besides, why would he come here?

“Dr. Qiu told me when he was leaving, he said that if it wasn’t for me, he would never have come to Jiangyang, and now that he’s gone back, he will never come here again, telling me to pay more attention to my health in general.” Wang Long looked at Neo mockingly, with a few smug looks on his face at the same time.

“Then you’re wrong.” Neo lifted his arm and looked at his watch, “If I counted correctly, Dr. Qiu has already arrived.”

With a single word, the crowd burst into laughter.

“You can f*cking stop now!” Cui Yutang pointed at Neo like a clown, “Do we really want to see this hanger-on bragging here, Brother Long, I’ll f*ck him up for you! This trash I’ve been sick of seeing for a long time!”

Saying that, Cui Yutang led a few of the Cui family’s fighters and charged towards Neo.

Wang Long didn’t stop. He smiled as he watched Cui Yutang and the others charge towards Neo.

This was a good thing for him.

With this look, Cui Yutang was acting as if he was one of his own men, doing something for him.

The entire class of bigwigs in Jiang Yang City had seen this, and it would undoubtedly elevate his own status even more.

The youngest of the Cui family was working for himself, which showed how powerful he was.

The crowd of onlookers stirred up, waiting for the scene that was about to take place.

Cui Yutang’s gaze showed a bit of bloodlust and cruelty as he rushed towards Neo, this feud had been made a long time ago and he should have given this hangman a hard lesson long ago.

Although there were many people around, the street was empty and Neo stood in the middle of the road, quietly watching Cui Yutang and the others coming.

But suddenly, Cui Yutang stopped.

He stopped and tilted his head slightly sideways, as if he had heard something.

Not only him, but the crowd around him also appeared strange, and some people looked up to the sky, “Something is coming!”

“Something’s coming!”

“A helicopter!”

The voices were getting louder and louder, and at this point, even those with the worst hearing could hear the rumbling sound.

Even for a magnificent family of Jiang Yang like the Cui family, it was rare to see a civilian helicopter in the city, and, this helicopter was slowly landing on the street.

“This ……”

The crowd was frozen, their eyes all gathered from Neo at this point, to the top of the helicopter.

The hatch opened, and a man with glasses and wearing a high-class, well-fitting suit, hurriedly stepped out of the helicopter.

“Doctor Qiu ……?!”

Wang Long’s eyes were also fixed on the helicopter the whole time, and when he saw the man, he had a surprise on his face that no one had ever seen before.

“Doctor Qiu, it’s Doctor Qiu!”

The people from the Zhao family had also seen him once in the hospital, and at this point, they naturally exclaimed in surprise.

One by one, ten by ten, the whole street knew that the person who came down from the helicopter was Doctor Qiu.

“Doctor Qiu, how come he’s here?” The people looked at each other with blank faces.

“Where is the injured person?”

Dr Qiu asked as soon as he stepped off the plane.

The crowd was instantly even more confused.

The injured person?

Did it mean that Dr Qiu had come here for treatment again?

But who else could be worth a trip in a helicopter for Doctor Qiu?

Everyone’s eyes, in unison, turned to Wang Long.

Yes, the most likely person here was Wang Long.

To be honest, Wang Long himself was also frozen. To be honest, although it seemed to others that Dr Qiu had come to operate on him by helicopter, as if they had a good relationship.

But only Wang Long himself understood that he and Dr Qiu were not familiar with each other, and during the days when Dr Qiu was treating him, it was just the attitude of a doctor and a patient, everything was polite and courteous, but there was no friendship.

But now Dr Qiu had appeared.

Despite his disbelief, Wang Long still felt that Dr. Qiu was probably here to see him.

“Doctor Qiu, hello hello.”

Wang Long gathered his emotions and waved his hand as he walked up.

“Where is the injured person?”

Dr. Qiu looked at Wang Long, nodded, and asked again.

“The injured man?”

Wang Long was frozen now, having thought that Dr Qiu had come to pay a return visit to him, and if that was the case, then he would certainly be making a big splash in front of everyone again.

However, apparently, if Dr Qiu was asking this, then he was not looking for himself.

“Where is the injured person?”

Doctor Qiu was obviously a little anxious and asked once again.

“Ah, this ……”

Wang Long was also feeling the pressure at this point, his head was starting to sweat, where was the injured person? How could he possibly know where the injured person was?

At this moment, the eyes of the crowd were all focused on Dr. Qiu and his two people.

Wang Long was secretly anxious in his heart and blamed himself for wanting to make a name for himself, and now that he was being watched by the crowd, he looked ashamed that he could not answer Dr Qiu’s words.

Moreover, what was worse was that the injured person Dr Qiu was looking for must be someone of high status, someone who was here now, but he did not know.

Not only Wang Long, but everyone else was curious when they heard Dr Qiu asking for the injured person over and over again.

“Doctor Qiu, what, what wounded person?” Wang Long asked as cautiously as he could.

“Just the two people who were injured, ah, I received an order that someone was injured here, I have to come here to treat them, where are they? You don’t know where they are, so why are you welcoming them up here?” Doctor Qiu was obviously a little annoyed and looked at Wang Long impatiently.

Being questioned like this in front of everyone, Wang Long immediately felt humiliated, but he could only endure it.

Only, in his heart, he was even more curious, just what kind of injured person would be so important?

“I know, they are, right where they are.”

At this time, Neo suddenly said.


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