At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 563

Because Wang Long’s caravan was occupying the street, there was now not a single pedestrian on the street.

Such a lone small car looked particularly conspicuous.

At this moment, the number of onlookers was also increasing.

The crowd was curious and followed behind, looking at the car and wondering in their hearts if the person in the car was out of his mind, why did he park in the middle of the road?

The car was parked in the middle of the road, as if it was deliberately blocking the road.

“Brother Long, it’s a Santana.” Someone said.

“Damn, even a Santana dares to block the road, really tired of living.” Wang Long stared at the car, his heart was extremely angry, a few thousand dollars broken car, how dare it block the road of his own fleet, this is too f*cking embarrassing.

Now that the bigwigs from both sides of Jiang Yang City were around, watching himself being humiliated by a Santana, how could he still get along in the future?

Not to mention that he had just made a name for himself in Jiangyang City and it was the right time to build up his personal image, if he left this laughing stock, it would not look good.

“Brother Long, let’s go over and take a look.”

The little brother beside him also had eyes and saw that Wang Long did not look right, and knew that this was the time to show himself.

A few of Blood Jade Hall’s junior brothers walked towards the Santana.

The eyes of the crowd then followed closely.

All wanted to see what was going on and see who was in the car.

“Who the hell is in there, why isn’t there any movement at all?” The passers-by whispered, after all, the Santana had a film on, so you couldn’t see inside the car from the outside.

“I think he’s scared out of his wits. With all these gangsters outside and the Cui family and Zhao family here, I’m afraid the person in the car knows he’s in big trouble.”

“Sigh, I wonder who is so unlucky.”

“Damn it, don’t pretend to be a ghost, open the door and get out!” A few of Blood Jade’s youngsters had already arrived around the car by now.

“If you don’t open the door again, don’t blame the old guys for being ungracious.”

Someone waved his hand and took out an iron rod.

Click, just then, the car door opened.

The eyes of the crowd were all focused on the car door at once.

All waited to see what it was that came down.

One foot got out of the car.

The person hadn’t quite stepped out of the car.

“Damn you, Cao! How dare you block Brother Long’s convoy! I’ll teach you a lesson today!” One of the more anxious boys swung an iron bar and went up to give him a blow.

This kid was not afraid of getting killed, not afraid of anything.

When passers-by saw this scene, those who were timid turned their heads away in fear.

If this iron bar went down, the person who got out of the car would be reincarnated as a new human being.

The corner of Wang Long’s mouth also emerged a smile, he did not stop, damn, what to stop ah, this time is to establish the authority, this is a good time, is to let all Jiang Yang people know, obstruct me Wang Long, whether intentional or unintentional, the end is so miserable.

“Er Dog, don’t fight, don’t fight! It’s me!”

With a pleading shout, the man who got out of the car, stepped out of the car door.

At once, the few people from Blood Jade Hall who were gathered around the car were dumbfounded, two people got down from the car at this moment, and both of them were actually people from Blood Jade Hall.

Immediately, Wang Long’s face turned iron blue.

These two people were none other than the men he had sent to the funeral parlour.

His own men, who were driving a car, were actually blocking his way?

Wasn’t this going to be laughed at by the others?

“Give me a beating, give me a beating to death!”

Wang Long ordered directly, damn it, his own men were riding on his head, if he didn’t establish his authority at this time, then he would wait to be poked and prodded behind his back in Jiang Yang in the future.

Looking at Wang Long, he gritted his teeth.

None of the other gang bosses stepped forward to say a word.

These people were all characters just like Wang Long, and of course they understood Wang Long’s mind, after all, if a boss was being ridden over by his subordinates, it would really be too humiliating.

They also understood that all they had to do at this time was to stand by and watch everything in silence, it was not good for them to interfere in other people’s family affairs.

The scene was quiet, and only Wang Long’s voice could be heard.

The few people beside the car, once they heard Wang Long’s personal words, how could they dare not do anything.


A few men swung their iron bars and went for it.

These two men were able to hold out, and within a few blows, they were beaten to the ground like a pile of mud, and their arms and legs looked like they were about to break.

“Throw these two people to the side of the road and drive away!” Wang Long ordered.

Soon, the two beaten and fractured men were dragged to the roadside by the crowd, and the Santana was driven away, the barricade clear and the road unobstructed.

Wang Long’s heart was finally relieved, although this accident had just occurred, he had also established his authority, showing his domineering tactics, and I believe he had also deterred the crowd, and the problem was lifted, so in general, he was satisfied.

When the passers-by saw that this was the end of the matter, they also felt that it was no longer interesting.

After all, how could it be interesting? It was just a Santana blocking the road, so even if it was a big deal, how big a deal could it be?

Just when the crowd thought it was over.


Another car suddenly came from the far side of the street, extremely fast, and instantly came to the front of the crowd, a sharp drift, the body moved sideways, impartial, also exactly across the middle of the road.

“Damn, another one?”

“This one is much more bullish than just now, it’s a f*cking truck!”

Yes, the one coming was a heavy Volvo truck, the Santana just now was just like a toy in front of it, and this time the truck directly blocked the road completely.

If it was just a car that could not pass, now the road was cut off, not to mention the car, even people could not pass.

Wang Long’s face was pulled down again.

Everyone else also froze, looking at the truck in front of them in disbelief.

If the Santana just now was just a joke, then this Volvo truck was not something that could be played with casually.

The value of this truck, at least, was in the millions.

What kind of person could be in it this time?

The door opened.

The crowd stretched their necks in curiosity, all wanting to get an early glimpse of the person getting out of the car.

“It’s him!”

Those present, not a hundred percent, but at least ten percent, could not help but be taken aback in their hearts.

And there was at least another 10 per cent who felt that the person who got off the bus looked a bit familiar.

“Isn’t that that hanger-on Neo!” Cui Yu Tang recognised him at a glance, after all, he hated Neo with all his heart.

“Kid, it’s you? What are you doing here?” Wang Long also recognised it, but Wang Long’s attitude was arrogant, didn’t Neo still visit himself in the hospital, and to Neo, Wang Long didn’t really take it to heart, after all, at that time, Neo treated him very well, at least to Wang Long, he still looked like a very good bully.

“Wang Long, I’ve come to take your life.” As Neo said this, he couldn’t help but have the wounds on Zhao Baoliang’s corpse come back to his mind; he wasn’t a cruel person, but what Wang Long had done was just too much.

Neo didn’t know why he was so angry over Zhao Baoliang’s death, was it just because he thought Zhao Baoliang was a good man, or was there another reason?

A remark was made, but it made the crowd laugh.

“Neo, you’re so f*cking out of your depth!” Cui Yutang was the first to jump out.

“This brat doesn’t need Mr. Wang’s hands either, I’ll send a few people to clean him up.”

“Bastard, you really don’t know the sky is high, even you dare to say such things, do you know who Mr. Wang is and what he is from!”

The gangs all stepped forward at this point, taking the opportunity to curry favour with Wang Long.

“What’s the origin?” Neo said.

“Mr. Wang ……” The crowd just wanted to speak, but they didn’t know how to go on, after all, Wang Long had nothing to say based on his status and identity alone, and everyone was now currying favor with Wang Long, not because of Wang Long’s status, but simply because they all knew that Wang Long had a deep background Because of Wang Long’s special treatment in the hospital, “…… do you know that Mr. Wang Long was hospitalized, are the top experts in the provincial city personally came by helicopter to operate! This kind of treatment, there is no one in the whole Jiang Yang City!”

“Is that so?”

Neo said, “How do I feel that everyone has this kind of treatment?”


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