At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 562

, after just one look, Neo turned his head away. He was panting heavily, and his face began to turn white, and his hands began to tremble.

Wang Long, of course, did not have the time or the inclination to coffin Zhao Baoliang’s body, which still looked the same as it did when he was dying.

With just one glance, Neo could see that Zhao Baoliang had not been involved in a car accident, the slashing wounds, narrow and deep, staggered across the entire upper body of the body, the distorted face, as if to tell the story of the pain.

Neo was not a man who had never seen the world, in fact, he had seen many worse than this. It was just that this cold corpse in front of him had been a living, breathing human being not so long ago, and had spoken to him to teach him that there was real goodness in the world.

Many people might think that Zhao Baoliang was useless and useless, and many people looked down on him, but in Neo’s heart, Zhao Baoliang was definitely considered an elder worthy of respect.

Neo actually imagined himself helping him more than once, helping him and Zhao Si Si, so that they could really live a life together without worrying about food and clothing and without being looked down upon, so that they could really live without worries for once.

Originally, I thought this was a trivial matter. Who would have thought that now Zhao Baoliang would die? If it was really an accidental death due to a car accident, it could only be attributed to the will of God, or fate.

However, the bloody facts in front of him were telling Neo that Zhao Baoliang had been killed, a tragic death under the knife.

“Where is Wang Long?” Neo looked at the two men in front of him, and apart from anger, a deep remorse of regret rose up in his heart.

From the two men’s mouths, he knew everything that had happened that day in the Huangjin bar, and knew that the one who had collided with his car and whom he had visited in the hospital was Wang Long, who had killed Zhao Baoliang.

The thought that Wang Long had just killed Zhao Baoliang and then collided with his car, and that he still cared for Wang Long, flooded Neo’s heart with a wave of nausea, especially since he had gone to visit him in the hospital, which made Neo’s heart clog up.

“Brother Long he ……” kneeling on the ground while the two Wang Long junior wanted to say something, but thought about it and said.

“Brother, listen to my advice, you let us go, this matter I will not mention to Brother Long, you may not know, our Blood Jade Hall is not the old Blood Jade Hall, Brother Long is not the old Brother Long, you know, Brother Long’s identity is now very unusual, even the provincial city’s medical experts have personally come by helicopter overnight to operate on Brother Long, this treatment, in Jiang Yang, but a hundred years rare to come across ……”

“Shut up! Where is Wang Long!” A loud shout scared back the words that Wang Long’s two youngest brothers had not yet finished.

At that moment, the two suddenly felt a particularly terrifying aura emanating from the youth in front of them.

Although they didn’t know exactly what was wrong, the two vaguely realised that if they said one more word, perhaps something very frightening might happen.

Yes, they were not wrong in their feeling. Although not the violent type, there was a moment when Neo would really strike.

Of course, these two were afraid that they would never guess what was going on. Only Neo, at this moment, hated to slap himself, after all, wasn’t it himself who gave the order to the doctor in the provincial town?

“Double Happiness Restaurant.” The two men, at this point, did not dare to say one more word. On the street, Neo waited for a while, still a taxi did not wait.

“Young man, take a taxi, don’t wait, there are no taxis today.” A Santana stopped in front of Neo and an older man in his forties poked his head out of the car window.

“What’s going on?”

“Harm, isn’t today the day that Brother Dragon, the boss of the Blood Jade Hall, is discharged from the hospital?

“A small gang leader, how dare he be so arrogant.”

“Blood Jade Hall is not simple now, I heard that Wang Long has connections in the provincial city, now everyone in Jiang Yang City has to respect him a little bit.” The old man looked at Neo.

“Well, young man, where are you going, I’ll give you a ride, guaranteed cheap and fast, alas, if it weren’t for my family’s difficulties, I wouldn’t dare to take the risk of driving a black car.”

“Good, then it’s your car.” And at that moment, in front of Double Happiness Wine’s house.

“No matter what, I have to take her away!” Wang Long pointed at Zhao Si Si.

“Some sins must not be forgiven, and some sinners must not be condoned, if I let her go, who will compensate me for the loss of my diamond worth one million dollars?”

“Rightly so.” Cui Lianke nodded his head.

“I believe Mr Wang Long took her out of a sense of social responsibility. And now the Zhao family doesn’t want her anymore, do they, old Zhao?” Cui Lianke swept his gaze to Zhao Tianhong next to him.

Zhao Tianhong didn’t dare to be slow and hurriedly said that

“This kind of morally corrupt scum has long been expelled from our Zhao family and has nothing to do with the Zhao family, now that Mr. Wang Long can discipline her, it can be said that it is a great gift for her!”

“It’s all my fault for not being able to teach my daughter properly, I’m sorry, we are all very much in favour of being brought under the discipline of you big shots.” Zhang Lianxiang also said hastily, lest she should be dragged into this.

“This kind of woman is not a good person by nature, not to mention teasing our Cui family, but also messing around with a hanger-on, and now even stealing things, she really deserves to be spat on.” Cui Yongtang looked at Zhao Si Si with hatred, a sense of revengeful pleasure surfaced in his gaze.

“Sigh, yeah, there’s still a bunch of shit going on with this woman!”

“Wasn’t it her and Cui Shao who were going to get married before?”

“Yes, she was the one who backed out on the day of the wedding and ran off with another guy, and I heard she was with him the night before at the hotel.”

“Look what a mess she’s become now, how despicable that she’s stealing.”

“This kind of person just doesn’t deserve to be cleaned up, meeting a big brother like Brother Long is really hitting the iron plate, let Brother Long teach her a good lesson.”

“Alright, take it away!” Wang Long was not talking nonsense at this time, and a look of satisfaction appeared on his face. He was certainly satisfied with this result, now that Zhao Si Si had become the object of public scorn, he could also take Zhao Si Si away in a fair and square manner.

Zhao Si Si did not say anything, not only did she not have the strength to say anything at this time, she also knew in her heart that no matter what she said, it was useless.

She had nothing of her own, nothing to rely on, and nothing that would change anything.

“Get in.” Under the attention of the crowd, Wang Long got into the car. After he got into the car, only then did the others get into the car one by one.

The scene was also a bit spectacular, as dozens of luxury cars slowly drove out of the street. More people had gathered around them, but they were all gathered inside the curbstone, and no one dared to set foot on the street, lest they affect the traffic.

The car did not drive fast, after all, such a long convoy. But not fast enough to be acceptable, except that after a while the convoy surprisingly slowed down, and stopped again.

“What’s going on? Who stopped the car?” Inside the car, Wang Long was a little displeased.

“Brother Long, there’s a situation up front.” A junior beside him was using the walkie-talkie to communicate with the front of the most convoy, reporting to Wang Long as he did so.

“It’s blocked, Brother Long, the street is blocked.”

“Blocked, how the f*ck is it blocked? What’s blocking it?”

“A car, Brother Dragon, there’s a car blocking the middle of the road in front of us, we can’t get through!” The little brother reported.

“Shit, who the f*ck has the nerve to block the road at this hour? Didn’t they say that taxis are not allowed to travel today, and who the hell else doesn’t know that this is my convoy?” Wang Long cursed angrily and pushed open the car door.

“What’s going on?” On the other side, the Cui family and the Zhao family and some other powerful families in Jiang Yang City also followed up with their bellies full of questions, seeing Wang Long’s bad face, the crowd was also a bit apprehensive.

Hearing that there were cars blocking the road in front of them, they were also all a bit disbelieving.

“I’ll go and see who has eaten the guts of a leopard!” Wang Long cursed and walked towards the front of the caravan, and the crowd hurriedly followed closely behind.

The crowd of onlookers, too, were curious and hooted and hollered along with the joggers, lest they should miss something.

“Brother Long, that’s it!” At the front of the caravan, someone greeted them early on, pointing not far away. Sure enough, not far ahead of the convoy, on the empty street, there was a small car parked.


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