At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 561

“Elder Cui, please also make your decision!”

Just when the two of them, Cui Lianke and Wang Long, were in the middle of a conversation, a voice suddenly said.

It was Zhao Si Si, who took advantage of the fact that the attention of the crowd was focused on the Cui family and Wang Long to break free from the control of Wang Long’s men by surprise.

Zhao Si Si did not escape because she knew very well that with so many people, she had no way to escape, and even if she escaped from the street, with Wang Long’s current ability, it would be easy to find her.

She had to think of a real solution to the situation.

Cui Lianke, that might be her only hope.

Although in her heart, she was extremely reluctant to have any dealings with Cui’s family, after all, there had been unpleasant pastimes.

However, if she was taken away by Wang Long, then her life would be completely over.

She could only stiffen her head and speak to Cui Lianke.

The air was silent when Zhao Si Si only said this one sentence.

Cui Lianke’s gaze looked at her, and Zhao Sisi lowered her head, only feeling uncomfortable and not daring to look up at all.

She had thought that after she and Cui Yongtang had let it go, she would never have any contact with the Cui family again, but who would have thought that she would now have to beg for help from the Cui family.

“What do you want?”

Cui Lianke said coldly.

“Cui Lao, Wang Long killed my father and now he wants to take me away, please Cui Lao give me justice.” Zhao Si Si said with a ruthless heart, gritting her teeth.

Yes, whether it would have an effect or not, it had to be said, even if it was a straw, one had to grab it.

After saying that, Zhao Si Si’s heart was beating fast.

This was a moment that had to do with the end of one’s life.

Just thinking about her life, being swayed by people like Wang Long and Cui Lianke, Zhao Si Si’s heart had a bitter feeling.

“Oh, a bunch of nonsense!”

Cui Lianke’s face changed and he said coldly.

Zhao Si Si’s heart instantly, went cold.

This outcome had almost been expected by her long ago.

“Elder Cui, you are the most prestigious figure in Jiangyang City, and the big man who can best represent fairness, please also ask you to be able to administer justice!” Zhao Si Si said as she steadied her mind and steeled herself.

Her tone was bitter and twisted, after all, she had never said such complimentary words to others before, but today, for her own safety, it was all she could do.

Her words seemed like a compliment, but in fact they were also a reminder to Cui Lianke not to forget his own identity.

As expected, when Zhao Si Si said this, Cui Lianke also seemed to realise his own identity, and his face couldn’t help but be dignified and serious for a few moments.

Although this guy is not a good person by nature, he should at least make a superficial gesture, especially at this time when it is still a public place and many people are watching here.

“Mr. Wang Long, what is this all about?”

Cui Lianke could only ask Wang Long in a pretentious manner.

To be honest, Wang Long wasn’t panicking right now, not at all.

From the very beginning when Zhao Si Si spoke, Wang Long did not panic, how could he be afraid of a Zhao Si Si, so he did not ask anyone to stop Zhao Si Si.

“Haha, Old Cui, do you believe even this stinky girl’s words? The truth is this!”

Wang Long gave what he had said in the private room before and said it again.

“He’s lying!”

Zhao Si Si couldn’t hold back any longer at this point, this was her last chance, “We didn’t steal from him at all, and there was no car accident at all, he was the one who killed my dad in the Huang Jin bar!”

“Oh, to find out who lied, it’s actually very simple, just take a look at the dead man’s body.” Cui Lianke said.

“My father’s corpse ……” Zhao Si Si said this, her heart was instantly sad again, for a moment, it was as if her spirit was lost all of a sudden nor did she want to fight it anymore, but she had to be strong, “My father He hid the body, he was too weak to hand it over!”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t hide your father’s corpse.”

Wang Long said unhurriedly, “Not only did I not hide your father’s corpse, instead I was the good guy and had my men kindly send your father’s corpse to the funeral home, I’m not like you who left your own father’s corpse unattended and just slipped away …… ”

“You, you lie!”

Zhao Si Si was furious, Wang Long not only lied, but also insulted his feelings for his father, this was something Zhao Si Si could never tolerate, if what he said was true, how could he have left his dad’s corpse and slipped away by himself.

“Oh, it’s not for you to say whether it’s a lie or not, Cui Lao, I’m going to contact my men and ask them to send the evidence, then it will be clear who is right and who is wrong.” Wang Long said.

“Mm, that’s best!”

Cui Lianke nodded his head.

Wang Long didn’t hesitate to pick up his phone and dial out.

“Xiao Jiang, how are you guys at the funeral home now …… Well, are things done? Already cremated? That’s good, here’s the deal, take a picture of the cremation record from the funeral home and send it to me, yes, right now ……”

Soon after, Wang Long received a picture.

“Look guys, this is the cremation record from the funeral parlour, does this cause of death column say car accident? This is an official record with a strict review process, it’s impossible to fake that.”

Wang Long showed the chart in his phone.

“Fire …… cremation?”

Zhao Si Si muttered.

She only felt that something was steeply drained from her heart all of a sudden, cremation, it meant that dad had completely disappeared from this world, taking his appearance with him completely.

“You, why did you privately cremate my dad! Why! And, my dad wasn’t in a car accident, you faked it! Why did you do that!” The ever-soft Zhao Sisi’s blood rushed up even at this time, her grief and anger made her forget her fear as she rushed towards Wang Long.

“I understand, you are afraid of being found out, you are destroying the evidence, you are so despicable!” Zhao Si Si finally understood and the anger inside her reached its peak.

At that moment, she was not only angry, there was also an indescribable coldness in her heart, Wang Long was too terrifying, this kind of person had calculated himself to death, he no longer had a way out.

This thought made Zhao Sisi’s body chill for a moment.

“Stop, how dare you be so reckless in front of me, Cui!”

With a bellowing order, Cui Lianke glared at Zhao Si Si in a righteous manner, “Stinking girl full of lies, Mr. Wang Long was kind enough to help you, but you are so kind as to return the favour, with me, Cui, here, I will never allow such a ridiculous thing to happen!”

“Elder Cui, it’s really not like that, please listen to me again ……”

Naive Zhao Si Si, still trying to hold on to a ray of hope.

“Get lost, you shameless woman!”

Just then, a youth rushed up and hit hard, Zhao Si Si fell to the ground.

“A shameless b*tch like you, what qualifications do you have to speak to my grandfather!” The youth who rushed up was no other than Cui Yongtang, Cui Yongtang looked at Zhao Si Si with a sneer, “I knew you were this kind of person a long time ago, it’s also fortunate that you reversed your marriage at first, I thought you would live a good life if you reversed your marriage, haha, it turns out that it’s getting worse and worse, look at you now, you’re just like a crazy old beggar who wants to eat, hahaha, I’m really happy to see you like this in my heart, you Didn’t you go with that hanger-on? Where is he? Where is he now? You went with him at first, how come he hasn’t come to help you now?”

Zhao Si Si was stunned.


When she thought of Neo, her heart suddenly welled up with mixed feelings, you could say that if she still liked him as much as before, but what happened at the villa that time, when Neo took her mother away to blackmail her, it gave her chills.

But if she were to say she hated him, she couldn’t.

What was he doing now?

Neo was casually leaning against the wall at this moment, looking at the two people kneeling on the ground in front of him.

“The one who called you just now was Wang Long? That Wang Long who was hospitalized because of a car accident and was treated surgically by Dr. Qiu, an expert from the provincial city?”

“Yes, it is him, he is the one who ordered us to go to the funeral parlour to do this ah, it doesn’t care about us at all ah, just now we also followed your instructions to return his words and stabilize him, please also spare us!”

The ones kneeling on the ground were the two junior brothers that Wang Long had sent to the funeral parlour, their faces were bruised and swollen, they had obviously been taught a very strict lesson.

“Young master, we just found them in front of the crematorium, one second short of being sent into the crematorium, and have checked, it’s the remains of Zhao Baoliang that you are looking for.”

Neo did not answer the question.

Silently, he came to a nearby body covered with a white cloth, and phew, the white cloth was lifted.


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