At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 560

“Aren’t you all relatives of Cecilia Zhao? How come it’s okay?”

Wang Long had a certain teasing expression on his face.

This was the situation he enjoyed the most, enjoying the feeling that someone feared him.

“You, I believe, are Zhao Si Si’s grandmother, what do you say?”

Wang Long rushed to the old lady and said.

“It’s none of my business, I’m just an old woman, I don’t know anything.” The old lady’s body was curled back hard at this point and she began to pretend to be confused.

“I see you are sitting quite close together, right next to each other.” Wang Long said.

“It just happened to be, we were all sitting casually.” The old lady waved her hand hastily.

“Good, if you don’t help her compensate for my losses, then I’ll take this stinky girl away, and by then it will be too late for you to regret!” Wang Long said.

“How can we regret it, we can’t wait to be happy, she has done such a vicious thing and stolen from you, as her relatives, we all feel shame, now you take her away and let her be punished, this is the coming of justice, we should cheer it.”

When the relatives heard that if they took Zhao Si Si away, they could get away with it themselves, and that there was such a good thing in the world, they were simply in favour of it with both hands and feet.

This was exactly what Wang Long had intended, he was doing this to put Zhao Si Si in an isolated situation and even get all these relatives of Zhao Si Si to support him.

“Good, take it away!”

Wang Long waved his hand, and his men swarmed up and grabbed Zhao Si Si straight away.

Zhao Si Si did not have any resistance at all.

“Grandmother, mother ……”

With desperate cries, Zhao Si Si looked at the people in the booth one last time, but seeing the way Zhang Lianxiang and the others turned their heads and didn’t look at her at all, she sort of understood.

It was all her own stupidity, thinking that everyone really cared about her, but now she finally realized that these people were all just after the so-called, non-existent compensation money.

“It really pisses me off, I thought there was really compensation money, causing me to be so nice to her for a while, but in the end I almost didn’t stick myself in, and this birthday party today is completely ruined, and I’ve completely lost face in front of my relatives and friends.” Seeing Wang Long take Zhao Sisi away, the old lady then breathed a long sigh of relief, her nervous heart then relaxed a little.

“What the hell, coming to a party and almost getting yourself killed.”

There was a lot of chatter from the crowd.

“Good thing we’re all right now, let’s go out and have a look too.”

I don’t know who suggested it, but it was immediately responded to, and the crowd all ran outside from the private room.

Besides, Wang Long and the others took Zhao Sisi out of the Double Happiness Restaurant.

Only when they came out did they realise that the situation on the street was different from when they had just entered.

Somehow, there were a few more luxury cars on the street.

Together with the dozens of cars that Wang Long originally had, at this moment, the entire not-so-broad street was already stuffed to the brim with all kinds of luxury cars.

This kind of situation could be said to have never been seen before.

The street where the Double Happiness Restaurant was located was not the busy central area of Jiangyang City, and belonged to an old urban area that was a bit old, and although there were many people here, there were still many poor people.

At this moment, word had spread like a whirlwind that so many luxury cars were blocking the road.

The crowds of people stopped on the brick road on both sides of the road to look on, densely pressed.

“Who are the people coming?” Wang Long looked at the extra luxury car and asked the person next to him.

But the person next to him clearly didn’t need to answer at this time, as the man in the limousine had already stepped down.

“Master ……” Zhao Si Si was grabbed by two people and couldn’t move, but when she saw the person who came out, she still couldn’t help but physically move and subconsciously opened her mouth, but then she also realized what was going on and swallowed back the words that followed.

“What, people from the Zhao family, are they here again?”

A smile emerged from the corner of Wang Long’s mouth as he looked at the few people who had come.

Yes, the group of people who came were none other than Zhao Tianhong and a few of them from the Zhao family.

“Isn’t that someone from the Zhao family?”

“Why did they come here?”

As soon as they stepped out of the car, the crowd immediately recognised them.

They couldn’t help but stir up.

To be honest, the Zhao family’s popularity in Jiangyang City was still greater than Wang Long’s and theirs, and they also had more stage presence than Wang Long.

After all, the human Zhao family was a serious businessman, while Wang Long was a social mixer, neither was on the same level.

“Hey, the one beside Wang Long, isn’t that Zhao Si Si who was driven out of the family by the Zhao family, could it be that the Zhao family’s people are here for Zhao Si Si Si, this is going to be a good show.”

“How is that possible, they’ve all been driven out of the family, they’re all unrelated.”

“Who said that, although they were kicked out, but nature’s blood ties are still there, now that Wang Long has made a move against Zhao Si Si, of course the Zhao family’s people can’t stand to see it.”

The half-informed old folk chatted idly.

As they spoke, Zhao Tianhong, with his men, had arrived in front of Wang Long.

“What is your business?” Wang Long was not polite and spoke directly, he used to have scruples against the Zhao family, but now there was no need to be scrupulous at all.

Zhao Tianhong glanced at Zhao Sisi.

Zhao Si Si’s heart immediately jumped and got a little nervous, perhaps, they were here to save themselves from getting out?

“We’re here to apologise for what happened last time. And to congratulate you on your discharge.” Zhao Tianhong said with his head bowed in a rather humble gesture.

Yes, ever since the last time in the hospital ward building, the Zhao family had naturally been thinking about it day and night and were restless after they returned.

This time, they heard that Wang Long had been discharged from the hospital, so they were also immediately ready to congratulate him.

Only of course their news was a little later than the gangs, after all, they were not in the same circle as the gangsters, but after getting the news, they all rushed here immediately as well.

“Ah, haha, good, quite good!”

Wang Long was satisfied.

Yes, more than satisfied, it was simply too comfortable, because the Zhao family’s people also came to congratulate him, which meant that the gentry in Jiangyang City were also interested in starting to show goodwill to themselves.

Now he was already the chief leader of the gangs in Jiangyang, and if the gentry in Jiangyang also showed their goodwill to him, then he would be the number one person in Jiangyang.

“This Zhao Sisi, she is one of your Zhao family, right? Also, Zhao Baoliang’s death is also related to me, you guys won’t mind, right?”

That teasing look surfaced on Wang Long’s face again, he said this on purpose, just to see the Zhao family’s reaction.

“Our Zhao family has long since had nothing to do with this father and daughter pair.” Zhao Tianhong immediately said.

This was to be expected, Zhao Tianhong had long since had no feelings for Zhao Baoliang Zhao Sisi, and now he was even leaving his relationship with them intact.

Zhao Si Si’s heart also sank.

“What’s going on? It looks like the Zhao family, they seem to be chatting quite well with Wang Long, how come it doesn’t look like they are coming to bring someone in.”

“Yeah, looking at that Zhao Tianhong, he seems to respect Wang Long quite a bit.”

The crowd was too far away to hear the conversation, but the body language could still be seen.

“This Wang Long is mixing so well now, it seems that maybe only the Cui family in Jiang Yang City will be able to suppress him.”

Just then, suddenly, there were a few more luxury cars, driving over from the far end.

The cars opened.

Those who got out of the cars were no other than the people from the Cui family of Jiangyang City, led by the head of the Cui family, Cui Lianke.

“Wow, what’s going on here, the people from the number one family in Jiangyang City are here.”

As they were talking, a number of cars came in one after another from both sides.

The people who came down from the cars were all the head honchos of Jiangyang City, not as good as the number one in Jiangyang City like the Cui family in terms of rank, but they were all head honchos of Jiangyang City as well.

“Now this street can be said to be the most expensive street in Jiangyang City, the people on this street control ninety percent of Jiangyang City, right!”

The crowd couldn’t help but all exclaim out in shock.

Wang Long was a little surprised when he saw that even people from the Cui family had come.

“Congratulations to Mr. Wang Long on his discharge, this is a small token of appreciation from the Cui family.” Cui Lianke brought the Cui family’s people to the front, gesturing slightly, and the people behind him immediately presented a gift.

Just by looking at the packaging, one could tell that it was worth a lot, but of course, the value was all secondary, what mattered was the gift from the Cui family.

“Thank you, Elder Cui, we must help each other whenever there is anything in the future.” Wang Long was overjoyed in his heart, his status had simply risen, even the number one Cui family in Jiangyang had come.

In the past, this was something that one would not even dare to think about.


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