At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 559

Wang Long stood on the street, looking at the long caravan behind him, and the group of people with different logos of different gangs embroidered on their chests, and a feeling of dominance arose in his heart.

At this moment, Wang Long was like the alliance leader of the gangs in Jiangyang City, followed by a group of big brothers from different venues in Jiangyang who were his equals a few days ago, and now, they were following behind him, waiting for Wang Long’s orders at any time and obeying his orders.

This was exactly the moment that Wang Long had been looking forward to these past few years, whether he was awake or dreaming.

It was no wonder that humans had been fascinated by the never-ending pursuit of power from ancient times to the present.

This felt really good too.

“Hong, Master Hong? Your old ……”

The owner of the Double Happiness Restaurant nodded and looked at a man behind Wang Long with sincerity and fear, while looking a little confused in his gaze.

The place where the Double Happiness Restaurant was located was exactly Master Hong’s territory, so the boss only knew Master Hong.

But seeing Wang Long walking in front of Master Hong, the boss was naturally a little confused again.

“This is Brother Long.”

Master Hong’s eyes glared as he hurriedly introduced Wang Long first.

“Hello Brother Long!”

The boss who could open a restaurant certainly had some eyes, and once he saw Master Hong like this, he knew that Wang Long’s status must be higher than Master Hong’s, so he hurriedly greeted Wang Long respectfully.

“En, you are the owner of Double Happiness Hotel? I heard that someone here in your area is having a big birthday today?” With a playful smile on his face, Wang Long said unhurriedly.

“Ah, yes, Brother Long.”

The owner froze and then replied.

In his heart, he was of course wondering, this Brother Dragon even feared Master Hong a few times, so he must be one of the leading figures in Jiang Yang City, and the group of people who came here for the birthday party today didn’t look like rich people either.

How could these two groups of people have anything to do with each other.

“Very well, then you and I will go over to inform them, and say that there are noble people coming to congratulate us.” Wang Long still had that mysterious smile on his face.

“Ah, yes, yes!” The boss didn’t dare to be slow and hurriedly hurried away.

Although Double Happiness Restaurant was not as good as those five-star hotels, the layout covered an area that was not small either.

Although the entrance of the restaurant was bustling with activity, and passers-by were stopping to look and wonder, the inside of the large private room upstairs was not at all known.

At this moment, in the private room, facing the old lady’s enquiry, Zhao Si Si’s heart was in a mess and she didn’t know what to say.

The more she didn’t say anything, the more anxious the old lady became, and the more the crowd looked forward to it.

In this way, everyone’s attention in the entire room was focused on Zhao Si Si, and everyone was waiting for Zhao Si Si’s answer.

It was as if they were not here to celebrate the old lady’s birthday, but to listen to Zhao Si Si’s words.

“We just want to help you, your grandmother usually loves you so much, you’ll only make her sad.” Zhang Lianxiang saw that her daughter had not squeaked, and also hurried up to say.

“That’s right, what are you afraid of, who exactly hit your father, you tell us.” Zhang Ruijie also said.

“Say it, there’s no need to be afraid, be a good boy.”

The old lady said.

“That’s right, tell us.”

Some of the relatives began to say.

“Yes, don’t be afraid, there are so many of us here, tell us, we’ll figure it out together.”

“You don’t have to worry about anything in the middle of the day, let’s pool our wisdom and get you justice.”

Of all the people, they all started to persuade as well.

After all, the old lady was the eldest among her relatives and still had some prestige, and now that this was the case, the relatives certainly had to say something for her.

At the beginning, Zhao Si Si did not want to say anything.

But now that she was being encouraged in her ears by so many people, she gradually gained a sense of confidence in her heart, and the thought of revenge that had been suppressed in her heart could not be suppressed.

“Okay, I say, it’s ……” Zhao Si Si controlled her emotions, steadied herself, and was just about to speak.

The door of the private room was pushed open.

“Old lady, you have an honored guest.” The boss stood right in the doorway and said with a smile.

“What? Si Si, wait a minute.” The old lady turned to the boss, “What kind of distinguished guest?”

“A guest of very distinguished status, with a very big row.” The boss deliberately sold a story.

“Ah, come on in.”

The old lady’s heart twitched with surprise and wonder.

A big party? It was impossible to have such a person among her own relatives and friends, so who could it be?

Just as she finished her words, footsteps were already coming from outside, sounding as if there were many people, and it did sound like a big row.

Everyone else was curious at this point and stood up, looking at the door.

After all, we were all relatives and knew each other more or less by heart, and they all knew what kind of relatives and friends the old lady had.

They all wondered what kind of distinguished guests were coming.

So, naturally, they were all very curious at this point.

Before anyone could react, a group of people rushed in from outside, at least 20 to 30 of them, all of them fierce and fierce-looking, with dangling eyes and eye-catching tattoos that made people feel a bit scared.

Then Wang Long came in with a group of men.

“That’s him!”

Just now, Zhao Si Si had been ready to say it, and the encouragement from the crowd had given her a few moments of strength in her heart.

And now that she suddenly saw Wang Long, Zhao Si Si only felt her blood surge up, her father’s tragic death had almost made her lose her mind again, and all of a sudden she wasn’t scared at all.

Pointing at Wang Long, she shouted.

“It’s him, he’s the one who killed my father!”

Zhao Si Si continued pointing at Wang Long.

“What are you saying? Was he the one who ran over your father?”

Although the old lady was just an ordinary citizen, she had seen a bit of the world, and just by looking at what was in front of her, she knew that Wang Long was by no means a person to be messed with.

In her heart, she secretly cried out in pain.

“It wasn’t a run-in, he killed my father.”

Zhao Si Si was so furious at this point that she simply said it straight out.

The reason why she didn’t say it before was because she had been trying to control it and didn’t want to cause trouble for others, but now that she saw Wang Long literally right in front of her, in her anger, she couldn’t care about anything else.

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The old lady was even more confused all of a sudden.

“He is the murderer, what do you say, what do you all say?” Zhao Si Si turned back and looked at the crowd with hope.

However, at this moment, the gazes of the crowd all avoided her.

No more words were spoken.

“Stinky girl, what are you talking about?”

Wang Long, at this time, came forward instead.

Angrily, he stared at Zhao Si Si, “You dare to accuse me falsely? It was obviously your father who stole from me, and when I found out, I panicked while running away and didn’t dodge in time, so he was hit by a car and died, I haven’t settled the score with you yet, and you dare to falsely accuse me of killing your father.”

Wang Long had calculated long ago, anyway, he had already sent someone to the funeral hall to cremate Zhao Baoliang, and the cause of death had been changed to a car accident, plus the scene of everything that happened that night, except Zhao Sisi the others were all his own people, so what was there to be afraid of.

“You, you lie!”

Zhao Si Si was even more furious, this evil man had actually backtracked.

“I won’t talk nonsense with you, I’m here today for no other reason than for the things your father stole from me, a bag of diamonds, worth more than a million, hurry up and return it to me, return it and I’ll leave.” Wang Long said.

“What?! You’re lying, I didn’t!”

“Oh, I know you can’t afford to pay back, but as I see it, the diamonds you stole, should not be swallowed by yourself alone, everyone here, probably have a share, this birthday party well, I think it should be a celebration, since each of you have gotten the benefit of my diamonds, then you all have to put together, to put together my one million! ”

Wang Long said as he looked around the booth with a few sinister looks in his eyes.


The old lady’s body jolted and she almost sat on the floor in shock.

The crowd also trembled, what was going on? How could they talk about it and then bring it to their heads?

“Hurry up, everyone pay up!” Wang Long was not polite at this point and shouted, “Everyone has to pay up, if we don’t get a million today, no one will leave, hurry up and pay back the money for this stinky girl!”

“This, this is Zhao Sisi’s doing, it has nothing to do with us!”

Only then did the crowd understand that they had to take the blame for Zhao Si Si, they definitely wouldn’t do it, and hurriedly started to clear the air.


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