At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 558

Double Happiness Restaurant.

It is a large private room with four large tables set up inside, which can accommodate dozens of people to say the least.

Today was Zhao Si Si’s grandmother’s birthday.

Although it was not as grand as the pomp and circumstance, the old lady was in good spirits with a brand new custom-made Tang suit and dyed white hair.

All the relatives of the Zhang family came.

There was a large gathering.

After exchanging pleasantries, they were seated one by one.

At that moment, the door to the private room opened.

Zhao Si Si stood at the door, carrying a large box in her hand.

“Isn’t this the one who was expelled from the Zhao family, Zhao Si Si?”

“She used to be the thousand-year-old daughter of the Zhao family, with money and status, but now she’s fallen through the cracks and is nothing.”

“Yes, not only that, after she was driven out by the Zhao family, I heard that the Zhao family still has a lot of hatred for their family, we’d better keep a distance from her, lest we get into trouble.”

The crowd chattered.

Zhao Si Si stood in the doorway a little at a loss for words.

Although the crowd’s chatter was buzzing and she couldn’t hear it very clearly, she could see the eyes of the crowd, the kind with an unfriendly look that made Zhao Si Si feel a little flustered.

“Ah, it’s Si Si ah, come on, come to Grandma.”

The old lady sat on the head seat and patted the seat next to her, she saw all this in her eyes, instead she was a little secretly happy in her heart, having helped Si Si in this situation, wouldn’t it achieve even more effect.

Zhao Si Si let out a secret breath, lowered her head, quickened a few steps, and went from the middle of her relatives and friends to sit on the seat next to the old lady.

The crowd was amazed as they watched all this.

I didn’t expect the old lady to be so kind to Zhao Si Si even after she was like this, this was too rare.

“Grandma, this is the birthday cake I bought for you.”

Zhao Si Si handed over the box in her hand.

Yes, Zhao Si Si had gone to buy a birthday cake for the old lady.

In the past few days, Zhao Si Si did feel that both Grandma’s family and her mother’s attitude towards her had changed, they had all become much better, although she didn’t know why, Zhao Si Si’s heart always had some solace.

Although she was not related to them by blood, she was still considered a family after all.

So, today was the old lady’s birthday, and Zhao Si Si went out to buy a birthday cake.

“Si Si is so understanding, she’s worthy of being my good grandson!”

The old lady was all smiles, hugging Zhao Si Si and giving her a few kisses on the cheek, a look of joy and happiness between grandparents and grandchildren.

But after a few kisses, the smile on the old lady’s face slowly disappeared, replaced by a sad expression, and finally, she even hugged Zhao Si Si and whimpered.

“My poor, miserable grandson, God is so blind, making you a fatherless child.”

The old lady cried as she wiped her tears.

Zhao Sisi had been in a slightly better mood because of her grandmother’s birthday and had temporarily forgotten about Zhao Baoliang, but now that the old lady was crying, she immediately remembered these sad things again and could not help but cry as well.

The two grandparents and the grandson were hugging and crying at once.

Except for Zhang Lianxiang and the others, the rest of them looked dumbfounded and looked at each other, not knowing what was going on.

“What’s going on?”

“What’s going on?”

“Everyone be quiet and listen to me.” Pondering that the crowd’s appetite and curiosity had been whetted, the old lady finally stopped crying at this time and stood up and squeezed her hand.

Then only then did she tell the story of Zhao Baoliang.

“Si Si ah, although you have no father from now on, but you still have your mother, from now on you will live in grandma’s house, your mother and your uncle, your cousin are all your family, in the future if you have any grievances, if you are bullied, just tell me. Grandma will take care of it for you, I can still use my old bones to help you!” The old lady said in public.

“Well said!”

“Well said, grandma still loves her granddaughter!”

“Although she’s not her own, she’s better than her own, that’s a strong enough bond!”

The crowd applauded.

“Thank you, Grandma.” Zhao Si Si was still quite touched.

“There’s another thing ah, I also want to tell you about it, that is, your father had a car accident and got the compensation money.” The old lady saw that the time was almost ripe, so she told them what she had discussed with Zhang Lianxiang and the others before.

When Zhang Lianxiang Zhang Ruijie and the others saw that the old lady had finally spoken out, they immediately pricked up their ears and observed the changes in the scene and the reactions of the people.

“That, I mean this ah Si Si, you are still young, this money, I hope you can put it here with me, I will keep it for you, lest you are too young to bear the temptation and this huge sum of money is spent by you in an improper way, I am doing this for your own good.”

The old lady said what looked genuine.


Zhao Si Si didn’t expect her grandmother to suddenly bring this up again, and she was suddenly dumbfounded again.

How could she answer this? It wasn’t like Dad had been in a real car accident, let alone any compensation money.

But how could she deny it at this time, on this occasion?

If she said it wasn’t a car accident, not only would she be embarrassed in front of everyone, but more importantly, she would have to go on to tell the truth, and if she knew that Blood Jade had done it, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Grandma might go to Wang Long to avenge herself and find a way out.

How could ordinary people stand up to them?

After thinking about it, Zhao Si Si didn’t know what to do. For a while, she stammered, not really knowing what to say.

“What’s wrong, it’s already this time, you still don’t want to say anything?”

The old lady was a little anxious in her heart, she had asked once before and Zhao Si Si didn’t answer then, but at that time they all thought that Zhao Si Si hadn’t fully felt the warmth yet.

So later they doubled their kindness to Zhao Si Si, and today they took advantage of the birthday to gather all their friends and relatives to be so kind to Zhao Si Si in front of so many people, this should be able to break through Zhao Si Si’s heart’s defences, right?

But how come he still didn’t say anything?

“Hey, what’s going on ah, your grandmother is so good to you, why are you still thinking of hiding the compensation?”

“That’s right, it’s not like your grandmother is trying to swallow that money from you, she’s just afraid you’ll take a crooked path and hold it for you, isn’t that bad?”

“Alas, some people really just don’t have a sense of human kindness ah, treating you so well is really like raising a wolf, not at all well bred, actually no sense of trust at all.”

“What is money, affection is the first thing!”

At this moment, the crowd at the bottom also started to talk, blaming Zhao Si Si.

Among these people.

There were some who were really fooled by the old lady and were indeed touched by this great affection of the old lady, and were indeed furious at this appearance of Zhao Si Si.

There were also some who could see some of the doorways and could see the old lady’s true intentions, but why should these people speak out?

After all, more is better than less, not to mention that they are all relatives, so of course they are openly looking towards the old lady.

“Actually, there is actually no …… compensation.” Zhao Si Si finally, said.

“What do you mean, the other side did not compensate?” The old lady hurriedly asked, “Well, Si Si tell me who hit your father, let’s fight him in a lawsuit and also get the compensation back!”

“This ……”

Zhao Si Si bit her lips tightly, not knowing what to say.

And at this time, a Range Rover brushed up against the entrance of the Double Happiness Hotel.

“Wow, there’s actually someone who drives a million-dollar luxury car to come to our place for dinner, quick, go greet it!” The owner of the Double Happiness Restaurant hurriedly pulled his daughter-in-law out to greet him.

When they came out, their eyes were immediately rounded.

There was more than just a Land Rover at the door.

As they looked down the road, they could not even see one after the other, and there were cars coming around the bend in front of them.

“What’s going on here?”

The boss, at this point, froze there for a moment not knowing what to do because he was surprised and even a little scared.

“Brother Long, this Double Happiness Restaurant has arrived.”

“Get off.”

Wang Long put out the cigarette in his hand, pushed open the car door and walked down.

As soon as Wang Long got out of the car, how could the others dare to sit in the car, they all got out of the car.

Good guys, for a moment, the streets were filled with people.


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