At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 557

“Young master, after investigating the data from the traffic brigade side in the past few days, there have been more than twenty traffic accidents in Jiang Yang City in the past week.”

In the business car, someone was on the phone.

“How many deaths were there?” The caller said.

“No, not a single one, they were all minor accidents, and the most serious one was just a broken bone.”

“That’s strange, how can there be none, did you investigate wrongly.”

“Young master please don’t worry, we have now reached the funeral parlour, here we should get some extra information.”

“Good then, report back to me immediately if there is any situation.”

On the other end of the phone, Neo hung up the phone in his hand, and felt a little strange in his heart.

Uncle Zhao had died in a car accident, it was impossible for the traffic brigade to not have any records of such a major traffic accident.

Then there could only be one reason, this major car accident, Zhao Si Si and the other party private.

The idea is that Zhao Si Si, a girl with no experience in this kind of thing, would definitely be at a disadvantage if she went private with someone else, right?

The company’s business is a very important part of the company’s business.

These men didn’t go anywhere, they walked straight towards the curator’s office and, with a bang, pushed open the door.

“Who are you people?” The curator frowned.

“We need to check the details of the dead you’ve admitted here recently.” One of the men in black suits said.

“This is a formal establishment, not just anyone can come in and ask to check things out, not to mention you are trespassing in my office, get out now!” The curator’s face showed anger, these people who came out of nowhere, the curator wouldn’t even look at them, let alone even circle with them.

“Please cooperate!” The man in the black suit remained cold in his attitude, not flinching in the least from the curator’s attitude, and as he spoke, he already had an additional object in his hand, which was held against the curator’s head.

It was a gun.

The curator was stunned. A gun on the head is something you see everywhere in film and television, but in real life, it’s pretty magical.

Certain things are engraved in the genes, like fear.

“My friend, there is something to be said.” The curator warbled, while very consciously starting to look up recent information.

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“Have there been any in the last week because of car accidents?” The man in the black suit asked.

“There happens to be one.” At this time what Blood Jade Hall what Wang Long, have long been left behind by the curator, at this time, their own lives are the most important, he would not dare to risk lying about this, not good enough to lose his own life.

A few minutes later.

The curator watched the men leave the office and immediately grabbed the phone, ready to call the police.

“No need to go to all that trouble, we have a letter of introduction.” One of the men seemed to see the curator’s intentions and threw out a document.

The curator only glanced at the official seal on the document and immediately saw that it was the official seal of the province.

He couldn’t help but draw a cold breath, and then he realised that these men were not small in origin.

“So it’s the province’s valuable guests, just now is really poor hospitality, just now you directly take out the document, no matter what matter what I will do ah, and why do ……” the curator at this time face has been converted to a smile, although the heart actually still have some incomprehension.

“We like to use the most direct and quickest way to solve the problem just.” The man in the black suit said with another turn of phrase, “You now order the crematorium to be stopped immediately, we’re going over to check it out.”

“Aye, aye.”

Not much to say about the funeral home over here, but at this time in Jiang Yang Hospital.

The ward building.

“Aiya, congratulations old brother Wang, young people are just quick to recover, they were discharged in just a few days, unlike us old men who treat the ward like our own home, alas.”

Old man Huang shook hands with Wang Long personally, and some polite words were inevitable.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Wang Long took his own minions with him and left the ward building in a big way.

At this moment, colourful banners were hung at the hospital gate.

President Ding, with a group of hospital staff, stood at the entrance, personally sending Wang Long off.

This was a show that ordinary people had never seen before.

The hospital was already a crowded place, and with this unconventional operation, it naturally attracted a lot of people to look around.

“Good man, what a big show, who is this discharged from the hospital, is it a big shot from Shangjing?”

“No, I heard it’s Wang Long from Blood Jade Hall, the one known as Brother Long, a big gangster.”

“Wang Long, I’ve heard of him too, although he’s a big gangster, but it’s not so much that the whole hospital leadership came to see him off when he was discharged, this is too exaggerated.”

“It’s not exaggerated at all, look outside.” The person who spoke, said and pointed down the road at the hospital’s main entrance.

“Crap, this, what’s going on, why are there so many cars?”

Yes, at this moment, on that main road in front of the hospital, there were dozens of cars lined up, including some luxury cars like the Range Rover Wrangler, others were also big SUVs like the Bardo, from the look of these cars alone, they were not driven by ordinary people.

“These are all the various forces that mix with the underground in Jiangyang, they heard that Wang Long was discharged from the hospital today, so they all came to greet them.”

“Didn’t all these people used to be on an equal footing with Wang Long, and there were even those who oppressed him, so how come they all seem to be like Wang Long’s little brothers now, coming to welcome him out of hospital?”

“Who knows, anyway, I heard that Wang Long knows someone big, at least at the provincial level, which is already very impressive for a small seventh or eighth tier county like ours, Jiang Yang.”

The crowd was just talking about it in such a variety of ways.

On Wang Long’s side, at this time, when he came out of the hospital, he was also taken aback when he saw the scene in front of him.

When he was in the ward, although he had already heard the news and knew that his fame was spreading fast in Jiang Yang, but how could he have imagined that it had reached this level?

On the road in front of him, there were these dozens of cars parked, surprisingly, they were all here to greet him.

Wang Long swept over with a glance, and where his eyes saw, he could also see some familiar faces.

Of course, these familiar faces were not from his Blood Jade Hall, but belonged to the bosses of various large and small gangs in Jiang Yang City, but at this moment, all these people had come here for one purpose only, to welcome him out of the hospital.

Wang Long suddenly had a feeling of being an ally, of becoming the leader of Jiangyang City, a powerful sense of power that gave him a few more moments of pleasure in his heart.

Damn, this feeling was really good.

“Brother Long! Congratulations on being discharged from hospital!”

“Brother Long, my little brother has come to pick you up from the hospital, take care of you in the future.”

“Brother Long, there were some small misunderstandings in the past, you are generous, let’s write it off!”

When the crowd saw Wang Long come out, they all came up to greet him.

Wang Long was overjoyed and got into a Range Rover surrounded by the crowd, with a few of the most powerful gang leaders in Jiang Yang accompanying him.

“Brother Long, we’ve chartered the best hotel in Jiangyang, let’s give you a good reception this time.”

“Yes, Brother Long, tonight a one-stop service, all expenses are paid by us, pay for all the brothers of Blood Jade Hall for Brother Long!”

Several people said ingratiatingly.

Wang Long only nodded slightly, his face was unperturbed, but his heart was very flattered.

However, Wang Long’s mind was not on these things at this moment, for him, he had more important things to do.

“That, you have sent people to spy on Zhao Si Si, what is she doing these days?” Wang Long asked.

“Brother Long, that Zhao Si Si’s family, they all went out en masse today as well, my men also inquired, I heard that it was Zhao Si Si’s grandmother’s birthday today, she was going to set up a few tables in the hotel and invited some good relatives and friends, so I guess she should be at the birthday banquet now.” The little brother said.


Wang Long’s eyes flickered, “A birthday party? Interesting, it’s just as well that I want to go and have a look. Which hotel is it?”

“It’s not a good hotel anyway, it’s just a bunch of old folk, what good place could it be, it seems to be the Double Happiness Restaurant.”

“Tell the caravan to divert and go to Double Happiness Restaurant.” Wang Long looked at the gang leaders again and said, “You guys don’t have a problem with that, do you?”

“No no, wherever Brother Long says to go, we will follow.”


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