At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 556

In the hospital ward building in Jiang Yang City, these days, from time to time, you can see some social youths wearing all kinds of chains, exaggerated strange clothes and tattoos showing on their arms and chests, with cigarettes in their mouths, making loud and reckless noises.

“Why are there so many roving young ruffians popping up lately? Cough cough, this is a ward building, smoking is explicitly forbidden, these guys don’t even comply with the most basic, looks like I’ll have to talk to Dean Ding for a word.”

“Harm, don’t look for it, it’s useless to do so.”

“Oh, how is that possible? The doctor said that it would be good for my condition to eat some tiger bones, and Dean Ding has made a lot of connections to get some for me. Don’t forget, we are people with a background from the provincial capital, so it’s not a bad idea to ask Dean Ding to do something, and he is eager to please us.”

“That’s true, but do you know that these punks are all from the right background? I heard that there’s a big shot in the building, even Huang Lao fears him, and these punks are the minions of this big shot. This thing ah, we can not afford to control.”

“So powerful, the country is really hiding a crouching tiger, one mountain is higher than another.”

“That’s true, I heard that there are still people in charge of the four families, maybe the world is controlled by someone, so mind your own business, you might get into trouble, that’s not good.”

“Yeah, well, just bear with it then.”

These two said, shaking their heads and sighing as they went back to their respective wards.

At that moment, one of the most upscale wards in the building was bustling with activity and heat.

Two beautiful women in revealing clothes were dancing seductively, their already superb figures making people even more excited. Wang Long sat on the bed, looking at the beautiful women in front of him while eating the hot pot that was boiling in front of him.

Those who could do this in the ward were not ordinary people.

Others certainly couldn’t and didn’t have the guts to do so, but Wang Long could.

“Brother Long, when will you be discharged from the hospital, now the people on the road, they are all waiting for it.” The little brother beside Wang Long, nodded his head and humbled himself.

“What, they’re all waiting to cut me down when they get out of hospital.”

“Brother Long is really good at joking, all the various sects in the Dao are waiting for you to be discharged from the hospital, to give you a reception with wine.” The whole Jiang Yang area is full of rumors about you, and Li Laobai in the north of the city has already sent us a letter saying that he won’t compete for the ktv street in Xinyang River, and will give it to our Blood Jade Hall. , also ready to make you the chairman of the board, Brother Long ……”

“These two sons of b*tches, they used to fight with our Blood Jade Hall, but now they know better, hehehehe.”

“The day you are discharged from the hospital, it will definitely be a big news in Jiangyang, the cars picking you up in front of the hospital will probably be lined up two blocks away, good man, in that case, our Blood Jade Hall will become the number one gang in Jiangyang.”

“It’s not just the number one club, it’s even the number one power, I think even the Cui family will have to bow down to Brother Long now.”

“Wow, then when the time comes, our Blood Jade Hall will really be able to walk across the river in Jiangyang.”

The crowd all got excited.

“Don’t get excited.” Wang Long was much calmer than his own little brother, but his gaze did not hide the joy inside, “This matter is also very strange, I still haven’t figured out why Doctor Qiu would come all the way here to see my injuries, after all, even Huang Lao doesn’t have the qualifications. I have asked Dr. Qiu about it, but Dr. Qiu is not sure, he only knows that someone gave an order and then he rushed here. This order was of a very high rank, so Dr. Qiu did not dare to be slow and immediately came without stopping. I was thinking, how did this happen?”

“You don’t need to ask, Brother Long, someone big must have a good opinion of you, you have someone behind you, Brother Long, but don’t worry about that now, even Huang Lao is starting to please you now, you have to make good use of this moment, Brother Long, if you don’t, our Blood Jade Hall will soar to the sky, dominate Jiang Yang and storm the whole country.”

“That’s right, indeed, we should make good use of it.” Wang Long nodded and added, “By the way, have you found out the whereabouts of that Zhao Sisi?”

“I’ve found out, Brother Long, the girl has gone back to her grandmother’s house, and she seems to have been at home for the past few days without going out.”

“That’s really f*cking strange, how on earth did this woman escape from the trunk.” Wang Long frowned.

“Brother Long, should we send a few brothers to get her back?”

“Don’t you f*cking rush, I’ve got this girl, she can’t get away. That Zhao Baoliang just died, this girl must hate me in her heart now, she is also in a low mood, there is no point in arresting her at this time, let her take some time off.” Wang Long said and frowned, “It’s that dead Zhao Baoliang, we have to think of a way to deal with it.”

“Harm, it’s not that simple, Brother Long, have the brothers drive the car and pull the body to the mountain and bury it, once and for all. No one will know about it, no one will know.”

“What do you know, that Zhao Si Si saw us kill Zhao Baoliang with our own eyes, how can we just bury it, and the body was thrown on the street at that time, there must be passers-by saw it later, if Zhao Si Si calls the police, then we will not be able to do anything.”

“Then what should we do? Brother Long?”

Wang Long pondered for a moment and suddenly raised his head, “Then where is Zhao Baoliang’s body?”

“We’ve already put it away, it’s now in the cold storage of Xinliang Wholesale Market, together with a big pile of frozen chicken legs.” The little brother said.

“Then go now, take the body to the funeral parlour and find someone to cremate it.” Wang Long said.

“Huh? Brother Long, won’t that be an exposure?”

“You don’t understand, I have connections in the funeral parlour, you take Zhao Baoliang’s body to the funeral parlour, I will find someone to meet with you, the funeral parlour cremation has to fill in the cause of death, you will write down the death in a car accident, and then hurry to cremate, so that even if Zhao Sisi calls the police in the future, someone comes to investigate that it is useless, because the body has been cremated, nothing can be investigated, only the records of the funeral parlour prevail. It can only be based on the records of the funeral parlour, and the records of the funeral parlour say car accident, so it can only be concluded that Zhao Baoliang died in a car accident, not that we killed him.”

“This is a brilliant move by Brother Long! The funeral parlour belongs to the Guojia unit, so if their records say car accident, it’s indisputable and the person has been cremated, so everything is a foregone conclusion.”

“Then why are you still standing there, why don’t you hurry up and get on with it!”

Jiang Yang Funeral Parlour.

“Boss, it’s for you.” In the office, someone said.

The chief of the funeral parlour, Jiang Hui, lazily took the phone, and just after feeding it, he immediately sat up straight, not knowing what was being said on the phone, but only hearing Jiang Hui nodding his head one after another, as if he was promising something.

Put down the phone.

“That, Xiao Li ah, you are in charge of the second cremator, right, later a car with the number plate of Yue XX will bring a corpse to the cremation, when you check and fill out the form, no matter what, directly fill in the car accident death, understand!”

“Ah, boss, this isn’t just something to fill in, is it?”

“Why do you care so much, just do what you’re told!”

A van drove into the compound with a breeze.

“Get out of the way, get out of the way!”

Several people jumped out of the van and quickly dragged out a man-sized bag from the vehicle, which several people carried, driving away the surrounding crowd, cursing and swearing under their breath.

The crowd didn’t dare to say anything, but they had to move aside when they saw the men with tattoos on their fierce bodies.

Xiao Li, the operator of the crematorium, took one look at these people and knew that they were exactly what the boss had told him to do, so he didn’t ask any questions and picked up the form and started to fill it out.

“Okay, the forms are filled out, the cremation will start now!”

The group roared in haste.

“Wait a minute, first heat up the cooker.” Little Lee said.

“You f*cking make it quick! About how long?” The men looked cross and opened their mouths to curse.

“Five minutes.”

They were arguing here, but didn’t know that while this was happening, a black commercial vehicle came in at the entrance of the funeral home.


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