At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 555

As soon as Zhang Lianxiang returned home with Zhao Sisi, the crowd gathered around.

“What’s going on, why are you two the only ones back?”

“Si Si, where is your real mother?”

The crowd had a caring look on their faces.

“Alas, don’t mention it, that brat called Neo, he’s really no good!” Zhang Lianxiang still looked angry at this point, cursing up.

As she cursed, she told the story of how she met Neo at the villa.

In the middle of the story, of course, she added fuel to the fire.

“How can the world be such a despicable and shameless person again!”

“That’s right, I just wonder if this kind of person has a heart or not, if they are black, cousin has just suffered such a big blow and misfortune, it’s the time when she needs care, not only did that kid not show concern, he even thought of scheming for his aunt’s compensation money, this kind of person should be struck by lightning from heaven.” Zhang Hui said.

“Alas, it’s true that outsiders are unreliable.” The old lady let out a long sigh, “You guys, I remember in the past, that Neo, wasn’t he very close to our Si Si, how come now, as soon as he heard that Si Si had compensation money, he did such a heartless thing.”

“But that’s not a bad thing, doesn’t that let us see the true face of that Neo kid clearly.” Zhang Lianxiang gently stroked Zhao Si Si’s back and said meaningfully, “Si Si, after this incident, I think you should understand, outsiders are always outsiders, they can be good to you, but they will not always be good to you, and they are good to you with conditions, and in the end, they will always want to squeeze benefits from you. Family, on the other hand, is what you can rely on behind you, because it’s only family that really cares about you.”

“Yes, Si Si, we are not the same as Neo, although we are not really related to you by blood, we will always be your family too, and I will always be your grandmother.” The old lady also said.

“By the way, cousin, how much compensation did the other party give you when auntie had a car accident?” Zhang Hui suddenly opened her mouth and said.

As soon as her words came out, immediately, the scene fell silent.

The others stopped talking in unison, looking calm, but at that moment, they all pricked up their ears and held their breath, afraid of missing a word.

“Ah ……”

Zhao Si Si was instantly just stunned.

To be honest, at first hearing the compensation money these, Zhao Si Si was dumbfounded, but then she also understood, she said her father was a car accident, there is naturally compensation money ah in a car accident.

However, although she understood this level, Zhao Si Si still did not know how to answer.

After all, it wasn’t really a car accident, so how could she tell this lie for a moment?

“Si Si ah, don’t worry, we are asking you this, not coveting this compensation money, we will never be like that guy Neo, poor and inhuman.”

Seeing Zhao Si Si hesitate, of course Zhang Lian Xiang and the others would not think of the real reason, they thought that Zhao Si Si had some scruples, so they hurriedly explained.

“Yes, yes, cousin ah, we don’t have that kind of heart, you have to believe me.” Zhang Hui also hurriedly followed up and said, “If you don’t want to talk about it, then forget it, in fact, we are just worried that you have been cheated or the other party has given less compensation, if you can tell us exactly what is going on, we can help you ah.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Zhao Si Si lowered her eyes and said with a breathless voice.

To be honest, at this point, she herself was feeling a bit like she was riding a tiger.

But then, how could one tell them the truth?

What use would it be to tell them?

The Blood Jade Hall was so powerful that ordinary civilians would not be enough for them.

If not, it would even lead to death.

After all, Blood Jade Hall had killed Dad that easily.

“I… I’ll go take a nap.”

Zhao Si Si couldn’t help but think of Zhao Baoliang again, and a sadness flooded her heart again.

With Zhao Si Si gone, in the room, there was only Zhang Lian Xiang’s side of the family left.

“This Zhao Si Si, why is she so cold, we are so nice to her, but she is still wary of us, there is really no sense of human kindness.” Zhang Hui said with hatred.

“This stinky girl.”

Zhang Ruijie fiercely puffed on his cigarette and looked at Zhang Lianxiang, “Aren’t you also her mother, you’re the closest to her here, so you should come up with some ideas! You don’t even have a solution, what’s the use of having you at home!”

“I ……”

Don’t look at Zhang Lianxiang, who is usually very eloquent, but being reprimanded by Zhang Ruijie like this, she was only obedient and didn’t dare to say anything more.

The status in the family is evident.

“If we start infighting now, then how can we still do that?” The old lady snapped.

“Mom, what’s your idea?” Zhang Ruijie said.

“I do have one.” The old lady’s gaze steepled in contemplation, seemingly shining with a kind of wisdom, “Next week, I will be exactly seventy years old, and this time, I have decided to follow the example of those magnificent clans and have a so-called birthday party as well.”

“Mom, are you being confused? Those gentry are well-connected and rich, so they can have a birthday party, but how can we, ordinary people’s families, have one?” Zhang Ruijie said.

“What do you know! Although ordinary people can’t be as big as the big families, they can still make a small fuss. Besides, the big families do it once a year, but I’m just in time for my 70th birthday, so what’s the big deal? What’s the big deal? What, can’t I have a good time too?” The old lady said.

“Well, Grandma, of course you can have your birthday, but why are you suddenly mentioning this? Isn’t the most urgent and important thing for us to do now, getting the compensation money.” Zhang Hui asked.

“You guys don’t understand this. Of course not, I’m having a birthday party and all my friends and relatives will come over, and Si Si, as my granddaughter, of course she has to be there too, right?” The old lady said.

“That’s for sure.” Zhang Lianxiang said.

“When the time comes, Si Si will make an appearance, I will make special arrangements for her to sit at the same table as me, and even, most likely, sit next to me.” The old lady said.

“Mom, how is that possible, she is only a junior in the end, how can she be at the same table as you!”

“That’s right, Grandma, even if a junior could be at the same table as you, it would be me, how could it be her!” Zhang Hui said discontentedly.

“Alas, this is what you don’t understand, but you are right, of course, those who can sit at the table with me are the most senior people in the family and friends, Si Si is not qualified to sit there, but as a result, I let her sit there, do you think, in the eyes of everyone, that I love Si Si very much and letting her sit next to me is a kind of preferential treatment for her? ?”

“Of course!”

“Not only do I let Si Si sit next to me, I also take great care of her and make it a point to do many things to make all my relatives and friends feel that I love and treat her well.” The old lady continued.

“Grandma, what the hell do you want?” Zhang Hui got impatient.

“Oh, when I get everyone to think that, I’ll start bringing up Zhao Baoliang’s car accident in public, I’ll show my sympathy for Si Si, and I’ll also say in public that I’ll take care of Si Si and everything for her in the future, and I also hope that Si Si will put the compensation money to me and let me keep it for her, I’m not doing this to swallow the compensation money, I’m just afraid that Si Si is not safe to hold such a large sum of money for a girl. Think about it, in front of so many relatives and friends, can Si Si still hide the compensation money anymore? Besides, everyone has seen how good I am to Si Si. In front of so many people, would Si Si be willing to refuse my kindness and good intentions? She definitely won’t say no, and as long as she agrees in public, then she can never go back on her words!”

“Wonderful, this is a good idea!”

Zhang Hui slapped the table excitedly, “No wonder you let her sit next to you, Grandma, so everyone will think that you really dote on her too well, so if she refuses to give you the compensation money for safekeeping, others will definitely say that she doesn’t know how to accuse her, and given her character, she definitely won’t say no!”

“As long as the money is in hand, I will never suffer from this stinky girl again, look how she is floating now, we are so nice to her and she doesn’t appreciate it at all, she has to go to bed with it, she really doesn’t have any family education.” Zhang Ruijie said.

“Before the compensation money comes, you have to pay attention to me.” The old lady glared at Zhang Ruijie, “Okay, the matter is settled, you also go to prepare first, book a hotel to invite friends and relatives, these few days should also be busy enough.”

There was a lot of discussion going on here.

Neo, seeing that he had been misunderstood, and Zhao Si Si had been dragged away by Zhang Lian Xiang.

He wanted to go on and explain to Zhao Sisi, but then he thought, “What is he? He had nothing to do with Zhao Si Si, so who was he to keep pestering her?

Forget it.

It’s just that I didn’t expect Uncle Zhao to have such an accident, and thinking about it made Neo’s heart sting a little.

After all, Neo also had a pretty good impression of Zhao Baoliang.

Alas, why do good people always fail to live long?

Not only is it not long-lived, but now, Neo doesn’t even know exactly how Zhao Baoliang died in a car accident, there should be compensation for the accident, and there is a funeral, which is very complicated, can Zhao Sisi, a girl handle it well?

Thinking of this, Neo took out his mobile phone, looked at it and dialed out a few numbers.

“Check out the people who had car accidents in Jiang Yang recently.” Neo said.



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