At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 554

“You’re right.”

The old lady understood and a smile appeared on her face, “No one wants to mess with money, a mental illness is just a mental illness, how much food can it eat us.”

Early the next morning, Zhao Si Si got up and followed Zhang Lian Xiang to the abandoned villa.

“Mom, I’ve come to pick you up!”

Zhao Si Si was worried about Cao Feng’s state and hurriedly rushed to the bedroom.

“Big sister, come home with us and stay here, I’ll take care of you.” Zhang Lianxiang said as she followed closely behind.

But once they entered the door, both of them were dumbfounded.

The room was empty, and there was no one in the bed anywhere.

“Mum, Mum!”

Zhao Si Si was instantly anxious, she had never seen this situation before, every time she came here before, Cao Feng would be in the room, so how could it be that by coincidence, today there was this unusual situation.

Zhao Si Si anxiously looked around the villa, hoping to find Cao Feng, but it was obvious that she was doing nothing.

Zhao Si Si sat down in front of the villa, her head dripping with cold sweat. And no matter where she went, it was definitely not safe.

“Si Si, don’t worry, let’s take our time and think of a way, we’ll definitely find it.” Zhang Lianxiang said comfortingly, but her gaze looked a little indifferent and even a little secretly happy.

Just at that moment, a figure walked in from outside.


Zhao Si Si shouted, jumping up from the floor to meet him.

But when she saw the person in front of her clearly, she froze once again, looking at the person in front of her in disbelief.

For a moment, even the search for her mother was forgotten.

“What, it’s you?” Ever since she saw the person in front of her, Zhao Si Si’s gaze hadn’t moved away either.

Yes, the person who came in was certainly not Cao Feng, but Neo.

After knowing about Zhao Baoliang yesterday, Neo’s heart was also in a mess, only the specifics were not clear to him and he could only be blindly anxious.

He had to let Zhao Si Si know that he had asked Zhang Jiu to take Cao Feng away.

Yesterday, when Zhang Lianxiang blocked him, Neo understood that Zhang Lianxiang would never agree to see Zhao Si Si, but Neo also knew that Zhao Si Si would definitely come to Cao Feng, so today, Neo came to the villa, and to his surprise, he really ran into Zhao Si Si.

And when Zhao Si Si saw Neo, she still had some words in her heart.

However, at this time, with so many things happening to Zhao Si Si, she was not in the mood to say anything.

“I know about Uncle’s matter.” Neo sighed and opened his mouth first.

“What?” Zhao Si Si froze.

“Uncle had a car accident and passed away.” Neo didn’t want to talk too much about this topic so as not to make Zhao Si Si even more upset, so he continued, “So, I came back this time to pick up you and auntie, although uncle is no longer here, I will take care of you in the future.”

“My mother ……” Zhao Si Si seemed to understand something.

“Yes, auntie I picked up.” Although it was strange to call Cao Feng an aunt, at this time Neo had to call her that.

“Where did you pick her up and how is she now!” At this time, Zhao Si Si finally got anxious, her mind was back to her own mother.

“Don’t worry, auntie is in a very safe place, as for where, right now, I can’t tell you yet.” Neo told the truth.

After all, it was Zhang Jiu who had picked up Cao Feng and should now be taken for treatment, where exactly, Neo wasn’t very clear, but he didn’t need to be very clear, after all, he was at ease with Zhang Jiu handling this matter.

“You should come with me too.”

Neo looked at Zhao Si Si and said.

On the one hand, he felt indebted to Zhao Si Si, after all, he had more or less caused trouble to Zhao Si Si by crossing over.

On the other hand, it was because Zhao Sisi was Cao Feng’s daughter, after all, Cao Feng and himself also knew each other, Neo naturally hoped to help them mother and daughter.

“I ……”

Zhao Sisi hesitated for a moment, not knowing how to answer.

“Fine, brat, don’t think I don’t know what kind of good intentions you have!”

Just at this moment, Zhang Lianxiang suddenly rushed up and blocked between Neo and Zhao Si Si, looking at Neo angrily.

“Mom, Neo he only meant well ……”

Zhao Sisi pulled Zhang Lianxiang and persuaded.

“Good intentions, do you think he means well?” Zhang Lianxiang let out a cold laugh, “I don’t think so, I think that not only does he not have good intentions, but he harbors extremely bad intentions.”

As she said that, Zhang Lianxiang looked at Neo, her face showing a cold smile and confidence that saw through Neo’s mind, “Didn’t you abandon Si Si and leave, why did you suddenly come back at this time? Could it be that you really care about Si Si? I don’t think so, if you ask me, you just heard that Si Si’s father had a car accident and people had left, so you will definitely get a large amount of compensation, that’s why you pretend to care about Si Si, in fact, your purpose is just to get money!”

“What are you talking about?” Neo frowned.

“Still pretending, but it’s all useless, I can see through it at a glance.” Zhang Lianxiang said, “No wonder you picked up Si Si’s real mother in advance, so it was to blackmail Si Si right, you used Si Si’s real mother as a bargaining chip to get Si Si to go with you, thus bullying them as orphans and widows and swallowing Si Si’s father’s car accident compensation money right?”

It was natural for Zhang Lianxiang to say one thing and another, after all, this was more or less what she had in mind.

“Si Si, don’t listen to her, let’s go.”

Neo did not want to bother with Zhang Lianxiang, took Zhao Si Si’s hand and was ready to go.

Yes, there was no need to talk much with such people, Neo only wanted to take Zhao Sisi away at this moment, wait for Zhang Jiu to treat Cao Feng, reunite them with their mother and daughter, and properly receive them so that they could live a good life.

“Wait a minute.”

Zhao Sisi hesitated, not moving.

She looked at Neo, her gaze looking a bit chilling in appearance, “Is that really what you think, is that really all you want in terms of compensation?”

Of course, Zhao Si Si knew that there was no such thing as compensation.

But she also knew very well that everyone else thought that Dad was in a car accident.

“Si Si, is there any need to ask this?!” When she saw that Zhao Si Si did not go with Neo and that her attitude had changed, she was secretly delighted, the opportunity was too good to miss, she had to hurry up and continue lobbying, “Si Si, think about it, the reason your dad had a car accident was because this kid left, so your dad had to accompany you from work at night, and if If this kid hadn’t left, your dad wouldn’t have had the accident, so in that case, this kid is more or less responsible for what happened to your dad!”

As soon as Zhang Lianxiang said this, Zhao Si Si’s heart, all of a sudden, sank again.

She couldn’t help but think of the tragic death of Zhao Baoliang. Although Zhao Si Si knew very well that Neo wasn’t to blame for the incident, nor was he to blame for it, she couldn’t help but blame Neo in her heart.

“I… I won’t go with you.” Zhao Sisi ducked back, “You send my mother back, we don’t need you to take care of her.”

“That’s right, send Si Si’s own mother back, I’ll take care of them, no need for you!” Naturally, Zhang Lianxiang was even more nonchalant.

“This, this might not be possible for the time being.”

Seeing Zhao Si Si like this, there was nothing Neo could do but sigh.

Sending back Cao Feng now, that was obviously impossible.

“Fine, brat, what do you mean by that, and playing the scoundrel, right? You just want to use this to further force Si Si’s hand, don’t you! For the sake of a little compensation, you don’t even have a conscience, right? How dare you do such a thing!” Of course, Zhang Lianxiang would not let go of any opportunity to attack Neo.

“Neo, what the hell do you want? Why do you have to do this! Tell me, just how much money do I have to pay you before you will give me back my mother!” Zhao Si Si said.

“I, I don’t want money, but don’t worry, auntie will never be alright with me, soon you will meet with auntie, then maybe you will be clear.” Neo sighed in his heart, but he also understood that as long as Zhang Jiu had treated Cao Feng, by the time Cao Feng regained her sanity, Zhao Si Si would understand that he could never have bad intentions towards her.

“Come on, Si Si, there’s no reasoning with such a villain, let’s go back and discuss it in the long run!”

Zhang Lianxiang took the opportunity to pull Zhao Si Si away.

She certainly didn’t want Zhao Si Si to stay here and continue to tangle with Neo, in case the night was too long.


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