At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 553

“I checked on the internet, nowadays, when a person is killed in a car accident, at least hundreds of thousands of dollars will be paid out, and if you make a fuss, millions are not out of the question.”

Zhang Hui said as she looked at her phone.

“A million, can it really be that much!” Zhao Si Si’s grandmother’s eyes widened, a bit in disbelief that it could be that much money.

“With this one million, I can buy a Long Yi!” Zhang Ruijie rubbed his hands together excitedly, as if a sedan was in front of him right now.

“Dad, if we have this million, we can buy a hundred thousand or so cars, at least a BMW. Zhang Hui waved her hand with gusto, “And if our department manager sees me driving a BMW, he might be more interested in me.”

“I met that Neo when I was buying breakfast just now.”

Looking at the crowd all giddy with excitement, Zhang Lianxiang looked a little worried.

“Neo? Which Neo?”

“It’s that kid who used to be with Si Si all the time, Si Si is quite close to him.” Zhang Lianxiang said.

“Ah, I remember, it’s that poor guy who came to the house with you guys some time ago, didn’t you say he left Jiang Yang, why did he come back at this time, and once he came back, he even looked for Si Si, what does he want?” Zhang Ruijie frowned alertly.

“He must have heard about Zhao Baoliang and wants to come and ask for some favours!” Zhang Hui said.

“Humph, just because of him! Our Si Si has nothing to do with him! When the compensation money comes, that kid won’t get a dime! What a shameless thing, he has the nerve to come to Si Si.” Grandmother was shaking with anger.

“That’s what they say.” Zhang Lianxiang pondered for a moment and said, “But from what I know about Si Si, Si Si is fond of that boy.”

“Oh, didn’t you say that that kid later abandoned Si Si and went off with a rich girl from the bar, and didn’t Si Si not stop it at that time? Si Si should not like him to be like that.” Zhang Ruijie said.

“Si Si told me about this, she actually couldn’t let the boy leave, the reason she didn’t stop was because she thought the boy would have a better life with that rich girl, now that the boy is back, I think as long as he says something nice, Si Si will definitely get back together with the boy again.” Zhang Lianxiang said.

“Fuck, this compensation money is our family’s, that kid, who has nothing to do with us, won’t take a single cent!” Zhang Ruijie’s face was angry and shocked, as if he was facing a great enemy, “From now on, we have to keep a good eye on Si Si, lest that kid come back for her, in my opinion, that kid will definitely not die, if he still comes to pester like this, I’ll find a few people from the road and teach him a hard lesson.”

“All right!” Grandma finally spoke, “Now that Si Si is with us, can we still let an outsider win? Lianxiang, go and see if Si Si has woken up, talk to her properly, she has just lost her father and is in need of comfort, you mother and daughter have a good chat.”

Grandma winked at Zhang Lianxiang and said in a meaningful way.

“Yes, mum.”

Zhang Lianxiang obviously understood what the old lady meant.

In the room, Zhao Si Si sat dumbly on the bed.

Although she was tired and sleepy, she could not sleep, and when she lay down she had nightmares, a thousand things in her mind, but nothing to unravel them.

Dad was dead.

Although it was a certainty, sometimes she suddenly couldn’t believe it was true; after all, everything was the same today as it had been yesterday, so how could Dad be gone?

What made her even sadder was that she didn’t know what to do with it all.

Dad had died at the hands of the Blood Jade Hall crowd, but Zhao Si Si didn’t dare say so.

But did Dad just die in vain?

How could his justice be recovered?

At one moment, she wanted to bawl her eyes out in sadness, and at another moment, she wanted to go out and fight with the people of Blood Jade Hall, but in the end, she could only sit on the bed in despair, not knowing what to do, without any idea in her mind.

After all, she was just a girl, with no background and no ability, how could she compete with the Blood Jade Society, which had a certain social status?

The door, at that moment, opened gently.

“Si Si, why are you awake? No more sleep for a while? Have some milk.”

Zhang Lianxiang came in, carrying a steaming cup of milk.

“That, Si Si ah, how exactly did your father get into a car accident, what kind of car hit him and what kind of person was the other party?” Zhang Lianxiang asked cautiously as she sat down beside Zhao Si Si.

The tone of voice was also as calm as possible, as if she was pulling a family routine, without the implication of that kind of deliberate enquiry.


Zhao Si Si was stunned, and then realized that she had concealed the truth about her father’s death.

“Ah, this, this …… I, don’t know ……”

Zhao Si Si’s mouth was open and she didn’t know how to answer for a moment.

It was also true that, after all, she had only said before that Zhao Baoliang had been in a car accident under the pretext of not wanting Zhang Lianxiang to know the truth, and had not thought too much about it, and now that Zhang Lianxiang had asked so specifically, she naturally could not make it up for a moment.

“Ah, don’t know? What the hell is going on?”

Zhang Lianxiang frowned.

“It’s not ……” Zhao Si Si was so anxious and upset at this point that she didn’t know what to say.

“Ugh, it’s my bad, I shouldn’t have asked more about this at this time.” Zhang Lianxiang quickly turned inside and cursed herself a few times in her heart for being too hasty.

Although she had always despised Zhao Baoliang and didn’t feel much for Zhao Baoliang’s death herself.

But of course, she knew that Zhao Si Si and Zhao Baoliang had a deep father-daughter bond, and now that Zhao Baoliang had just died, Zhao Si Si was of course very sad, so she was now repeatedly asking Zhao Baoliang’s death details in front of her daughter, which would only arouse Zhao Si Si’s disgust and dislike.

It was no wonder that her daughter was now deliberately playing dumb and refusing to answer.

“Alas, I now regret so much for not treating your father well enough this period of time.” Zhang Lianxiang sighed and changed the subject, “In fact, there have always been feelings between your father and me, it’s just that this period of time is due to some things, that’s why ……” Zhang Lianxiang said.

Zhao Si Si didn’t say anything, she didn’t know what to say, and she didn’t want to say anything.

“But to be honest, your father and I also really loved each other, and now that this has happened to him, I am really sad and upset and in a lot of pain ……”

Zhang Lianxiang said, the corners of her eyes hardened with a few tears, she raised her head and peeked at Zhao Si Si’s face. And then said, “Ah daughter, in fact I know that you have found your real mother ……”

“Ah ……”

Zhao Si Si was stunned, not knowing what Zhang Lianxiang was trying to say.

“Although I have raised you for more than twenty years.” Zhang Lianxiang continued, “But I know that the bond between a biological mother and daughter is something that even time cannot break, after all, you have a bloodline connection, and although I love you and treat you like my own daughter, I cannot hinder your biological mother-daughter relationship.”

“So, I thought about it, why don’t we bring your real mother to our home and live with us in the future, so that we can take care of her, after all, she’s not very good mentally, and you can’t take care of her alone.” Zhang Lianxiang said genuinely.

“Ah ……”

Zhao Si Si looked at Zhang Lianxiang in disbelief, Zhang Lianxiang these words, she did not even dare to think about before.

“Mom, is this true?”

Zhao Si Si looked at Zhang Lian Xiang.

“Of course.” Zhang Lianxiang nodded her head heavily. “Ryanorrow we will go and bring your real mother over.”

“Mom, thank you!” Zhao Sisi was moved and flung herself into Zhang Lianxiang’s arms.

To be honest, Zhao Si Si was really tired of taking care of Cao Feng all by herself, after all, Cao Feng was not in good spirits, and now if she could receive her family, not only would it ease Zhao Si Si’s burden, it would also be good for Cao Feng, so of course Zhao Si Si was grateful.

After comforting her for a while longer, Zhang Lianxiang then left.

“What, you’re going to receive a mental illness into your home?” As soon as the old lady heard about this, her face became most reluctant.

“Mom, you have to understand the truth that you can’t get a wolf out of a child. Zhang Lianxiang said.


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