At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 552

Jo Si Si felt a little scared, yes, she was scared.

Even though, to put it mildly, these were the closest people she had in the world, and she should have felt affectionate when she saw them.

After all, in the past, her grandmother and uncle had been very kind to her, not only very loving, but even had some ingratiating gestures in them.

However, ever since her father had been expelled from the Zhao family and her family had disassociated themselves from the Zhao family, the attitude of her grandmother and her family towards her had changed one hundred and eighty degrees and they had completely changed their faces.

Now that this has happened to her father, she doesn’t know how her grandmother’s family will treat her now.

Although she didn’t like this place at all, if she left it, where else could she go?

“Come to your grandmother’s place.” Zhang Lianxiang waved at Zhao Sisi.

With a few moments of apprehension in her heart, Zhao Si Si stiffened her head and walked forward.

She didn’t know whether it was a bad thing or a good thing.

“Si Si, good baby, I just found out about this from your mother’s mouth, your father is really pitiful, I didn’t expect such an encounter, you must be very sad, but don’t worry, we will never abandon you when something like this happens, we will stand behind you and give you a supportive backing.” Grandma said.


Zhao Si Si was instantly frozen.

She didn’t expect her grandmother to say such heart-warming words.

You know, ever since she broke away from the Zhao family and came here, she had never seen such a kind and warm grandmother today, ah.

“Yes, Si Si, as the saying goes, uncle is half a father, and although I’m definitely not as good as Baoliang in your heart, from now on, I’ll definitely try my best to give you care.” Uncle Zhang Ruijie’s attitude, too, had become much friendlier.

“Cousin, what happened to aunt father is really sad, in the past, I was busy with many things in my company, and I didn’t get along with you properly, it’s all my fault, from now on, ah, we are sisters, I’ll hold on together with you through these difficult times.” Cousin Zhang Hui put her arm around Zhao Si Si’s shoulder and said comfortingly.

At this moment, Zhao Si Si was completely dumbfounded.

For some time, the coldness of her grandmother’s family had made her understand the hardship of being a parasite. She had thought that with her father dead and herself unprotected, her grandmother’s family would be even more reckless, but how could she have imagined that in such a difficult time, her grandmother’s family would instead give her warmth?

“Daughter, look at it, your grandmother, uncle and Huihui care about you a lot, everyone will encounter setbacks in their life, and at this time, only your relatives are the harbour you can rely on.”

Zhang Lianxiang also walked up at this time and gave Zhao Si Si a hug.

“Mum.” Zhao Si Si only felt a soreness in her throat, and tears could not help but gush out.

“Come on, good girl, you are hungry too, you can sit with Grandma for a while, I will go out and buy you breakfast.” Zhang Lianxiang, who was also very quick with her hands and feet, made Zhao Sisi sit down, picked herself up briefly, and left the door.

She hadn’t gone far when she bumped into a young man.

“Auntie!” The youth shouted.

Zhang Lianxiang subconsciously took a serious look and her face instantly changed colour, “It’s you? Neo?”

That’s right, the person who came was of course Neo.

After coming out of the hospital, Neo came straight here, he knew very well that Zhao Si Si did not have many places to go in Jiang Yang City, since she was not at Cao Feng’s place last night, she must have come with Zhao Baoliang to Zhang Lian Xiang’s side.

Neo didn’t have too many good feelings towards Zhang Lianxiang, after all, he didn’t even love his own daughter very much.

During the time he had been away, Zhao Sisi had been here and should have suffered a lot.

This time, one must help her.

“Auntie, Zhao Sisi is at home, right?” Neo said.

“What do you want?”

Zhang Lianxiang’s face immediately went on alert.

Her heart also lifted fiercely, and her eyes swept around Neo’s face suspiciously.

“That.” Neo thought about it, and did not intend to hide it, so he simply opened up, “Auntie, this is, I know that for a period of time, Zhao Si Si is here with you, also caused you a lot of trouble, I want to take her out, so that in the future will not bother you to take care of her, do you think it is okay?”

Neo didn’t sell himself short, picking up Zhao Si Si, he had a million ways to make her live a happy life.

“Of course not!”

Zhang Lianxiang flatly refused.

Neo was stunned. He hadn’t expected that Zhang Lianxiang would reject himself.

Because when he was in Jiangyang City before, Neo had seen that the Zhang family did not welcome Zhao Si Si and Zhao Baoliang, and should have also seen that Zhao Baoliang had little status now and was a liability, so his attitude had changed.

The Zhang family would have agreed to take them away if they had offered to do so.

Who knew that this would be the case now.

“Auntie, will you reconsider?” Neo was momentarily unsure of Zhang Lianxiang’s meaning, according to what he had seen and heard in the Zhang family some time ago, Zhang Lianxiang should have said yes in one breath, how come he would now flatly refuse.

“No need to think about it! Si Si is my daughter, I am her mother, here is her grandmother, her uncle, the closest people she has in this world, why should she go with someone like you who is nothing!” Zhang Lianxiang’s face was also lit up with fire, and she looked at Neo fiercely.

“Auntie, listen to me, I’ll pick up Zhao Sisi and let her have a better life.” Neo hurriedly explained, to be honest, seeing Zhang Lianxiang like this, Neo’s heart was not only not upset, but also a little secretly happy, since Zhang Lianxiang did not let herself take Zhao Sisi away, it means that her heart still cares for her daughter.

Thinking of this, Neo also breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that Zhang Lianxiang is not as snobbish and ruthless as he thought, and Zhao Si Si is not as miserable as he thought she was in the Zhang family.

But despite this, Neo still hoped to pick up Zhao Si Si, so that he could not only make up for the loss he had caused Zhao Si Si that time in the hotel, but in the future, when Zhang Jiu had treated Cao Feng well, he could let them really meet as mother and daughter and arrange their lives properly, and also give a good home to someone he had known in his youth.

“To live a better life, just by you?”

Zhang Lianxiang’s gaze, as if a knife swept up and down at Neo, and the corners of her mouth let out a few cold smiles, “Don’t think I don’t know what good intentions you have.”

“Auntie, I ……”

“You don’t say anymore!” Zhang Lianxiang rudely interrupted Neo.

She was still looking at Neo, but her eyes had more of an insightful condescension and contempt, and her voice, lowered a few points as if she was talking about some secret, “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

“Ah, what?” Neo froze, of course he really didn’t understand what Zhang Lianxiang was talking about.


Zhang Lianxiang laughed coldly, but she didn’t answer Neo’s question positively, she only said, “You also know about the one in my family that has died, right?”

“Ah, what?!” Neo didn’t react for a moment, and only after a while did he say in shock, “Uncle Zhao, dead? How did he die?”

“Oh, what a pretence, if you didn’t know about this, would you have come to Si Si?” Zhang Lianxiang said and waved her hand in disgust, “Go go go, don’t bother our Sisi in the future, she doesn’t want to see you either and doesn’t need you, we are her family and will take care of her, you are nothing, stay away from us!”

Neo saw Zhang Lianxiang in this state and knew that there was no point in spending any more time.

Zhang Lianxiang was right, he had no relationship with Zhao Sisi, it was impossible to snatch her away from Zhang Lianxiang, besides, he had left in front of the bar that day, maybe Zhao Sisi was quite resentful of himself in his heart.

Of course, the most important thing was that Zhao Baoliang had died, and this incident had shocked Neo.

He had only been away for a few days, and this had happened, what had happened?

“How exactly did Uncle Zhao die?” Neo was a bit anxious, after all, he still had a good impression of Zhao Baoliang, and he also knew that Zhao Baoliang cared for Zhao Sisi with all his heart.

“You’re still pretending, forget it, I’ll tell you, it was a car accident, you should go now!” Zhang Lianxiang no longer took care of Neo, dumped him and hurriedly bought breakfast and rushed back home.

At home, Zhao Sisi had already gone to sleep by now, too, after all, after such a big incident yesterday, and was also put into the trunk for so long, she was certainly a girl also tired.

“Si Si is asleep, right?” Zhang Lianxiang said.

“Asleep, long ago.” Zhang Ruijie came up impatiently, “That, did Zhao Baoliang really die in a car accident?”

“Si Si is a child who never lies, so judging from this, it’s probably true.” Zhang Lianxiang said.

“You guys say, how much money can be paid for a person killed in a car accident?” Zhao Si Si’s grandmother, there was a bit of excitement in her gaze.


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