At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 551

“That’s f*cking weird. You lost my girl and you don’t know anything about it, why do I need you!” Wang Long said with a black face.

“Don’t be angry, Brother Long.” When I woke up, I found myself tied up and thrown in the trunk, so I kicked it a few times. , and then Man and Hung and the others arrived just in time.”

“Shit!” Wang Long’s brow furrowed, “So, someone came and rescued that chick? What kind of person could it be? How dare they go against me, Wang Long?”

“Brother Long, could it be someone from the Zhao family?”

“No way, the Zhao family doesn’t have the guts to do such a thing, and as you all saw today, the Zhao family has been completely suppressed by me, if it was really them, they would have thanked me a long time ago.” When speaking of the Zhao family, Wang Long’s mouth was flooded with a kind of contempt.

If given the old days, he would not have dared to treat the Zhao family so lightly, but after this series of events today, Wang Long had also swelled up.

“No matter what, you guys take your men out now and check it out for me!” Wang Long said boldly, “You just boldly investigate, even if you turn the whole Jiang Yang City upside down, find out who actually saved that girl for me, you don’t have to be afraid, what happened in the ward area today, will soon spread throughout Jiang Yang City, then everyone will know my status, from now on, no one dares to offend Blood Jade Hall. ”

“Yes, Brother Long.” The people led the order and went out.

Besides, Neo, taking advantage of Wang Long’s men coming down, finally got rid of the Zhao family’s men.

In fact, Neo had a million ways to deal with the Zhao family, but at this time, he didn’t want to get into these little troubles, the reason he went back to Jiang Yang City was to find Cao Feng and Zhao Si Si’s mother and daughter.

Cao Feng had been taken away by Zhang Jiu for treatment, so Neo didn’t have to worry too much about that. Now he just wanted to find Zhao Sisi and wondered how she was doing during his absence.

Neo knew that Zhao Si Si didn’t have to go to the bar during the day, and she wasn’t at Cao Feng’s place last night, so she must have gone back to her foster mother Zhang Lian Xiang’s place.

Yes, Neo’s guess was correct.

It was only when Zhang Lianxiang opened the door that she found Zhao Si Si lying in the doorway.

Zhao Si Si was lying in the doorway, curled up in a ball and asleep, and her body was dirty, which startled Zhang Lianxiang.

“Hey.” Zhang Lianxiang shook Zhao Si Si hard, frowned, attitude is not very good, “I say what do you mean ah, last night back from work, you do not sleep in the door, but sleep in the doorway, what do you want, let the surrounding neighbours see, say I abuse you? Now we are all having a hard time, you and that coward Zhao Baoliang have been kicked out of the Zhao family, not the Missy of old anymore, so you can’t blame us for having a bad time now, and don’t play temper.”

“Ah ……”

Zhao Sisi was jolted awake and couldn’t help but ah ah yell up, looking very panicked something like.

“What the hell are you screaming for!” Zhang Lianxiang’s face suddenly turned white, hastily covering her daughter’s mouth as she looked inside the house in a panic, “Your cousin Huihui worked late yesterday and is still resting, don’t wake her up.”

Despite Zhang Lianxiang’s warning, Zhao Si Si’s emotions still hadn’t stabilized in the slightest, and her mouth was covered by Zhang Lianxiang, still emitting wild whimpering noises.

“Dad, Dad ……,” Zhao Si Si cried out vaguely as her mouth was covered.

“By the way, how come that punk Zhao Baoliang didn’t come back with you today?” It was only at this time that Zhang Lianxiang realized that Zhao Si Si had come home alone.

Yes, ever since that Neo had heard that he had been taken away by a rich girl, it was her own husband who had gone to pick up her daughter for the past few days, and the two of them had come home together in the middle of the night.

But today, there was no sign of Zhao Baoliang.

“Daddy, he, he’s dead!”

Zhao Si Si cried out with a loud wow.

A scene from last night appeared clearly in her mind once again.

In the private room of the Huangjin Bar, her father had stood up to protect herself, his thin body was so grand and tall at that moment, but Zhao Si Si had not had time to enjoy this protection before her father died a tragic death under the knives of the Blood Jade Hall crowd.

Poor dad, he had been looked down upon all his life, and before he could wait for the day to stand up straight and make people look at him, he was killed by a group of gangsters.

“Ah, dead?” Zhang Lianxiang froze for a moment as well, “He, how did he die?”

Although she despised Zhao Baoliang and was always beating and scolding him, after all, the two of them were a couple and had lived together for most of their lives.

At this time, hearing that Zhao Baoliang had suddenly died, Zhang Lianxiang of course also felt a little confused for a moment.

“Daddy, Daddy is ……”

Zhao Si Si almost came close to blurting out that Zhao Baoliang was killed by the Blood Jade Hall’s people, by Wang Long and the others.

But a sliver of sanity in her head made her change her words, “Daddy, had a car accident and died.”

Yes, she suddenly realised that she could not tell Zhang Lianxiang the real situation, because even if she told the truth, nothing could be done on her foster mother’s side.

Moreover, it would bring panic to them.

Or even, it would bring disaster to them.

So, instead of letting them know the horrible truth, let’s just say it was a car accident.

And after saying these words, Zhao Si Si stopped crying all of a sudden.

She sat dumbly on the ground, her face an endlessly confused and miserable white, the tear marks from the tears that had washed over her earlier still clearly left on her face.

She did not cry not because she was not grieving anymore.

She did not cry because when she deceived Zhang Lianxiang into saying that Zhao Baoliang had died in a car accident, she suddenly realised that her dad could only have died in vain.

Yes, Dad had died in vain, and Dad’s revenge could never be avenged.

Dad had long since been expelled from the Zhao family, and his status, not even that of an ordinary citizen, was such that no one would seek justice for him.

The only one he could rely on now was his adoptive mother’s side of the family, but now he couldn’t even tell them the truth because if he did, they would be scared silly.

With a family of ordinary citizens like his adoptive mother’s side, how would he dare to get involved with an organisation like the Blood Jade Hall?

With Dad dead, no one would even know anymore that he had once dueled a dozen punks to protect his daughter, and no one would know that the cowardly man, who had once been brave, was also brave.

“Oh my, how could this happen, how could this happen. Good girl, come into the house, come in quickly, I’ll discuss it with your grandmother’s uncle.”

Perhaps it was because Zhao Baoliang’s death had touched Zhang Lianxiang.

Zhang Lianxiang’s attitude became much more moderate than usual, and she helped Zhao Sisi into the house.

“Daughter, have some hot tea first, I’ll go find your grandmother, uncle.” Zhang Lianxiang went inside, and Zhao Sisi, holding the cup of tea, sat dumbly on the chair.

Her heart was filled with sadness, helplessness and pain, she didn’t know what life would be like in the future, what the future would hold.

But she had a feeling that life, in the future, would be worse.

Yes, it would definitely be.

The man in the world, the one who loved her the most, the one who would always protect her with all his heart, had died, and she had no one in the world that she could really rely on.

For some time, Zhao Si Si had been living on her grandmother’s side, but the cold treatment and blank stares she received really made her feel like she was on pins and needles, but fortunately, she still had her father to keep her company, although he was also subjected to the same blank stares and ridicule as her grandmother’s family, but to have her father with her, Zhao Si Si Si’s heart always had a little peace of mind, always felt that there was still a trace of love in this world.

Now, however, the only one she had to rely on was gone.

There is no one to whisper to, comfort and care for her anymore.

There was another one, yes, Neo, but he had also left, following a beautiful, rich young lady, and should never come back.

Zhao Si Si doesn’t blame him, after all, who doesn’t want to move up to higher ground?

Neo had a much better future following that big lady than being by his side.

Zhao Sisi just sat here, looking dumb and confused, but with all sorts of things on her mind, thinking about the dismal future.

There was a cough, and at that moment, Zhang Lianxiang came out from inside.

She was followed by her grandmother and uncle, as well as her cousin Zhang Hui, who was already up by now.

Zhao Si Si’s heart suddenly lifted.

She wondered how they would treat her.


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