At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 550

“Yes, yes, Brother Long don’t worry about it, there’s external air circulation in the trunk, it’s guaranteed to be fine, I’ll go and do as you say.”

Wang Long’s junior brother nodded his head like garlic, pulled a companion with him and hurriedly left the ward.

Out of the ward.

“Hurry up, follow me!” Wang Long junior darted ahead of him, urging his companion hurriedly.

“What’s the hurry, didn’t you say, the trunk has air circulation, it’s not like she’s going to suffocate.”

“Shit, I’m not afraid she’ll suffocate, I’m afraid she’ll run away.”

“She’s got her hands tied, her mouth gagged, she was given anesthetic last night, and Qiang slept in the car at night.

“Even if she didn’t run away, it’s already early in the morning and the anesthetic may have worn off.

“That’s right, that’s right. Let’s hurry over there.”

The two men said, and hurriedly ran downstairs.

The two strong men were about to make a move when a sound came from the carriage underneath Neo.

This sudden sound startled the crowd.

The two strong men also let go of Neo and the crowd looked at the trunk of the car in surprise.

Bang, bang!

The sound became clearer, and there was no doubt that it was definitely coming from the trunk.

“Inside, what is it?” In the Zhao family, someone said cautiously.

“You, go take a look.” Zhao Tianhong also stared at the trunk a little nervously and gave an order to the person next to him.

A strong man obediently came to the trunk, took a deep breath, and prepared to open it.

“Fuck, f*ck, what are you doing!”

Just at this time, two of Wang Long’s junior brothers, happened to arrive.

When these two took a look at the scene in front of them, they probably understood what was going on, and they were immediately anxious in their hearts, if this was discovered, how could it be?

“Get lost! Do you know whose car this is? What are you doing? You want to steal from us?”

The two men rushed up like wolves and pushed the strong man away roughly.

The strong man was just a junior soldier of the Zhao family, so of course he didn’t dare to resist at this point.

The two men stood in front of the trunk as if they were wolves guarding their prey, not giving anyone a chance to get close, and then glared fiercely at Zhao Tianhong, “What’s going on? Didn’t Brother Long tell you to get lost just now, why are you still dilly-dallying and staying here, what do you mean, what’s the matter, are you thinking of some crooked ideas?”

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare.”

Zhao Tianhong was scared out of his wits, and in his heart he cried out in misery, he was really unlucky, how come after all the trouble, this car was Wang Long’s car?

“Then why don’t you get lost now!” The two men shouted angrily.

To be honest, even though Wang Long’s status had soared now, these two men were just Wang Long’s little brothers, they still couldn’t compare with Zhao Tianhong, but at this moment, they were worried that they were exposed in the trunk, so they could only pretend.

“Yes, yes.”

Zhao Tianhong hurriedly said, at this time heart for the trunk in the end what, also half curiosity, yes, no matter what is in the trunk, are Wang Long’s business, has nothing to do with himself, and the less he knows the better ah!

“Come on, let’s all go home with me!”

Zhao Tianhong was quick enough to do things, and this time he greeted the Zhao family members and prepared to leave.

In fact, he could already see that there must be something odd in the trunk, and he also knew what kind of person Wang Long was, what had he not done to kill people?

This trunk, must be a person involved in a major or whatever, Wang Long these two little brothers, is obviously very afraid of what they see.

The more Zhao Tianhong understood, the more he wanted to hurry up and get out of here, one more thing is better than less.

After all, Wang Long’s status had risen to an unknown level now, Zhao Tianhong wouldn’t dare to mess with it.

“And you, why aren’t you gone too?” Wang Long’s little brother jerked Neo contemptuously and chided arrogantly.

When he was scolding Zhao Tianhong just now, Wang Long’s little brother was still a bit apprehensive in his heart, worried that Zhao Tianhong might disobey him, after all, Zhao Tianhong was also a big brother in Jiang Yang City.

But seeing Zhao Tianhong behaving like a rabbit, the two had an indescribable sense of satisfaction in their hearts.

So when they looked at Neo again, their attitude was naturally even more arrogant, after all, they had tasted the sweetness.

“That’s right, you saw in the ward just now, Brother Long doesn’t want to see you at all, why do you still stay here, why don’t you hurry up and get out!” The two men added.

Zhao Tianhong was ready to leave with the Zhao family at this moment, when he heard the two men berate Neo.

In his heart, he was really happy, huh, this kid really went to beg to see Wang Long just now, but it seems that Wang Long ignored him, which was not much of a surprise, after all, this kid was nothing, how would Wang Long see him easily.

“Get out of the way, you guys.”

Of course Neo didn’t leave, his gaze was still fixed on that trunk.

To be honest, if he hadn’t heard the sound from the trunk, Neo wouldn’t have bothered with them and would have left.

But now that Neo had heard the voices in the trunk, of course he would never just leave.

Even though it was none of his business, a normal person could easily see that there was something fishy going on here, and in that case, Neo knew he had to take care of it.

“Kid, are you not listening clearly? I’ll tell you again, this is Brother Long’s car, mind your own business here, you have nothing to do, go skulk around, and don’t pretend to be here, understand?”

The two juniors also froze, this guy was not a fool I’m afraid.

“Open the trunk, I want to see what’s inside.” Neo said indifferently.

“Get lost!” This time, the two little brothers were really impatient.

“Do you hear me, you should stay out of Brother Long’s business, why don’t you get lost?” Zhao Tianhong had come back at some point. In fact, he hadn’t gone far, and saw that Neo and Wang Long’s little brother had started a conflict, so he turned back again, secretly happy at the same time in his heart, this kid had a problem in his head, just to give himself a chance to please Wang Long.

“Damn, what the hell does this kid think he is, and he dares to call the shots with Brother Long?”

“This kid is barking up the wrong tree to go to Brother Long, and they don’t even ignore him.”

“Don’t bullshit with him, you two, bring this kid over to me!” Zhao Tianhong waved his hand and the two burly men from earlier immediately rushed towards Neo again.

This time, however, they were not as smooth as they had been earlier.

Neo only had eyes on that trunk at this moment, he walked over quickly and pushed away Wang Long’s two little brothers.

Bang, bang!

At this moment, the sound of the trunk crashing was even louder, and a whimpering dull sound could be heard coming from inside.

“It’s people.” Neo frowned.

With a jolt of his hands, he violently lifted the trunk at the back.

As soon as he lifted it, fluttering, inside, sure enough, a man rolled out and fell heavily to the ground.

This man was bound with ropes and had a cloth gag in his mouth, and at that moment he was whimpering, unable to utter a word, and rolling on the ground.

“You, are you all right? How did this happen?” Neo quickly untied the rope and yanked out the cloth in the man’s mouth.

“Holy shit!”

The man heaved a heavy breath and viciously exhaled the stuffiness in his chest, obviously having held it in there for quite a while.

It was a while before the man’s gaze slowly returned to normal and he slowly looked around.

“Ah Wen, Ah Xiong!” The man immediately shouted as soon as he saw Wang Long’s two little brothers.

“Damn, how could this happen, go, follow me to see Brother Long!”

Wang Long’s two little brothers, when they saw the man rolling out of the trunk, both of them completely froze.

Only when they heard the man call their names did they gradually come to their senses and hurriedly went forward, without any further ado, to carry the man and hurriedly went up to the building.

Neo did not stop at this point, after all, he also saw that the person in the trunk, and Wang Long’s two little brothers are acquainted, this is probably their internal affairs, Neo also did not need to be in charge.

“Damn it, how could this happen! Where’s Zhao Sisi?!”

In the sick bay, Wang Long stormed out.

And in front of him, the man in the trunk, was kneeling in fear and panic.

“Shit, it’s clear that you weren’t the one sleeping in the car and Zhao Si Si was in the trunk, so how come now you’re in the trunk and Zhao Si Si has disappeared!”

“Lung, Brother Lung, I, I don’t know what’s going on either.”

On the floor, Ah Qiang was kneeling, spreading his hands, with a dejected look on his face.


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