At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 549

Neo got out of the car, asked for directions and walked towards the senior ward area.

Of course he knew that Wang Long was in the senior ward area, after all, it was all arranged by him.

No matter what, it was himself who had hit the man, and this moral righteousness still had to be observed.

And at this moment, in front of the senior ward area.

The Zhao family was sighing and sighing with a downcast look on their faces.

Just then, a man suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Zhao Tianhong.” The man said, his tone was not polite in the slightest and had a feeling of superiority.

Zhao Tianhong hurriedly looked up, in front of him was a young man with a hangdog look, Zhao Tianhong felt familiar and after thinking about it remembered that he was Wang Long’s sidekick.

In the past, Zhao Tianhong didn’t even think much of Wang Long. Not to mention Wang Long’s sidekick.

But at this moment, even though a small character on the other side had a rude tone, Zhao Tianhong could only smile along.

“Won’t your conscience hurt if your Zhao family just walks away like this?” Wang Long’s little brother teasingly looked at Zhao Tianhong and said.

“Huh?” Zhao Tianhong was stunned, and his heart jumped in other ways, knowing that nothing good could come of it.

“Brother Long is now in this state, lying in the hospital ward, his injuries are so serious that he needs an operation by Dr. Qiu from the province, how did all this happen, do you know?” Wang Long’s little brother said, “It was all done by your good son, Zhao Baoliang! Since Zhao Baoliang is your son, do you guys need to be responsible for Brother Long’s current injuries?”


Zhao Tianhong then felt a blackness in front of his eyes, his heart suddenly cried out, hurriedly saying, “But, that trash Zhao Baoliang, I have long since kicked him out of the family, and he has long since ceased to be a member of our Zhao family, ah.”

“Oh, now when you want to be responsible, you say that Zhao Baoliang is not a member of the Zhao family anymore, then just now when your Zhao family went to Long in an aggressive manner to ask for compensation, how did it become your Zhao family again, Zhao Tianhong, what exactly do you mean ……”

“This ……”

Zhao Tianhong was speechless at once.

“Anyway, I’ve brought my words, you guys can watch what you do.” Wang Long’s little brother snorted coldly and turned to leave.

Only the Zhao family members were left, dumbfounded as if they had been struck by lightning and remained dumb in their place.


Zhao Tianhong sat down on his butt and clutched his head, “It’s over, Wang Long is obviously blackmailing our Zhao family in turn, this time, I’m afraid we’ll have to bleed heavily.”

“Alas, I thought I would get some benefits, but now I have to bleed instead.”

“Wang Long doesn’t know what kind of person he has climbed into, and now his status is so high, we must not disobey him.”

The people of the Zhao family were even more depressed at this point, each one of them seemed like a frosted aubergine.

“That trash!”

Zhao Tianhong hung his head and sat on the ground for half a day before finally raising his head, his gaze red and filled with hatred, “He disgraced my Zhao family when he was alive, and now that he’s dead, he dug such a big hole for my Zhao family before he died, he should have strangled him in his swaddling clothes in the first place!”

Zhao Tianhong was truly furious.

Now it was being blackmailed squarely by Wang Long, and there was nothing he could do about it.

“Right, dad, although that trash is dead, but doesn’t he still have a wife and daughter, they offended Wang Long, why should our Zhao family pay for it, it should be his wife and daughter to compensate Wang Long for the loss.” Zhao Baoliang said.


Zhao Tianhong slapped his head and snapped to his feet, “That’s right, we can’t be made to bear the burden. Isn’t there still Zhao Si Si! But, where is Zhao Si Si now?”

“Grandpa, look! Who is that!” Someone suddenly shouted.

“That kid, isn’t he the hanger-on who was fooling around with Zhao Si Si, why is he here!”

“Since he’s here, then Zhao Si Si should be around too.”

“Hurry up and catch this kid, if we want compensation, even if he’s the one to pay for it, it shouldn’t be our Zhao family!”

The crowd looked at Neo who was not far away and said with all sorts of words.

“Wait a minute!”

Just as the Zhao family was about to move forward, they were suddenly called to a halt by Zhao Tianhong again.

“What’s wrong, Dad?”

“This kid has entered the senior ward area.” Zhao Tianhong frowned, “We can’t follow him in, after all, we’ve just been kicked out from there by Huang Lao, if we go in again, it won’t be good if we annoy Huang Lao.”

With a single word, the Zhao family all hesitated.

It was also true that all those things that had just happened had made the Zhao family fearful of the senior ward area.

“Dad, what do you think this kid is doing in the high-class ward area? With that status, what qualifications does he have to go to the high-class ward area, even if he’s visiting someone, his friends can’t possibly go to the high-class ward area to recuperate, right?” Zhao Baoliang frowned.

“That’s right.” Zhao Tianhong nodded and suddenly tapped his head, “That kid, he must have gone to see Wang Long! It must have gone to make amends to Wang Long.”

“Dad is right, that kid has been hanging out with Zhao Sisi, and now that Zhao Baoliang and Wang Long have had this incident, Zhao Sisi must have had something to do with it, so he has asked this kid to come to his door to make amends.”

“So what do we do now?”

“Let’s wait and see what happens and wait for this kid to come out.” Zhao Tianhong said, “Even if this kid is here to make amends, but with his status, I’m afraid Wang Long won’t even see him, then we’ll catch him again, and this time our Zhao family’s losses will all be compensated by him and Zhao Sisi.”

The Zhao family didn’t leave now, staying at the door, waiting.

Besides, Neo didn’t pay too much attention and went straight into the senior ward area, not noticing the Zhao family and the others, enquiring about Wang Long’s ward and going straight up.

At this moment, Wang Long was in the ward.

“How’s it going, is it done? What’s the attitude from the Zhao family?” Wang Long was sleeping on the bed in a big brother lying position, the ward had already finished the examination and left, so only Wang Long’s group was left in the ward.

“It’s done Brother Long, the Zhao family is scared to death, they probably won’t dare to resist, I guess it won’t take long for them to meekly and consciously send the money.” The little brother said.

Wang Long laughed heatedly, “Tsk, to make the Zhao family scared, this is a taste I couldn’t even think of before.”

“Brother Long, what the hell do you think is going on here today, we didn’t go to invite Dr. Qiu either.” The junior brothers said.

“Well.” Wang Long rubbed his chin, of course he was also confused, “To be honest, I don’t understand what’s going on, but what the hell, anyway, there are advantages now, let’s take advantage of it, starve the cowardly, support the bold, this time, take advantage of this opportunity, even Huang Lao has taken the initiative to befriend me, we have to make a good wave, maybe we, Blood Jade Hall, can replace the Cui family, and become the leader of Jiang Yang. We might replace the Cui family and become the number one power in Jiang Yang City!”

Speaking of this, Wang Long had a longing look on his face.

“But, Brother Long.” A junior brother hesitantly said, “This matter is too mysterious, and Dr. Qiu and Huang Lao are not people we can easily contact, there must be a misunderstanding here, we are enjoying this misunderstanding, once it is revealed, will we suffer ah, after all, I feel that this time, playing a bit too big.”

“This ……”

Wang Long hesitated for a moment.

Don’t look at what he just said so bullyingly, but when he thought about it carefully, he was also a bit scared in his heart.

“Whatever, let’s take one step and see what happens!” But worthy of being in society, being a blood licker himself, of course, he was also bold.

Just at this time.

The door to the ward was gently pushed open.

“Who are you?” Wang Long looked at the person who entered and froze.

“How are your injuries? I’m sorry about the other night.” The person who came in was of course Neo, and he said politely.

“It’s you.” Wang Long heard Neo say that and remembered.

“If there’s nothing else, I’d like to take my car back.” Neo said, yes, Zhang Jiu’s Mercedes was still in their hands.

“Kid, you’re thinking too much.”

Wang Long’s eyes rolled, “You’re the one who knocked me into this state, I haven’t asked you for medical fees yet.”

Neo frowned, “Medical fees, is there a doctor in the provincial city to treat you?”

Wang Long was stunned, how did this kid know about doctors in the provincial city?

But then he was relieved, after all, this big event must have spread a long time ago, this kid must have heard about it too.

“That has nothing to do with you, you still haven’t paid the medical fee, that car of yours, for the time being, it will be withheld, when I get well, I will count with you then!”

Saying that, Wang Long made a wink, a few junior brothers came up and pushed Neo out of the ward.

Neo frowned, but thought that he had indeed hit someone else, the car was impounded, so let’s talk about it when he gets better.

The car was impounded, so he could wait for his injuries to heal.

Thinking that, Neo also left.

“Brat, stop!”

Neo had just come out of the senior ward area when he was immediately surrounded by a group of people.

At the head of the group was, of course, Zhao Tianhong.

“It’s you guys?”

Neo looked at these people from the Zhao family and had an indescribable feeling in his heart, in the past when he didn’t understand the situation, the Zhao family could stand tall, now, he only needed to give an order and the Zhao family would immediately disappear from the world.

“What, are you afraid, don’t try to run away, the basket you stirred up you bear the blame yourselves, don’t try to involve us!”

“Remember, Zhao Baoliang and Zhao Sisi, they have long since been driven out of the Zhao family by my own hands, they have nothing to do with the Zhao family, they offended Wang Long, it has nothing to do with us, you are in cahoots with them, this is your business, got it!”

“I know you hangers-on don’t have much ability or money, but remember, it has nothing to do with our Zhao family, you must compensate Wang Long’s losses yourselves, even if it costs you your lives, that’s still your business!”

The Zhao family, blocking Neo’s way, had a fierce look on their faces, as if they wanted to eat Neo up.

“What are you talking about?”

Neo frowned, “Why can’t I understand it at all?”

Yes, of course Neo couldn’t understand what they were saying.

“Damn it, kid, you’re still pretending? We saw you come to make amends to Wang Long with our own eyes, and you’re still pretending with us, you won’t tell the truth until we teach you a lesson?”

Zhao Tianhong waved his hand and two strong men came up and directly held Neo down with a bang, heavily pushing him down onto the back of a nearby car, controlling him to death.

Although they were afraid of Wang Long, the Zhao family would not be afraid of this hanger-on in front of them.

“Kid, don’t pretend, or else, eat your fists!” A strong man lifted his bowl-sized fist and glared viciously at Neo.

“I really don’t understand ……” Neo frowned, of course he really didn’t understand.



The sound of two collisions.

came from the trunk underneath Neo.

And at that moment, in Wang Long’s ward area.

“By the way, how is that chick from the Zhao family, who was taken away by us, doing now?” Wang Long asked leisurely as he clipped his nails.

“Ah, I almost forgot, that chick is still in the trunk of the car!” The little brother snapped to attention as he slapped his head, “I’ve been so busy yesterday because of your injury, Brother Long, I forgot all about it!”

“Damn it, why don’t you go and release her, bring her to our territory and find a place to put her under house arrest! If anything happens to that girl, I’ll have your head!” Wang Long slapped his little brother on the head.


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