At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 548


Dean Ding seemed to have misheard and was aghast.

He was the dean, so of course he knew all the patients in the senior ward very well. Although those who lived in the senior ward were all human beings, Huang Lao was a one-of-a-kind big shot in the senior ward with a very deep background, and the cigarettes he smoked were all specially supplied, with nothing but two big red letters on the bare box for special supply.

Huang was suffering from bone spurs, but not many people could do this surgery, so he started contacting Dr. Qiu in the provincial capital early on.

But Dr Qiu, as one of the top surgeons in China, was not easy to get an appointment with. Even a big shot like Huang had to wait for half a month through various connections before he finally got an appointment with Dr Qiu.

I thought that Dr Qiu had come here to operate on Huang, but I didn’t expect that someone would jump the queue at this last minute.

Not only did they jump the queue, but they even jumped in.

Moreover, the other party had made an appointment with Dr. Qiu at short notice, so how could this not shock President Ding, after all, Huang had waited in line for more than half a month before he could get an appointment.

This comparison showed how high the other party’s status should be.

A casual remark had changed Dr. Qiu’s plans.

“Doctor Qiu, do you mean that you just came over to say hello to me, and then this is how you are going to leave?” Huang Lao asked with a sigh.

He was disappointed and lost in his heart, but of course, he couldn’t have any episodes.

The more people of his level, the more they knew the rules and the proper manners.

“Then it’s not too late, I’ll send someone to give Doctor Qiu a ride.” Dean Ding said immediately.

He certainly wouldn’t give up the opportunity to curry favour.

And this currying favour was not just to curry favour with Dr Qiu, but also indirectly to curry favour with the patient that Dr Qiu was going to see.

The other party was definitely not a small person, which was why he had such a big face.

“No, no need.” Dr Qiu, however, waved his hand, “That urgent patient is right here.”


This time, Elder Huang and Dean Ding froze even more.

The patient was at Jiangyang Hospital?

How was that possible?

No one in the room knew their hospital better than Dean Ding, the patients in the senior ward area were the highest status in Jiang Yang Hospital, and of all the patients in the senior ward area right now, the one with the deepest background was Huang Lao, so how could someone have a higher status than Huang Lao?

“Doctor Qiu, you’re not mistaken, are you?” Dean Ding asked cautiously.

“No, it’s confirmed.” Dr. Qiu said.

“This ……” Dean Ding’s head was suddenly drenched in cold sweat, and his heart was a little confused all of a sudden.

I didn’t expect there to be such a hidden big brother in his hospital, and he didn’t even know about it.

Thinking of this, Dean Ding was on pins and needles.

“Dean Ding, please take me over to see that gentleman, I have to serve him right away.” Dr Qiu said.

“Yes, yes, I should.” Dean Ding steadied himself and said hurriedly, “May I ask who that gentleman is?”

“That gentleman’s name is Wang Long.”

“Wang …… Long.” Dean Ding was instantly dumbfounded and looked at Wang Long in a daze, stammering, “This, is Wang Long.”

Dean Ding was indeed stunned, after all, he was also from Jiang Yang City and knew a little about Wang Long, although Wang Long was considered a hegemon in Jiang Yang City, but in terms of status, he was not even ranked in Jiang Yang City, so how could he possibly surpass Huang Lao?

“Ah, Mr. Wang, hello hello, I’m Qiu Ze from the provincial doctor, I’m also the attending doctor who operated on you this time, you can just call me Xiao Qiu.”

Dr Qiu didn’t care about Dean Ding’s psychological shock at this moment, he hurriedly went forward and took the initiative to shake Wang Long’s hand.

Wang Long was also dumbfounded.

He was frozen in place.

Although he was usually quite arrogant and domineering, bullying citizens and so on was also his family’s heritage, but in the end, it was only in his own territory, even in Jiang Yang City, he was not the one who said one thing.

Dr. Qiu, on the other hand, is a famous doctor from the province, and even Dean Ding and Huang Lao are polite to Dr. Qiu, so it is clear that his status is extraordinary.

Now that Dr. Qiu was shaking hands with him in such a low profile, of course Wang Long couldn’t react for a moment.

However, this guy had grown up on the streets, and his ability to read people’s words was still very strong, although he was also confused at this moment, he quickly made a natural expression, “Nice to meet you, I’ve been waiting for Doctor Qiu for a long time.”

“Ah, I’m so sorry!”

Once Qiu Ze heard Wang Long say that he had waited for a long time, he thought that Wang Long meant to blame himself by his words and hurriedly apologised.

When Wang Long saw Qiu Ze like this, he naturally felt even better in his heart.

“Mr. Wang, then it’s not too late, I’ll go with you to the ward first, give you a detailed examination and then determine the treatment plan, do you think it’s okay?” Qiu Ze said.

Did Wang Long still need to ask, then of course it was too okay.

“That ……”

Just as Wang Long and his group and Qiu Ze were about to go back to the ward, Huang Lao was beside him several times and wanted to say something, at this moment, seeing that Wang Long was about to leave, he couldn’t hold back any longer and came up with his people.

“Hello Mr. Wang, I am Huang Qi Yi, a retired member of the Divine Strategy Army in Shangjing, it is fate to be in the same ward area as Mr. Wang, if there is anything you need to help in the future, just let me know, I will certainly do my best.” Old man Huang was full of a cordial smile and came in front of Wang Long.

Wang Long was overjoyed, this old man was really something else!

The most important thing was that he even took the initiative to show his kindness!

“That, it’s an honour to know Old Man Huang, I’m not much help, but today I’m in a bit of trouble.” At this moment, Wang Long was overjoyed, “Someone is looking for me to seek revenge and cause trouble, if Elder Huang can help me to settle this matter, I would be grateful.”

As he said that, Wang Long intentionally or unintentionally glanced at Zhao Tianhong.

It was with this glance that Zhao Tianhong only felt himself go from the heart of his feet to the top of his head.

Ever since Qiu Ze arrived at the hospital, until now, Zhao Tianhong had not said a single word, and the whole process, to him, was as if he was dreaming, full of unreality.

Especially when he saw Wang Long being actively browbeaten by Qiu Ze and Huang Lao, Zhao Tianhong only felt that his whole body had a cold feeling, as if he had fallen down from a building.

Although he wasn’t dead yet, there was a certain death kind of fear.

“Hey, it’s you guys who are looking for trouble with Mr. Wang is it!”

A stern shout interrupted Zhao Tianhong’s thoughts.

Huang Lao’s angry face appeared in front of him, and what was scary was not only the angry face, but also the contempt and disdain in Huang Lao’s gaze.

“Huang Lao, listen to me ……”

Zhao Tianhong had just heard Huang Lao announce himself, the Shangjing Divine Strategy Army, that was a national pillar, even the entire Jiang Yang City could not afford to mess with it, let alone a Zhao family.

Zhao Tianhong at this time wanted to find Wang Long to extort some oil and water thoughts, has long been thrown to the clouds, at this time, he is full of thought is to hurry to get away.

“Get lost! What are you guys, you dare to find trouble with Mr. Wang, believe it or not I will disintegrate your whole family with one phone call! Hurry up and get out while I’m injured and sick and can’t get angry!”

“Yes, yes.”

Where did Zhao Tianhong dare to say anything else, it was already a boon to let them roll like that.

Without further ado, Zhao Tianhong led the Zhao family, ashen and as if they were dogs in distress, and hurriedly fled the senior ward area.

“Dad, what should we do now?”

When they came out of the senior ward area, the Zhao family could finally take a big breath.

The feeling of oppression that they had just felt in the ward area, these people from the Zhao family, could say that they had never experienced it in their lives.

After all, the Zhao family also had status in Jiangyang City, and they were usually high and mighty, even in front of the Cui family, they did not have such a strong sense of oppression and intimidation today.

Thinking about that experience just now, the people of the Zhao family, still had palpitations in their hearts.

“I didn’t expect Wang Long to be so well mixed up now, it was my carelessness that almost cost me the fate of my entire family.” Zhao Tianhong also had palpitations in his heart.

“Ugh, it’s really depressing, I thought I could make a fortune, but now not only did I not make it, but I almost had a heart attack.” Zhao Baoliang said glumly.

“Yeah.” Zhao Tianhong was also depressed.

And at this time, a taxi finally pulled up in front of the hospital.

“Sorry, young man, there was too much traffic there on Peace Road just now, but finally we’re at the hospital.” The driver said.

“It’s alright.”

Neo nodded and got out of the car.


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