At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 547

The hospital in Jiangyang City.

A dozen of cars were connected at the beginning and end, entering in a single file.

As soon as the old Jiang Yang people saw the Audi A8 with licence plate number 666, they knew without using their brains that it was the car of Zhao Tianhong, the head of the Jiang Yang Zhao family.

As soon as the car stopped, dozens of men in suits came down.

The blue suits and yellow badges were indeed none other than the Zhao family’s men.

“Bao Liang, go and find Dean Ding and find out which ward Wang Long is in.”

In front of the hospital building, Zhao Tianhong was surrounded by a group of Zhao family men, looking at dozens of the family’s men in suits behind him, and Zhao Tianhong’s face showed a few moments of dominance and smugness.

Although Wang Long has some status as a gangster in Jiang Yang City, a gangster is a gangster after all, while the Zhao family is a family with a facade after all, and in terms of strength, there is still a great chance of winning against Wang Long.

The Zhao family, after all, is a family with a front, so they have a good chance of overpowering Wang Long in terms of strength. Anyway, this time they have to get some oil out of Wang Long.

It didn’t take long for Zhao Baoliang to come out of the building.

“How about it, how many floors is that kid Wang Long on, let’s go up and settle the score with him!” Zhao Tianhong said.

“Dad.” Zhao Baoliang’s face was a bit hesitant, “I just inquired, that kid Wang Long is not in the ordinary ward, but in the senior ward building.”

“What, a high-class ward?”

Zhao Tianhong’s face also froze for a moment.

This was something he had never expected.

Of course, Zhao Tianhong knew exactly what a senior ward was, the wards in Jiangyang City Hospital were divided into two types, one was the general ward, and this was the choice of most of the hospitalized patients, even if people from the major families in Jiangyang City were hospitalized, they could only stay in the general ward.

Of course, the general wards are also divided into several levels, with the highest level being the very comfortable single-patient suites.

But no matter how many levels there are, each level is still an ordinary ward.

The other type of ward is the limited number of high class wards.

The name senior ward may not sound like anything impressive, but in reality, the senior wards at the Jiangyang Hospital are the Big Brother wards, housing bigwigs of another level.

Because of the weak industry and good natural environment in Jiangyang City, there were many bigwigs from outside the city who came here to recuperate, and these people had such deep backgrounds that even the local families in Jiangyang City could not necessarily afford to mess with them.

And now Wang Long could actually enter the senior ward, it was really a bit out of Zhao Tianhong’s expectation.

“Dad, what should we do?”

Zhao Baoliang, Zhao Baofeng and the others, all had no idea at this point.

“What’s wrong with staying in a high class ward, it’s not like your dad hasn’t done it before, it’s just a matter of spending more money.” Zhao Tianhong raised his gaze, his face looked domineering again, he was right, although the senior ward is commonly known as the big brother ward, not ordinary people can stay, but many things in front of money, is not a matter.

“Let’s go, to the senior ward area!”

Zhao Tianhong waved his hand and led a group of people from the Zhao family, and rushed towards the senior ward area again.

And at this moment, the senior ward area, the ward where Wang Long was, was a busy mess.

“Damn, wasn’t Zhao Baoliang kicked out of the Zhao family, how come the Zhao family people are still coming to take revenge for that trash?” Wang Long had a few moments of panic.

“If you ask me, their revenge is fake, after all, the Zhao family has long since stopped treating Zhao Baoliang as a human being, they are just using the name to try to get some favours from our Blood Light Hall. Zhao Tianhong is a cunning old man, everyone knows that now.”

“But this is a high-class ward area, all of them are extraordinary patients, they should be restrained and not dare to come over casually.” Wang Long still had a hint of luck.

“Brother Long, that old guy is coming up with dozens of people!” The little brother at the window of the ward, with one word, completely cut off Wang Long’s hope.

“Damn, this old guy Zhao Tianhong is really ruthless, what to do now, what to do ……” Wang Long was even more panicked.

And at that moment, Zhao Tianhong had already rushed up with his men.

“A few of you, guard the east side, a few of you, guard the west side, don’t give the Blood Light Hall people a run for their money! Everyone else, get your stuff ready!”

With an order from Zhao Tianhong, the people of the Zhao family moved into action.

The floor of the ward building was sprinkled with white flowers and candles were lit, and the Zhao family brought in a table with a prepared effigy of Zhao Baoliang on it.

And at that moment, Wang Long was also doped out of the ward, trembling, by his own little brother.

He was not being honest, but he had no way to escape himself, so he might as well come out voluntarily.

“Zhao Lao, look at this mess, before the whole Jiang Yang City said, Zhao Baoliang was driven out by the Zhao family, and you still in public ……” Wang Long piled on a smile at Zhao Tianhong.

“Zhao Baoliang is my son, always has been, even if he was kicked out of the Zhao family, he still carries the bloodline of the Zhao family, now that he died in your hands, my Zhao family must get justice for him!” Zhao Tianhong said sternly, his expression majestic.

“I was wrong, I was wrong.” Wang Long was also cunning and knew that he could not be hard-headed at this time, but of course he also understood Zhao Tianhong’s true intentions, “I am willing to compensate you for your losses, Elder Zhao, you see ……”

“Well ……”

Zhao Tianhong was instantly happy in his heart, this was exactly what he wanted.

At this time, it was time to think about it and bleed some blood from Wang Long properly.

He was just getting complacent.

Just then.

Suddenly, a loud rebuke came from the other side.

“Bastard, making a lot of noise, don’t let anyone rest properly!” An old man, wearing a hospital gown, came trembling in front of the crowd with the help of a small nurse.

“How dare you make all this noise in the ward, you want to curse me to death! I’m so angry! Which bastard did this!” When the old man came to the front, he looked clearly at those white flowers on the floor and the posthumous photo on the table, he was even more furious, trembling and gnashing his teeth, although he was over eighty years old, he looked very frightening.

“Huang Lao, why did you run out, you have to wait for the operation, you can’t just leave the ward!” At this time, Dean Ding hurried over, treating the old man with a respectful attitude.

“Who did it, who did it! Little Li, find out who did it and shoot him immediately!” The old man ignored Dean Ding in the slightest, still cursing in anger.

“Yes!” A bodyguard next to the old man suddenly pulled out a gun from his arms and pointed it at the crowd.

This time, everyone, including Zhao Tianhong and Wang Long, was scared silly.

A gun!

Not just a powerful weapon, but it represented a status!

This old man could have a gun, his status was by no means ordinary!

Dean Ding’s face also went white at this point.

“That, I say, Mr. Zhao, you’d better hurry up and apologize to Huang Lao, Huang Lao’s status is absolutely extraordinary, not to mention you, even the Cui family is not enough in front of Huang Lao.” The president Ding hurriedly pulled Zhao Tianhong again, whispered, “and Huang Lao to do surgery, but because the provincial transfer of doctors delayed the arrival, the operation has been delayed, his temper is also more and more irritable, now is a little bit is on fire, if you are not careful, or perhaps the whole family will be extinguished, you and I have been friends for many years, remind you, still do not hurry to apologize. ”

When Dean Ding said this, Zhao Tianhong was also so scared that his heart was about to jump out.

This time, he also calmed down a lot, yes, this is a senior ward area, ah, everywhere is hidden dragons and crouching tigers, how did he forget it.

He didn’t dare to think too much at this point, and hurriedly went up to the old man and gave him a respectful apology.

“Get lost, get lost!”

The old man didn’t appreciate it and roared impatiently.

Zhao Tianhong was extremely depressed at this moment, the old man told him to get lost, he dared not not to do so, but now he left, he was not willing to do so, he had a chance to squeeze oil from Wang Long, but now the duck in his mouth had flown away again.

When he was hesitating.

The lift entrance suddenly opened and a middle-aged man in a hurry, followed by two female assistants, hurriedly came over.

“Doctor Qiu! You’ve finally arrived!”

As soon as he saw the middle-aged man, Dean Ding’s face instantly let out a glow, filled with joy as he rushed up with a single step, holding Dr. Qiu’s hand tightly with both hands and excitedly guiding Dr. Qiu to the old man.

“Old man Huang, this is Dr. Qiu from the provincial hospital, the attending doctor who will operate on you, now prepare and get ready, you will be ready for the operation soon!” Dean Ding said excitedly as he rushed to the old man.

As soon as the old man heard that the doctor had arrived and that he could operate, the fury on his face just now was gone, and he looked joyful as well.

When Zhao Tianhong saw this, his heart was also overjoyed, since Huang Lao was happy now, he only needed to say a few good words to him, and Huang Lao might not kick himself out.

In this way, he could continue to settle accounts with Wang Long.

Thinking of this, Zhao Tianhong’s heart got excited again.

“That, Dr. Qiu, this is Huang Lao, let’s get ready to prepare to operate on Huang Lao here.” Dean Ding rubbed his hands together and said excitedly.

“That, sorry, Old Man Huang’s surgery, it needs to be put off for a while.” Dr Qiu said.

“Ah? Why, what’s going on?”

“I did originally come to operate on Old Man Huang, but on short notice I received a higher ranking notice and I need to do a minor operation on another gentleman first.” Dr Qiu said.


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