At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 546

The ward should also be arranged, so that he can stay in the hospital’s senior ward.” After making the call to the province, Neo thought about it and made another call to have arrangements made.

At present, there are hundreds of mobile phone numbers in Neo’s mobile phone address book, all of which are the mobile phone numbers of bigwigs scattered all over the country, and ordinary people would wake up laughing in their dreams if they could talk to any of them.

Neo, on the other hand, could not only talk to any of these hundreds of people, but could also order them to do things.

After everything was taken care of, Neo then led Zhang Jiu towards the bar.

“Young master, the bar, it seems to be closed.”

Unlike the usual bustling traffic, the road in front of the Huangjin Bar was cold and clear, with only the dim streetlights shining quietly on the figures of Neo and Zhang Jiu.

The bar was also dark, apparently already closed.

“It’s almost one o’clock, Si Si should have gotten off work long ago.” Neo nodded, not looking too surprised, after all, he had personally picked up and dropped off Zhao Si Si himself here for a while, and still knew the opening hours of the Huangjin Bar very well.

“Come on, I’ll take you to meet someone, with your ability, you should be able to cure her easily.” Neo said.

The Maybach had been lent to the group of people who had just been hit by themselves, and Neo and Zhang Jiu had to walk two streets before they called a taxi and headed straight for the unoccupied villa.

“This, this is Miss Cao?”

In the room, Zhang Jiu looked in surprise at the middle-aged woman sitting frozen on the bed, her eyes listless.

It was not surprising that Zhang Jiu could recognise Cao Feng.

Twenty years ago, he was also in Wujiang City, so of course he knew Miss Cao.

And in these 35,000 years, he had survived in the world, seen countless people live and die, seen countless people go from youth to old age, and had long been familiar with the changes in the same person’s face.

“It looks like there’s just some mental stimulation and some problems, I’ll take her pulse and it should be handy.” Zhang Jiu said.


Neo was sincerely happy from the bottom of his heart.

Curing Cao Feng also fulfilled his heart’s desire, and waiting until tomorrow, when Zhao Si Si and Cao Feng’s mother and daughter met, would be a surprise for Zhao Si Si.

“Young master ……”

While Zhang Jiu was taking his pulse, his face gradually looked a bit serious.

“What’s wrong?” Neo also sensed Zhang Jiu’s abnormality.

“Young master, it’s very strange.” Zhang Jiu frowned slightly, “Her mental abnormality, to be exact, is not due to stimulation, it’s more like an exchange.”

“An exchange?” Neo was stunned for a moment.

“Yes, it’s like she has to pay a price for doing something. It’s kind of like the legendary Devil’s Pact.” Zhang Jiu explained, “And that price is that she lost her normal sanity, so she became a psychopath in everyone’s eyes.”

“Huh? Then what did she, what did she do?” Neo became a little curious in his heart.

“Young master, I’m not sure, maybe it was something that she couldn’t theoretically accomplish, but it turned out that she accomplished it, so she paid this price. What this specific thing is, perhaps we will only know when she is cured.” Zhang Jiu said.

“So, you can cure her.” Neo let out a long breath of relief.

“Yes, Young Master.” Zhang Jiu nodded, “But it may take a long time, the cause of this illness is indeed very rare and requires very complicated treatment steps and a very quiet place, so, Young Master, I will have to take her away to find a quiet place and take care of the treatment carefully, I will contact you when she is cured.”

“Hmm. I’ll leave it to you then.”

To Zhang Jiu, Neo naturally trusted him completely.

Zhang Jiu didn’t delay at all and took Cao Feng away that evening.

The next day.

The Zhao family.

It had not been long since the day had dawned, but the Zhao family house was already buzzing with people.

“What, that useless trash, dead?”

At the Zhao family’s morning family meeting, Zhao Tianhong was still taken aback when he was suddenly given the news.

“Yes, his body, found in the street, was killed.” Zhao Baoliang said.

“Killed? Who killed him?”

“I used my connections to look it up, most likely it was someone from the Blood Light Hall, and I heard that the oldest of the Blood Light Hall, Wang Long, went to the hospital yesterday because of his injuries.” Zhao Baoliang said.

“Wang Long? The one known as Brother Long?” Zhao Tianhong smacked his lips and narrowed his gaze, not knowing what he was thinking.

“Brother Dragon, I heard that there is a bit of strength.” Someone said.

“Hmph, just kill him, what does it have to do with our Zhao family, wasn’t Zhao Baoliang kicked out of the family by his grandfather a long time ago, no matter what happens to him, it has nothing to do with the Zhao family.” Another person said.

“That’s right.”

“That’s right, it’s better to be dead. That kind of cowardly waste is useless to stay in the world.” The crowd all nodded their heads.

No one would feel sorry for Zhao Baoliang, let alone shed tears.

Not only would they not feel sorry, they all felt quite happy, not to mention that in their hearts, Zhao Baoliang had indeed long since ceased to be a member of the Zhao family.

Now that Zhao Baoliang was dead, it was just like the death of a stray dog.

“No.” Zhao Tianhong’s gaze slowly contracted and his face showed a kind of old cunning, “There is a lot of fat meat in the hands of the Blood Light Hall, there is a piece of land in the area of the East Street entrance that belongs to the Blood Light Hall, if it can be used to develop real estate, the profit is still very big.”

“Dad, what do you mean ……,” said the Zhao family, hastily coming closer.

“That punk’s death, of course I don’t care, and I never thought of him as a son.” Zhao Tianhong said leisurely, “But we can use this punk’s death to make a big deal out of it, after all, even though I drove him out of the family, we can still say that he has the blood of our Zhao family flowing in his body, and now that he died at the hands of the Blood Light Hall, of course the Blood Light Hall has to compensate our Zhao family for the loss.”

“In other words, if this punk gets into trouble, we can say that we kicked him out of the family and clear all ties with him, while if he is killed, we can say that he is still a member of our Zhao family and thus get a little benefit. It’s really a brilliant idea!”

“What a good idea!”

“That’s right, Grandpa’s move is so brilliant!”

The crowd all got excited.

“It’s just that the Blood Light Hall isn’t easy to mess with either, can we fight them?” Someone asked worriedly.

“Blood Light Hall is not easy to mess with, we also have people in the Zhao family, the strength is, we’re all about the same, but because of the death of that trash Zhao Baoliang, Blood Light Hall has suffered a justifiable loss, so we can still get the upper hand, this time, anyhow, we can get some benefits.”

“Then there’s no time to lose, let’s go there now!”

The people of the Zhao family were not ambiguous, and of course they had people under their hands, so they gathered a group of people and drove towards the hospital in great numbers.

At this moment, the hospital.

The senior ward.

This was the best ward in the hospital, it was impossible for ordinary people to get in, those who could enter this kind of ward to recuperate were retired old people with deep backgrounds.

“Mr. Wang, we will measure your body data, please cooperate.”

In the ward, two young and beautiful young nurses, with a very gentle and polite attitude, finished measuring Wang Long’s body data and left.

“Damn, Brother Long, this high-class ward service is just good, not to mention the separate ward, even the little nurses are so pretty.” In the ward, a group of people from Brother Long’s men were accompanying him.

Wang Long on the hospital bed, with gauze wrapped around his chest at the moment, also had a satisfied and somewhat disbelieving look on his face.

Although this guy was also a man of some status in Jiang Yang.

But with his status, it was impossible for him to enter a senior ward casually.

The reason was that those who entered the senior ward were those with military background, so even if he was a social gangster, how could he be qualified to enter here.

But last night, as soon as the hospital heard his name, they immediately arranged for a high-class ward.

This made Wang Long feel quite surprised.

Of course, it was also doubly comfortable, after all, the treatment in the senior ward, that was all top-notch, rather than coming to recuperate, it was more like coming to enjoy.

“Brother Long, it’s not good!”

Just as Wang Long was lying on the hospital bed while enjoying himself, suddenly, a junior brother ran in in a panic.

“Brother Long, a convoy of dozens of people came outside the hospital, brought by the Zhao family, saying they want to settle accounts with you, saying that you killed Zhao Baoliang, and they want justice!”

And at that moment, in the unoccupied villa.

Neo also woke up leisurely.

He originally wanted to go to find Zhao Sisi first, but just as he left the house, he thought that he had lent his car to someone else to drive it to the hospital last night.

By the way, let’s see how the other party’s condition is, after all, no matter how you say it, it was you who hit the person.


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