At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 545

In the private room, there was silence at that moment.

Everything seemed to have stood still.

Everyone was as stunned as they looked at the knife on Long’s chest and at the knife that Zhao Baoliang was holding tightly.

“You, you actually dare to ……”

Brother Long’s eyes were so wide that he simply looked at Zhao Baoliang as if he didn’t recognize him.

As he spoke, blood choked out of his mouth.

Yes, how could Brother Long possibly believe that this was true.

A man like Zhao Baoliang, who had been cowardly beyond belief even when he was the son of a wealthy family, and who was now swept away by the Zhao family and had a status worse than that of an ordinary citizen, now had the guts to kill someone with a knife, and to kill someone like Brother Long.

He was precisely because of how he did not expect Zhao Baoliang to make a move, so he had no sense of precaution at all, otherwise with a person like Brother Long, who was a socially groping character, how could Zhao Baoliang get his hands on him.


The two men who had originally grabbed Zhao Si Si, were also shocked by the sight before them and let go of their hands, Zhao Si Si was then able to break free and rushed to Zhao Baoliang’s side.

Zhao Si Si looked at her adoptive father in surprise, a man who almost always just got bullied by others, but never fought back, and now, he dared to lay a heavy hand on someone like Brother Long.

“Daughter! Are you alright!”

When Zhao Baoliang saw his daughter, the abnormal fierceness in his eyes that he had just felt was extinguished.

In its place was a kindly fatherly love.

He threw down the knife in his hand and hugged his daughter, and when Zhao Sisi’s soft girl body flung itself into Zhao Baoliang’s arms, Zhao Baoliang couldn’t help but burst into old tears, “It’s my fault that I didn’t protect you, it’s my fault.”

“Old bastard, you actually killed Brother Long!”

“Damn it, you’re dead!”

“Brothers, avenge Brother Long, kill this bastard!”

“Don’t let him get away!”

“Let’s go!”

The others in the booth, by this time, had also gradually come to their senses, and without giving Zhao Baoliang time, they all rushed up.

This group of people were all social fighters, so how could they be short of weapons at hand?


Zhao Si Si was so scared that her sweat hair stood up.

“If you don’t want to die, come up and try!”

Zhao Baoliang looked at the gangsters in front of him, his eyes were red and he held his knife in both hands, the blade pointed at the people in front of him.

Perhaps because he had never spoken in this tone before, Zhao Baoliang’s tone seemed a little twisted, like a normally honest and well-behaved boy speaking in the tone of an off-campus gangster.

But the group of gangsters were all stunned at once, and for a moment, no one really dared to come forward.

“Come on, daughter, let’s get out of here.”

Zhao Baoliang held the knife in one hand and Zhao Sisi’s hand in the other as he walked towards the door of the private room.

Zhao Si Si was so nervous at this moment that the hand holding Zhao Baoliang kept trembling. In the past, she would never have believed that she and her father could leave from under the noses of so many gangsters, much less that her father would be brave enough to face so many gangsters.

However, at this time, Zhao Si Si’s heart had a little more peace of mind, it felt so good to have her father’s protection.

“Give it to me, finish that old thing!”

Just at this time, suddenly, Brother Long, who had just fallen down, somehow managed to stand up again, with blood still bubbling from his chest, gasping for breath, and pointing at Zhao Baoliang.

“Take revenge for Brother Long!”

Originally, the group of punks were shocked by Zhao Baoliang’s sudden change, but Brother Long stood up and gave them strength again.

One punk rushed straight over and slashed at Zhao Baoliang in order to take credit.

Zhao Baoliang, even though he had changed from his usual cowardly self, was still physically fit.


With this slash, he couldn’t dodge and was cut heavily on his arm.

Blood splattered everywhere.

With such a serious injury, an ordinary person would definitely be paralysed on the spot, let alone one like Zhao Baoliang.

However, Zhao Baoliang surprisingly only swayed his body but did not fall down, at the same time, the knife in his hand swung out as he took the slash.

The punk shouted miserably and fell down.

“This old thing still dares to resist, go!”

It wasn’t as if the other punks had never seen this scene before, they rushed forward.

Even if Zhao Baoliang was brave at this moment, he was no match.

A knife passed through his heart, and the knife in Zhao Baoliang’s hand, too, fell to the ground with a clang.


Zhao Sisi cried out and crawled to Zhao Baoliang’s side.

“I’m sorry, daughter, dad has been a coward all his life, not being able to protect you to the end, dad is too useless. Not worthy of being a father.” Zhao Baoliang said with difficulty, blood kept gushing out from the corner of his mouth.

“No, daddy you are the bravest!” Zhao Si Si wanted to hug Zhao Baoliang tightly, but Zhao Baoliang’s body suddenly lurched heavily to the side, unable to get up again.


“Damn it, take this woman away! Take the old man to the hospital, quick!” Brother Long ordered, covering the blood on his chest.

“Quickly, take Brother Long to the hospital!”

The group of men, in a hurry, then racked Brother Lung out of the bar.

A few more men, finding ropes to tie up Zhao Si Si, covered Zhao Si Si’s mouth and took them out as well.

A group of people, divided into two cars, drove away from the bar in the night.

And at that moment, on the central avenue of Jiang Yang, a black Maybach was driving rapidly.

“Young master, the turn ahead, another five kilometres, is the Huangjin bar.” Zhang Jiu said as he looked at the navigation.

Neo nodded, soon he would be at the Huangjin Bar, soon he would be able to see Zhao Si Si, it should be good to pick her up from home with this car.

To Zhao Si Si, Neo’s heart had some very complicated feelings.

He and Zhao Si Si were about the same age, but in fact, he and her mother, Cao Feng, were friends, so Zhao Si Si was actually his junior, so Neo felt that he should take good care of her.

When he picked up Zhao Si Si and then went to Cao Feng’s place together, Zhang Jiu should be able to heal Cao Feng’s spirit.

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart, still felt at peace.

“Young master, pay attention, there is a bend ahead!”

Just then, Zhang Jiu’s voice suddenly got a little louder, and Neo’s attention, too, was pulled back from his thoughts.

Neo was lost in thought, at this time the car did not even slow down when it went through the bend, Neo hurriedly hit the steering wheel, the direction of the car turned violently, impartially, and the vehicle coming directly in front of him, directly collided with each other.


The two cars collided with each other.

The car on the other side of the road was directly hit and spun around a few times on the road, hitting the guardrail again, the front of the car broke down and a lot of broken things fell on the ground.

“Fuck you, how do you drive!”

The car on the other side, directly rushed down a group of people, rushed to Neo’s side and cursed.

However, the opposite side only cursed.

Because when they saw clearly that it was a Maybach, their anger was also slightly tempered.

“Sorry sorry sorry.”

Even though he was in a hurry to pick up Zhao Si Si in his heart, Neo had to stop after this incident, and since this car accident was his own responsibility, he couldn’t escape from it.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Neo said full of apologies.

And at that moment, someone was carried down from the damaged car on the opposite side, the man’s chest was full of blood, and at a glance, it was clear that the injury was serious.

“Brother Long, are you all right.”

“We have to rush to the hospital, but the car is all broken, what should we do?”

The group of people across the street, all gathered around.

As soon as Neo saw this, he felt even more sorry for himself, this must have been hit by himself.

I blame myself for not concentrating on driving just now, so it led to a car accident.

“Then how about this, you guys take my car and hurry up and take him to the hospital.” Neo had no choice, so he gave up his Maybach.

Anyway, it was almost time to reach the bar, so he and Zhang Jiu just walked there.

The gang saw that the car Neo was driving was a Maybach and had a good attitude, so they didn’t delay and took Neo’s car and left.

“I hope that guy is alright, it’s all my fault.” Neo said with a sigh.

“It looks like it’s hardly okay, that man’s face is white, the doctors in this small place of Jiang Yang shouldn’t have the level to save him.” Zhang Jiu’s eyes were still very poisonous, he could see at a glance that there was something wrong with that Long.

“Ah, then, let me make a call and transfer a doctor from the province to the hospital in Jiangyang. It’s my problem after all.” Neo said after thinking about it, at this point, he already had the full power to call top doctors from anywhere in the world, he could even transfer the top surgeon from New City to Xinxiang City immediately.


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