At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 544

“Don’t, the other way?” A sense of foreboding welled up in Zhao Si Si’s heart, and the man was scared out of his wits.

“Go over there and have a few drinks with Brother Long!”

The thick-haired burly man only gave a gentle push, and Zhao Si Si felt a huge force coming from her back, and involuntarily, her whole body lunged out.

She flew straight into a bald man sitting at the innermost part of the booth.

Zhao Si Si then felt a pair of hands roaming over her body. She was so frightened that she lost her face, screaming and shouting, her legs stirring and struggling desperately to get up.

“Bitch, you called your horse!” The thick-haired burly man followed, pointing at the bald man, “This is Bloodlight Hall Brother Dragon, serve well and you’ll be fine, or don’t f*cking blame us for being rude.”

“I… I’m not in this …… business.”

The first thing you need to do is to get out of the room.

“Pretend you horse’s pretend, who do you think you are, still think you are the Miss Zhao family?”

“Come here!”

The first time I heard about you, I knew you were a famous beauty in Jiangyang City, and if you married Cui Shao, I wouldn’t dare to do anything to you. know the goods, hehehe, have a good time with me today, there are plenty of benefits.”


Zhao Si Si was anxious in her heart and fought to struggle, her mind nervously thinking of how to get out, “Although our family was kicked out of the Zhao family, I am still the heir of the Zhao family’s bloodline after all, if you dare to touch me, you will be humiliating the Zhao family, and the Zhao family will not let you go.”

“Oh, don’t f*cking think we don’t know who you are.” Long held Zhao Si Si with one hand in an iron grip, “Everyone knows, you are just adopted by the Zhao family, you have no blood relationship with the Zhao family at all, no matter what I do to you, it has nothing to do with the Zhao family, your real mother is nothing but a bottom-feeding lunatic I heard, and your real father, I guess, is just a bottom-feeding hangman who doesn’t know which bridge hole he died under long ago I don’t know where he died.”

“That’s right, you still think you’re some kind of grand lady? If the Zhao family hadn’t taken you in, you’d be nothing more than a wild child raised in the slums, married to a manual laborer and living off the land, and now it’s your good fortune that Brother Long has taken a fancy to you, and you’re still f*cking putting up a front here.”

“Come here!”

Dragon grabbed Zhao Si Si like a chicken without a word.

A delicate girl like Zhao Si Si was powerless in Long’s hands.

She struggled desperately, but the more she struggled, the tighter it became.

“Help!” Zhao Si Si screamed.

“Hahahaha, save your life? Who do you think will come to save you?” Brother Long and the others laughed out loud.

But just at this moment.


There was a loud bang.

The door of the private room was smashed straight open.

“Let go of my daughter!”

A middle-aged man, mad as hell, rushed in.


Zhao Si Si almost cried out as soon as she saw this middle-aged man, and yes, the person who came was none other than Zhao Baoliang.

Yes, Zhao Baoliang had come up.

He wouldn’t have come up if he hadn’t been pushed to the point of necessity.

Originally, he was waiting outside for his daughter to finish work and then escort her home with him as usual. Yes, he was now escorting Zhao Si Si and could only wait outside the bar for Zhao Si Si, just like Neo.

He was not qualified to enter the bar either.

Zhao Baoliang knew the rules of the bar, so he willingly waited outside without any complaints in his heart, after all, he understood his status very well.

Of course, although he waited outside, he naturally kept an eye on his daughter’s movements inside the bar at all times.

So when Zhao Si Si went to the first floor with her drinks, he saw it from outside as well.

Originally, Zhao Baoliang thought that it was time for his daughter to leave work, so she must have gone up with the drinks and come down after a while.

However, after waiting for a while, his daughter still did not come down.

It was already past midnight. According to the usual situation, his daughter should have come out and gone home with him by this time.

Zhao Bao Xin was anxious, really anxious.

He paced back and forth outside, keeping his eyes fixed on the stairway on the first floor, but he could not see his daughter coming down.

He tried several times to get inside.

But as soon as he saw the sign for the bar, he hesitated, after all, he was not qualified.

Not to mention the cowardly character that held him back so deeply.

But the urge to care for his daughter eventually prevailed, and he finally couldn’t stand it any longer and rushed into the bar.

“Hey, stop right there, this is not the place for you to come!” As soon as the bar duty officer saw Zhao Baoliang’s outfit, he knew that he was not here to spend money in the bar.

But at this moment, Zhao Baoliang was already really anxious, and he no longer cared how the people in the bar scolded him, whereas if it was usual, he really wouldn’t have the guts and courage to do so.

From the back kitchen of the bar, he found a kitchen knife and rushed straight to the first floor.

And when he heard his daughter’s miserable screams from this private room, Zhao Baoliang was completely overwhelmed and kicked the door of the room open straight away.

“Let go of my daughter, whoever dares to touch my daughter, I will kill him!”

Zhao Baoliang’s blood was rushing up at this moment, his gaze was all bloodshot, especially when he saw his most beloved daughter, being held in the arms of this group of rude and vicious punks, Zhao Baoliang’s lungs were about to explode with anger.

He held his knife in both hands, the tip of which was directed at Long and the others.

“Aigooooo, who do I think it is?”

At first, Zhao Baoliang’s sudden rush in did startle Long and the others, but after reacting, by the time they saw clearly that it was Zhao Baoliang, the crowd settled down again.

“Zhao Baoliang, what, you still think you’re a member of the Zhao family, huh?” Long looked at him contemptuously, “But even if you were a member of the Zhao family before, you were still the most cowardly, and now that you’ve been kicked out of the Zhao family, what, you still want to do something big? Take a look at your wasteful appearance, do you have what it takes!”

“You, let my daughter go!”

Zhao Baoliang repeated once again.

“Let your daughter go? So what if you don’t? You’ll kill me if you don’t let go?” When Lung said this, he suddenly stood up and walked straight towards Zhao Baoliang.

This guy was tall and visibly muscular, and compared to the skinny Zhao Baoliang, he was like an ostrich and a rooster.

He was so intimidating that every time he took a step forward, Zhao Baoliang couldn’t help but take a step back.

But the room was limited after all. Finally, Zhao Baoliang had already retreated to the wall of the room, and there was no way back.

Long, on the other hand, still continued to walk forward at this moment.

“Use your knife and kill me, huh?”

Brother Long was already less than a metre away from Zhao Baoliang at this point.

His chest was right on the tip of the knife that Zhao Baoliang was holding with both hands.

Although Zhao Baoliang was still holding the knife, his hands, by now, were already shaking.

His legs, his whole body, were all trembling at this point.

“Hehe, with your wasteful appearance, you still want to kill someone? Who doesn’t know that you are the most cowardly person in all of Jiangyang, once when you were still the young master of the Zhao family, you were already looked down upon, never seen a young master of a luxurious family who could be as cowardly as you, now that you have been driven out by the Zhao family, you are even worse than an ordinary citizen, and you still want to kill? You can’t even kill a chicken, can you!”

“I ……” Zhao Baoliang’s face at this time, the kind of fire that he had just had, had disappeared a lot, and had even become a little pale, and his gaze had lowered.

It seemed that the soft spot had been hit.

“Admit it, you’re a coward! Get out!” Brother Long chided.

Zhao Baoliang’s face instantly paled, his hands, hanging down, and his knife also hung down.

“Bring me his daughter, I’ll show this coward, how I love his daughter.” Lung laughed, a cruel, sardonic laugh.

“No!” Zhao Si Si cried and struggled.

But it was no use, stabbing, a strip of her dress was torn off.

“Daddy ……” Zhao Si Si’s brain had almost gone mad by now as she shouted.

“Daddy ……,” Zhao Baoliang murmured, repeating Zhao Si Si’s words, a hint of ecstasy flashing in his gaze, “daughter …… ”

A picture seemed to appear in front of him, yes, the picture of Zhao Si Si when she first spoke and called him daddy.

“Daughter, daddy will always protect you.”

Zhao Baoliang remembered the words he had said back then to Zhao Sisi, who had just been able to speak.


Suddenly, there was a windy sound.

Lung let out a miserable cry, his eyes wide with disbelief as he watched, Zhao Baoliang sent the knife in his hand, into his chest.


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